This week’s Smackdown proceeds the roadway to No Mercy in October. Few of the announced matches this week: Cena vs. Ambrose, Miz vs. Ziggler for the IC Title and Usos vs. American Alpha.

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Live from Birmingham, Alabama this is Smackdown for illustration #892.

There to be a brief video package about John Cena and also Dean Ambrose getting in eachother’s faces last week.

Women’s Championship Contract Signing

The Smackdown general Manager Daniel Bryan was in the ring through a table, a contract and also two microphones. He’s there come moderate the an initial ever Smackdown Women’s Championship contract signing. When Bryan stated they’re walk to store things civil, some human being booed and also Bryan goes “don’t boo that.” that’s funny.

The Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch entered to a big ovation from the crowd. The notice team that Mauro Ranallo, john Bradshaw Layfield and also David Otunga welcomed us to the show. Lynch said “come at me, bro” and here come Alexa Bliss. A clip aired the Bliss win a deadly 5-Way complement last main to earn the number one challenger spot.

Lynch claimed that when Bliss is preparing for a pageant, Lynch is preparing because that a fight. Bliss stated that Lynch’s role in life is no to it is in a champion, but a woman that succeeds and fails miserably. Then Lynch can end up being the superstar that never quite gets it. Bliss said Lynch she no born to it is in a champion, she to be born to be a loser.

Lynch stated that she listened as soon as they claimed that you deserve to be noþeles you desire to be and also she functioned real tough to it is in champion. Lynch spoke around how she desires to it is in champion. Lynch stated she no born to it is in a champion, but she fought to it is in a champion.

Bliss signed the contract. Bliss did the heel relocate by knocking Lynch under by making use of the black color folder the was holding the contract and also dumped the table onto her. Bliss left the ring. Lynch chased after her and also Bliss ran increase the ramp. Lynch went ago in the ring to authorize the contract. Their match is top top October 9 in ~ No Mercy.

Analysis: That was well done. I preferred seeing them acquire promo time to start the show due to the fact that you don’t check out that for the women’s department on life or Smackdown an extremely often. Bliss is really great as a cocky heel also though she the smallest girl in WWE. Lynch is therefore likable. It’s tough not to root for her and also see her carry out well.

The Usos were shown walking backstage and so were American Alpha. Tag enhance up next.


Smackdown general Manager Daniel Bryan was walking backstage. The Miz and also his mam Maryse walked up to him. Miz appeared angry about something. Bryan wondered if it was around the brand-new contract, yet Miz said it’s not that and Bryan established it’s the IC location match. Bryan stated that if Miz doesn’t protect the title climate he doesn’t have a contract. Miz closeup of the door up and also the Miz match versus Ziggler is quiet on.

Analysis: There was a bit much more to it 보다 what I have actually there, yet that’s the gist that it. I think they just wanted to point out that Miz has his new contract.

Prior come the tag match, Gable & Jordan did a pre-tape promo about how castle are ready to gain revenge against The Usos.

The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) vs. American Alpha (Jason Jordan & Chad Gable)

Gable had his left knee bandaged up because of the injury angle from 2 weeks ago. Heath Slater and Rhyno were shown watching backstage eating some crackers v cheese whiz. Nice twin team move by AA v dropkicks on both guys. Gable through a forearm smash come Jimmy, however then the Usos double teamed him through Jey kicking Gable when he remained in the ropes. Jimmy nailed a jumping kick to the knee come knock Gable to the floor together they played up the knee injury. They checked out break 2 minutes into the match.


Back native break, Jey was working over the knee of Gable. Castle replayed a spot whereby Jimmy suplexed Gable right into the ropes. Gable knocked Jey off the apron and also hit a earlier body drop on Jimmy to send both Usos the end of the ring. Warm tag come Jordan against Jey. Jordan with overhead belly to ship suplexes because that both guys. Jordan v shoulder tackles for both Usos. Jordan v an Alpha Plex gets 2 on Jey. They fought on the height rope v Jey fighting the off v headbutts. Jey superkick and Jimmy tagged in v a Samoan Splash turn off the top for a two count as Gable do the save. Jey dumped Gable out of the ring with Gable grabbing his knee in pain. Jordan with an Alpha Plex ~ above Jey. Jimmy nailed a superkick on Jordan, but then Jordan came ago with a hard clothesline on Jimmy. Gable wanted a tag, however his ankle was hurting. Jordan observed that he was hurting, so he no tag the in. Jordan through a rollup ~ above Jimmy gets two. Jey tagged in and also kicked the knee that Gable. The Usos fight a dual superkick on Jordan followed by Jey hitting a Samoa Splash off the top for the pinfall victory after 12 minutes. Gable was also hurt to do the save.

Winners by pinfall: The Usos

With the win, The Usos obtain a tag Team title match against Heath Slater & Rhyno at No Mercy

Analysis: ***1/4 the was a really an excellent tag match. That was basic to monitor the story v Gable trying come fight as tough as he deserve to with the knee injury, Jordan looked an excellent when he was in there, but the Usos were as well smart to lose the match. Heel Usos are really aggressive in the ring. It’s basic to hate them due to the fact that they’re targeting the knee the Gable, yet it’s additionally smart for their personalities to carry out that since it offers them one advantage. Ns don’t psychic American Alpha losing due to the fact that this is around the long term build. They can gain by the Usos months down the road. Don’t give it far yet.

Back come Slater & Rhyno in the locker room. Castle commented that they currently beat The Usos. Slater claimed it’s prefer that tall story “Beauty and the Manbeast.” Slater said he desires to get the fans much more into your matches by chanting “Rhy” and also the fans chanting “no” therefore the pan in the arena to be doing it. The Usos proved up. They told them the Slater & Rhyno gained lucky at Backlash. The Usos provided them two options where they have the right to hand end the titles or they can take Slater’s knee out so that he can go earlier to his raggedy ass kids. Rhyno stood in prior of Slater to stop something together The Usos left.

Analysis: Good stuff. Heel Usos room so refreshing. They essential to do that turn badly and they are back to being one of the ideal teams in WWE. I would certainly assume castle are having actually fun doing the too. Ns think Usos will the titles at No Mercy. Rhyno and Slater room a quick term team most likely.

Randy Orton vs. Erick Rowan is coming up later.


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There to be a video clip about baseball room of Famer Roberto Clemente in honor of hispanic Heritage Month.

New Smackdown signee Jack Swagger is on commentary for the next match. Swagger claimed he had no worries with Baron Corbin, however now Corbin is the 2nd toughest man on Smackdown after ~ him.

Apollo Crews vs. Baron Corbin

Crews through a to run kick to the challenge followed by a fallaway slam because that a 2 count. Swagger stated he’s ~ above Smackdown to become the WWE Champion one day. Crews whipped Corbin right into the barricade at ringside adhered to by a jumping enziguri absent to the head. Earlier in the ring, Corbin kicked Crews come send him out of the ring. Corbin nailed Crews v some forearm shots to the head. Corbin kicked the ago of Crews when he to be up versus the ring post. Corbin fight the end of work slam ~ above Crews because that the win after 3 minutes.

Winner through pinfall: Baron Corbin

Analysis: * It to be a fairly easy success for Corbin through Crews obtaining some violation early, but once Corbin take it it exterior the ring there was no comeback because that Crews. I like that Corbin looked leading in the win since it provides him look yes, really strong. With that said, I keep waiting for Crews to gain some kind of meaningful feud or storyline at some point.

Post match, Corbin walked as much as Swagger at ringside. That pointed in ~ him and also just left. No physical confrontation as Swagger simply looked on.

Dean Ambrose was shown getting ready for a match against John Cena later. Also, Miz vs. Ziggler for IC Title.


They congratulated Rami Malek from Mr. Robot (a USA Network show) because that winning exceptional Lead actor in a Drama collection at the Emmy Awards.

Curt Hawkins was presented talking about how that time come “face the facts” ~ above Smackdown Live. Among his facts was that “Curt Hawkins” to be a renowned baby name.

Nikki Bella and Naomi were presented backstage together Charly Caruso verified up to interview them. Naomi claimed it’s glow time ~ above Smackdown. She claimed the glow is about confidence, no being afraid to it is in yourself and choosing come shine v adversity. Naomi put over Nikki because that overcoming adversity. Nikki thanked her and called Naomi “Trin” since her genuine name is Trinity. Naomi said she’s gained an anecdote because that Natalya later. Nikki claimed that ever since she’s join Smackdown, Carmella has had actually it out for her. Nikki talked about how she’s get over a grueling injury and she fights every complement like it’s her last. Nikki feels rebooted and also Carmella is just a bootleg.

Analysis: Solid promo native the girls. Naomi is much much better as a confront – she’s more natural in this role. I prefer Nikki an ext as a heel, yet they require her together a face at this point.

Dolph Ziggler was interviewed through Renee Young backstage. Ziggler stated he hasn’t to be winning lately, yet he knows anything can occur on Smackdown Live. He claimed they have actually a resides Brangelina through Miz and also Maryse (that’s timely). Ziggler talked about how Miz clings to that title desperately. Ziggler was around things that wasn’t supposed to be and things that did in his career choose being in the Kent State room of Fame. He was fired up by the end of it and then he made his entrance for the match.

Analysis: Ziggler’s really good at those kinds of promos wherein he’s obtained all that power talking around how hungry that is. It’s much easier for that to carry out that rather of those overly scripted promos that don’t come off as natural.

The Miz and Maryse made your entrance together the show went to break.


As the display returned indigenous break, the in-ring intros took place for the IC location match.

Intercontinental Championship: The Miz (w/Maryse) vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler was aggressive early, therefore Miz bailed to the floor multiple times to create some space. Ziggler knocked down Miz with a clothesline exterior the ring. Maryse yelled at Ziggler to distract him, so Miz took advantage with part kicks and also dropkick that sent out Ziggler come the floor. Miz tossed Ziggler right into the barricade in ~ ringside. Back in the ring, Miz v a double axe turn off the top rope. Ziggler want a DDT, but Miz tossed Ziggler in the air to send that down. Miz mocked Daniel Bryan v some Bryan favor kicks come the chest the Ziggler, but then Ziggler nailed him with a punch. Miz avoided a corner charge, for this reason Ziggler went crashing right into the turnbuckle. Miz with a kick to the seated Ziggler for a 2 count. Ziggler v running clotheslines, a corner splash and Miz shoved him into the ring article again to prevent Ziggler’s momentum. Miz through two running edge dropkicks favor Bryan. Climate Miz nailed his edge clothesline. Miz up height again, he jumped turn off the optimal with nothing and Ziggler nailed a great dropkick for a 2 count. They each countered signature moves and Ziggler nailed a leaping DDT because that a 2 count. Good nearfall there. Ziggler with a clothesline sent out both guys over the optimal to the floor.


Back indigenous break, Miz did a slingshot sitout Powerbomb because that a two count. They did that spot in ~ Backlash together well and also it was great for a believable nearfall. Miz kneed the ago of the left leg. Ziggler went because that a submission, but Miz got to the ropes. Miz through a boots to the confront for two. Ziggler acquired a rollup because that two. Ziggler with a Fameasser it s okay two, which obtained a large reaction from the crowd. The move always works for this reason well together a nearfall. Miz organized onto the ropes to block the Zig Zag. Maryse visited interfere with the spray, however the ref saw it and also sent her to the back. Miz to be angry around it. Ziggler rollup it s okay two. Miz rollup with tights for two. Ziggler hit the Zig Zag for one…two…no. The was an amazing nearfall. Many believable nearfall the the match so far. Miz crawled out of the ring. Miz grabbed the IC Title and also looked favor he to be going come leave, yet Ziggler stopped him. Ziggler sent out Miz right into the stole steps. Miz tossed the title across the ring, ref grabbed the title, Miz sprayed Ziggler in the eyes v perfume, Miz struggle the Skull Crushing Finale and won ~ 17 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: The Miz

Analysis: ***1/2 the was one awesome complement from these guys just like at Backlash. When Maryse obtained ejected, most people probably assumed that Ziggler can find a means to victory the match. Ziggler came so close come winning lot of times. It is why that is so great that Miz cheated to success the match in a yes, really cheap manner when again. We want heels the cheat to success matches. Miz does the so well. He is performing at a high level best now and also I think he’s having the ideal run the his career in terms of really great matches. Ziggler commonly delivers in the ring all the moment anyway. They’ve identified what functions in your matches. I’m glad lock were offered a lot of time to have actually a competitive match like that. I’m not sure if Miz will face Ziggler again since it was a cheap ending, however it would make feeling to carry out some kind of enhance with a stipulation if WWE desires to placed the title on Ziggler soon. If Ziggler doesn’t success the title then this edge should result in him turning heel at some point out that frustration an ext than anything.

Orton vs. Rowan is up next.


There was a plug because that Connor’s Cure and the research study they do for pediatric cancer.

Randy Orton made his entrance. His foe was already in the ring wearing his lamb mask.

Randy Orton vs. Erick Rowan

Orton went because that the RKO early, yet Rowan caught him and hit a powerslam. Rowan nailed a dropkick that sent out Orton exterior the ring. Rowan sent him face very first into the steel steps. Rowan rolling him back in the ring, Orton kicked that in the chest and hit the draping DDT turn off the ropes. JBL said one more announcer might say “vintage Orton” express Cole. Orton fight the RKO because that the victory after two minutes.

Winner through pinfall: Randy Orton

Analysis: * that was simply a quick match to put over Orton now that he’s cleared to wrestle again. If anybody got in that match thinking that Rowan might win then they nothing watch sufficient wrestling. Orton hit 2 moves to victory easily.

Post match, the Wyatt family logo appeared on the screen as the lamp went out. Then a spotlight was in the ring through the Rowan mask in there.

Bray Wyatt appeared on the screen noting the group loves him. Wyatt claimed that Orton is simply a man that can die at any type of moment while Bray is a god and also a god deserve to never die. “Run.” That ended it.

Analysis: They didn’t have actually a complement at Backlash together scheduled, so it makes sense to store the rivalry going. They’ll probably have a match at No Mercy ~ above October 9.

Women’s tag complement up next: Nikki & Naomi vs. Carmella & Natalya.


The women’s tag is up next with Natalya and Carmella currently in the ring. Nikki was also in the ring. Naomi got the televised entrance since her light in the dark routine is cool.

Nikki Bella & Naomi vs. Natalya & Carmella

Natalya went because that a Sharpshooter top top Nikki beforehand on. Carmella just grabbed Nikki and also pulled her out of the ring. It is it because that the “match” after less than a minute.

Winners through disqualification: Nikki Bella & Naomi

Carmella sent Nikki right into the barricade. Carmella nailed Nikki with numerous punches. Naomi decked Natalya in the ring, climate Naomi left the ring and Carmella backed off.

Analysis: I’m not going to price it because it was an angle much more than a match. That just furthered the story v Carmella being jealous of Nikki and constantly attacking her. No much more to it than that.

AJ formats was interviewed backstage through Charly Caruso. He claimed that he beat man Cena and Dean Ambrose, therefore he doesn’t have actually a rivalry since of his victories. Layouts said he is the WWE world Champion and also he’s exceptional in every way. The complained about being in a triple threat at No Mercy. He claimed the silver lining is that Cena and Ambrose will rip eachother apart this evening while layouts soaks it every in since the champ is and constantly will be…here.

Analysis: A typical great heel promo indigenous Styles. He’s yes, really doing a an excellent job in regards to promos the late. I recognize his ring work-related gets all the attention as the should, yet he’s among the better talkers in WWE as well.

John Cena made his entrance because that the key event. An excellent reaction to him with largely cheers.


There to be clips that Steve Austin as a means to promote all the content on WWE Network the he’s a component of.

Dean Ambrose made his entrance together we were reminded of the No Mercy main event on October 9: layouts vs. Cena vs. Ambrose for the WWE Title.

John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose

The match began at 9:45pmET for this reason they need to get more than ten minutes. Cena to be in regulate early. Both men went because that finishing moves, but neither guy might get it and also Cena got hold of a headlock. Cena whipped Ambrose right into the corner, Ambrose moved and also Cena walk shoulder an initial into the corner. Break time 3 minutes into it.


Ambrose was the aggressor as the complement returned from break. Ambrose with a clothesline adhered to by a bulldog. Cena tripped him up and applied the STF entry in the ring. Ambrose had the ability to crawl to the ropes. Ambrose dumped Cena to the floor. Ambrose hit his suicide dive to take out Cena exterior the ring. That looked more nasty than when Ambrose usually does that spot. Difficult landing for both guys. Earlier in the ring, Ambrose went because that a cross human body block, but Cena recorded him and hit an attitude Adjustment for simply two. Cena went because that AA again, but Ambrose slipped the end of it and also hit Dirty Deeds for two. Each man kicked the end of finishers. Castle exchanged punches. Ambrose countered the attitude Adjustment attempt with a sunset upper and lower reversal rollup because that the pinfall win after 11 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Dean Ambrose

Analysis: *** the was a solid match. It was a tiny weird to check out them kicking out of finishers in a complement that barely go ten minutes, but they told the story the this enhance was a big deal best away. The truth that Ambrose winner clean with a rollup shows that anybody deserve to beat anybody at any type of time. Ns shocked the Cena lost clean due to the fact that it’s so rarely to view Cena lose a singles complement clean on television. A PPV complement is a different story. I’m glad they go it due to the fact that that type of finish will get civilization talking, that’s because that sure. When I enjoyed the complement a lot, I additionally wish they got an ext time. It’s not a major complaint, though, due to the fact that Smackdown to be very good this week. There simply wasn’t more time to offer them.

After the match, styles showed increase to assault Cena outside the ring through a forearm shot. Styles got in the ring and hit Ambrose v a Pele absent to knock him down.

Daniel Bryan appeared on the ramp to say the last week, Shane McMahon promised Dean Ambrose a one ~ above one match for the WWE Title. Bryan said that match is going to occur next week on Smackdown Live. Ambrose got earlier up and also hit Dirty Deeds top top Styles.

Ambrose stood tall while styles was in the ring. Replays aired of what just happened. One more reminder that it’s styles vs. Ambrose vs. Cena at No Mercy.

The show ended best at 10pmET v Dean Ambrose walking away looking happy around how the display ended.

Analysis: Big match for next week. I choose it a lot. Styles in activity is always a an excellent thing. I really chosen their match at Backlash too, so i hope they get a the majority of time next week as well.

Three Stars the the Show

1. Dolph Ziggler

2. The Miz

2016 High: 8 (August 23)

2016 Low: 4 (January 21)

Final Thoughts

It gets a 7.5 the end of 10.

I enjoyed Smackdown a lot of this week. There to be a an excellent flow to it, which is what ns tweeted during the display as well. Wherein Raw has tendency to drag because they need to fill three hrs every week, Smackdown is able to fill the show with systematic segments for most of the night.

The Ziggler/Miz complement was outstanding. It’s an excellent to check out a competitive title enhance get that lot time. The ending pissed turn off the fans, however so what? Miz is a heel. The adds to the story.

The finishing of the present was yes, really well done together well. Cena shedding clean is a shock. Setup up layouts vs. Ambrose next week is awesome. Ns pumped for it already.

Everything the took location on Smackdown made sense to me. Through Raw, I uncovered myself questioning a the majority of things due to the fact that I assumed they taken on some things poorly.

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Check the end Smackdown Live this main if you missed it since it was a many fun to watch and also write about.