Why My Youtube Pair Not Working – How To Connect Youtube with TV

Why My Youtube Pair Not Working

You probably love having access to a wealth of live TV alongside all your streaming options if you’ve cut your cable after discovering YouTube TV as an alternative to paying for a regular TV subscription. However, issues do happen from time to time, and YouTube TV does not always function properly. One concern is that you can no longer call the cable technician; instead, you must solve the problem on your own. With that in mind, here are some simple ways from thedailysplash.tv to troubleshoot and resolve Why My Youtube Pair Not Working – How To Connect Youtube with TV

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How To Connect Youtube with TV

Obtaining the TV Pairing Code

You’ll need to acquire a pairing code from YouTube on your TV before you can pair a mobile device or computer to your TV. To acquire this code, open the YouTube app on any Google Play-enabled smart TV, Xbox 360, or Playstation 3. You can also go to YouTube’s TV site if your TV has a Web browser (link in Resources). The pairing code will be presented on the TV screen once you select “Settings” and then “Pair Device.”

From your phone/tablet

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  • Open the YouTube app on your TV. Then, on your phone or tablet, open the YouTube app.
  • Tap your symbol (upper right corner of the YouTube app home screen) and then settings in the mobile app.
  • Now select “Watch on TV” from the drop-down menu. If you’ve previously paired your TV, it will immediately begin playing YouTube.
  • A numeric code will show on the TV if it hasn’t already been paired. To link your TV, type it into the app, and then you can start watching YouTube on your TV while controlling the content with your phone or tablet.

From a computer

To operate YouTube on your TV from a computer, go to www.youtube.com/pair and then open the YouTube app on your television. Then, on the computer, type the code from the TV into the box labeled “Enter TV code,” and you’re done.

After you’ve completed these steps, you’ll be able to watch any YouTube or YouTube TV video and adjust every setting using your remote, mobile device, or computer.

Using a Mobile Device to Pair

To link YouTube on a mobile device to your TV, you must first connect the device to the same Wi-Fi network as your TV. Once it’s connected, you may use your tablet or smartphone to run the YouTube app or go to YouTube’s mobile site in a Web browser (link in Resources). Tap the three vertical lines that make up the “Menu” button, then “Settings,” where you’ll see a “Connect to TV” or “Connected TVs” button. After that, press this button and input the pairing code that appears on the TV.

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Using a Computer to Pair

Normally, YouTube’s mobile website will not work on a PC because it is not recognized as a mobile device by YouTube. You can, however, make the Chrome Web browser act as if it were running on a tablet or smartphone if you have it. To do so, open Chrome’s Developer Tools (“Ctrl-Shift-I”) and change the “User-Agent” in the “Overrides” section to any mobile device, such as an Android or Samsung Galaxy phone. Chrome will now act as a mobile browser, allowing you to view the YouTube mobile site. You may now connect YouTube to your TV using Chrome.

Video Playback

When your computer, smartphone, or tablet is connected to YouTube on your TV, a blue “TV” icon will appear at the top of your device’s YouTube screen. The video will immediately broadcast to the TV if you press the “Play” button. If you want to pause the video, tap the “TV” symbol, which will turn gray. Before playing the videos, hit the “Add to Queue” button if you wish to see them all at once. When you press the “Play” button, they will be played in the order you added them to the queue. The film on the TV will be paused when you press “Pause,” but you can use other apps or make phone calls on the device without interrupting the feed.

Connect through stream stick

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Are you visiting a relative who doesn’t have a cable subscription? You can watch YouTube TV ($65 at YouTube TV) on any TV that has apps made for Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, or something similar. Simply bring your streaming stick along and plug it into the HDMI port on your TV. They are usually located on the side or back of the TV.

Once it’s hooked in, navigate to the home screen by hitting the Home button on your streaming remote; apps will appear here. You’ll then choose the YouTube TV app, and you won’t have to log in again because everything is already saved on your streaming stick.

Why My Youtube Pair Not Working

Check to see if YouTube TV is now unavailable.

YouTube TV is a dependable service that works the vast majority of the time. However, nothing is flawless, and every online service has outages from time to time. It’s simple to figure out if the issue is with YouTube TV rather than with you. Go to Downdetector’s YouTube TV network status page — or search for “is YouTube TV down” in your browser — to find out in a few clicks.

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Restart your computer.

If you’ve gone this far and still can’t figure out what’s causing the problem with YouTube TV, try restarting the device you’re trying to use. Turning it off and on again is tried-and-true troubleshooting advice. Here’s how to reset an iPhone if you need a reminder. Many Android devices can be turned off by pressing and holding the power button for several seconds. Or you can drag the control center down from the top of the screen and looking for the power icon. Unplug your smart TV or streaming media device for two minutes before plugging it in again.

Check to see if the app is up to date.

Another possibility for your problem is that you’re not utilizing the most recent version of the YouTube TV app. Google updates the app on a regular basis, so it’s possible that an out-of-date software is causing a conflict with your device’s operating system or another program — or that the app is too old to work correctly with the YouTube TV service. Automatic updates are recommended as a general rule. But if you need to update YouTube TV, here’s how to turn them on on your iPhone or update apps on your Android phone.

Check that YouTube TV has the appropriate permissions.

YouTube TV, like many other apps, requires specific permissions to function properly. In reality, YouTube TV will not work properly until you enable your phone’s location permission.

Start the Settings app on your iOS device, then select Privacy. Swipe the Location Services button to the right to make sure it’s enabled. Then, in the app list below, hit YouTube TV and check the box next to While Using the App.

Start the Settings app on your Android device and go to Location. Swipe the button to the right to make sure Use Location is turned on. To find YouTube TV, tap App location permissions, then select Allow only while using the app.

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Youtube Pair Not Working if your internet connection is inadequate?

It’s likely that your WiFi isn’t fast enough if you’re experiencing periodic problems or poor visual performance. Fortunately, this is simple to check. Test your connection speed on whatever device is causing you problems with YouTube TV. To reliably display video in HD, it should be at least 7Mbps. And for 4K video, it should be at least 25Mbps. You can adjust the video quality on YouTube TV to better match your internet speed if necessary.

Are you attempting to connect an excessive number of devices?

Finally, keep in mind that YouTube TV only allows you to use three devices at once. The YouTube TV app can be installed on as many devices as you want, but you can only watch three at a time. Check to see whether other family members or anyone with whom you’ve shared login information aren’t broadcasting at the same time if you can’t start streaming.

When you’re at home, it’s difficult enough to keep up with all of your favorite shows; add travel to the mix, and it’s easy to fall behind. Maybe you’d like to have a party at a friend’s house. Whether you’re heading somewhere that doesn’t have cable or embarking on a road trip, you can watch your favorite shows on YouTube TV from wherever you are. Hope all tips from thedailysplash.tv can help you completely enjoy your Youtube at home

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