Firaxis is a large supporter of XCOM 2 mods, and while the studio has actually now left the neighborhood to their own devices,it has additionally made the so straightforward for modders to readjust the totality game. Reflecting their commitment come the fans, Firaxis actually teamed up v Pavonis interaction (the creators that the original lengthy War mod for opponent Unknown) come make certain that the modding tools were as streamlined as they might be before releasing them into the wild.

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Below is a an option of some of our favourite mods from the venerable turn-based strategy game, return it’s worth discussing this is a slightly fragmented list as result of the contempt weird nature that the XCOM 2 DLC library.

The difference in between vanilla XCOM 2 and War of the favored is a small bit choose night and day, therefore the modding missions for bothversions of the video game can be fairly different.A mode for one won’t necessarily job-related for the various other without some tinkering. Part mods on our list have versions easily accessible for both, and we’ve marked them where relevant.

The best XCOM 2 Mods

These room the finest XCOM 2 and War that the chosen mods:

Evac AllGrimy’s booty ModElerium GroundsLong war 2Mandalorians that the Old Republic (WOTC)Musashis RPG review (WOTC)Instant Avengers Menus(WOTC)Capnbubs accessories Pack(WOTC)A far better Advent(WOTC)True Concealment(WOTC)Mechatronic warfare Pack(WOTC)


Evac All

Getting all of your soldiers to the evac point and having to go with the lengthy roping out computer animation with each and also every among them is tedious come the allude of torture. Evac every adds a handy small button that renders every unit in the evac ar rope out at the exact same time. Not just does it look cooler, it likewise saves at the very least a minute. Ns can’t recommend this enough as a high quality of life mod.

This mod additionally has a war of the liked variant available.


Grimy’s prey Mod

Three words: Diablo layout Loot

With new addons that provide weapon holders distinct perks and abilities as well as hundreds of new stat an enhancing addons, this is perfect for keeping the sense of risk and also reward walking in the late game when intel and supplies begin to feeling redundant. And also the sheer variety of things getting included is astounding:

96 brand-new upgrades for main weapons81 brand-new upgrades for armours45 brand-new upgrades for pistols45 new upgrades because that swords87 brand-new upgrades because that gremlins45 new upgrades because that psi amps45 brand-new upgrades because that grenade launchers

Grimy has likewise made a computers Loot mod that functions alongside this and also makes the Skulljack beneficial throughout the game and also an extraterrestrial Rulers prey Mod, despite that calls for the alien Rulers DLC (which whatever should have by currently if you’ve purchased battle of the Chosen).

Speaking of, there is likewise a war of the liked variant because that this mod.


Elerium Grounds

In the mid come late game Elerium Cores space as rare as Bitcoins and also the prove Ground deserve to sit idle because that months at a time if you’re unlucky. And also without new cores, you’ll fall behind on unique armours, hefty weapons, experimental ammo and also grenades. Elerium Grounds allows you – once you’ve perfect the pre-requisite research study – build Elerium Cores to her hearts contents (for a cost).

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It also allows you to upgrade the Spider and Exo suits, keeping them together valid armor options for the late game. However, if friend want, both parts of the mod room downloadable separately.While it will present a tiny warning symbol when loaded v WotC, it deserve to be played without any issues.


Long war 2 Mod

The (in)famous long War mod returned alongside the beginning of the workshop for XCOM 2. Officially sanctioned by Firaxis themselves, Pavonis Interactive have actually essentially consisted of an review DLC because that free.

Long battle 2 is composed of a longer campaign, new classes with distinctive abilities and mechanics, new infiltration equipment that call for sending the end multiple squads, a strategic development AI, SMG weapons, and brand-new enemies.

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The new classes have much more customisation alternatives with a third option obtainable at every rank (which have the right to be downloaded separately as the lengthy War Perk Pack). My personal favourite component of the lengthy War mod are the leaders. Units deserve to be trained in the Guerrilla Training college to gain special abilities that advantage the squad. However, only one leader deserve to be tackled each mission therefore you need to be cautious who you lay the burden on.

If you want to breathe new life right into vanilla, this is the most necessary mod because that you. Pavonis Interactive’s long War mod for opponent Unknown was terrific and for this reason is this.

XCOM 2 war Of The chosen Mods


Mandalorians of the Old Republic

This is a more recent mod that’s already proving fairly popular. It’s a cosmetics mode that enables you come kit your troops out in various armours influenced from the Mandalorian race from Star Wars. To adjust from throughout the various eras have been included, i beg your pardon will enable for some diverse and – frankly – poor ass XCOM soldiers.

It most be provided that there space a couple of encourage mods that you have to grab alongside this, such as the ‘Completely Invisible Heads’ mod. This is because the vanilla heads/hair have the right to clip through the brand-new models, therefore if you desire to keep the immersion you’ll desire to disappear those heads.

Instant Avenger Menus

Whoosh! Oh, wait, forgot to put something in the Resistance Ring. Whoosh! Whoosh! Dammit, link available. Whoosh! Whoosh! research completed. Whoosh!

You acquire the idea. Going ago and forth between rooms and also the geo-scape have the right to be choose pulling teeth when you’re make the efforts to get something done quick. Prompt Avenger Menus clears the shift animations and just allows you obtain down to business to defeat the aliens!


Musashis RPG Overhaul

Like lengthy War 2, the RPG Overhaul completely changes how the game works. Instead of having actually a bunch of various classes, units are instead put into the Soldier class and you’re able to choose their abilities because that a full of 98 distinctive abilities. Using the capability Points presented in WotC friend can even upgrade things prefer Health, Dodge, Aim, and also Will.

With lots of other small tweaks like Soldiers being able to use any combination of major and secondary weapons, equipping an additional weapons as primaries, and also introducing a new rank over Colonel, Musashi’s RPG pack is good for drastically transforming the game.Musashi recommends that you play with a choice of various other mods that are contained on the mode page.


CapnBubs accessories Pack

I favor making my soldiers watch unique, that doesn’t? and while the vanilla options are alright, CapnBubs load makes the much better with loads of helmets, hats, goggles, and also face props. And also while the Halo and Star battles customisation mods room great, CapnBubs keeps to the feel and does a good job of mix seamlessly with the rest of the game.

This mod likewise has a vanilla XCOM 2 variant available.


A better ADVENT

As countless mod enthusiasts will certainly know, it’s easy to download a bunch that mods and also then forget specifically what you’ve installed. I didn’t in reality realise the the plethora of new units that A far better ADVENT added were native a mode as lock fit with the game’s progression so seamlessly and that method it functions perfectly. While nobody of the systems ABA adds space overpowered, your abilities have the right to be devastating. The stun Lancer is a details bane that mine together the low level melee unit can potentially punch soldiers unconscious through his livestock prod sword.

True Concealment through Kregano

XCOM 2’s big gameplay changer was the concealment mechanic whereby you can move around unseen and get the autumn on the enemy. The only worry with this was the timer missions still ticked down, i beg your pardon didn’t do sense.

True Concealment fixes that concern by pausing the timer till you’re revealed, giving you much more control over how you technique these missions. That does make the video game a bit much easier so save that in mind when selecting the difficulty.


Mechatronic war Pack

The SPARK is perhaps among the most useless units in XCOM 2. Costing 2 Elerium cores and also a pack of resources to build and with its emphasis on gift a tank, the SPARK can quickly end increase on the scrapheap in its an initial shootout.

The Mechatronic war Pack greatly improves the SPARK’s utility by combine the SPARK and squad armour and also weapon upgrades, reduce the overall cost of SPARK units. Upgrading the Specialist’s Gremlin and also the SPARK little at the same time. Giving you the capability to rebuild destroyed SPARKs (you know, the whole advantage of having actually robotic soldiers) too as changing the fix bay, devices slots, and capacity points because that the SPARK.

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I basically ignored the SPARK even after having paid because that the DLC (Shen’s last Gift) to obtain it however with this mod they’re actually pretty awesome. Certainly a must have.

How to download XCOM 2 Mods

The only thing to keep in mind once modding XCOM 2 is that specific mods only work-related for particular versions the the game – despite the descriptions and launcher will largely keep friend right.Check to make sure you’re downloading and install the right one because that the version you intend to play.

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Steam has actually a very healthy library that XCOM 2mods, however you can additionally head on over to Nexus too if you’d fairly not use the Workshop.