World of Warcraft mount collectors, you’re in luck: You have an opportunity to include a ghostly moose to your stable, but you’ll need to act fast.

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During Legion, the rare items available from Archaeology were derived via distinct quests available in Dalaran. Each pursuit was obtainable for 2 weeks at a time, at which suggest the following quest became available in rotation. Pets prefer Wyrmy Tunkins, valuable greys prefer the Crown Jewels that Suramar, and even heirlooms choose the Spear that Rethu to be all derived this way.

The soul of Eche’ro mountain is another such items obtainable only through these quests, yet there’s a catch. Because of the number of rares, each quest is only available once in 6 months. The present opportunity to get the mount will end on august 24, and won’t come about again till February 2022. Why wait?


If girlfriend haven’t trained Legion Archaeology yet, your first stop is the Archaeology shop (located in ~ 41,26 in the Magus business Exchange) in the broken Islands variation of Dalaran. The very same NPC who trains girlfriend — Dariness the Learned — will likewise offer the pursuit The right Path.


This sends you to Lessah Moonwater, one NPC located in the top ring of Thunder Totem (a couple of steps far from the trip master). Lessah will certainly tell you the a bone fragment from Huln Highmountain’s moose companion Eche’ro has been found, and that it might be possible to collection the remainder of his stays for kind burial. She will market the 2nd and final quest, Laying to Rest. This will certainly send you come dig site after dig site in Highmountain, v each dig providing you a possibility to unearth a Bone Fragment that Eche’ro. Putting Huln Highmountain’s moose earlier together will need a whopping 600 the these.


While this sounds daunting, it’s actually not as well bad. If the quest is available, all of the Archaeology dig sites in the broken Islands will be in ~ Highmountain, therefore you’re no running almost everywhere the continent. Moreover, while no dig is guarantee to fall Bone Fragments, they also have a opportunity to spawn an upset Tauren Spirit, which have the right to drop 10-20 Bone fragments when killed.

On average, players get to 600 fragments after approximately 22-30 destruction sites. If you’ve already unlocked paris in Legion, and especially if you’re currently max level and can vaporize any type of hostile mobs quickly, this won’t take you an ext than one hour or 2 if you perform it in one stretch. Yet even lower-level characters without paris can obtain it done, though it’ll definitely be much more of a grind.

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Once you’ve gathered all 600 fragments, go back to Lessah and also there will be a short burial awareness in a tiny cave under the hill come the left the Thunder Totem’s main platform (62,47 top top the Thunder Totem map: approximately 48,60 ~ above the Highmountain map). Congratulations: You’ve now unlocked the spirit of Eche’ro! He deserve to be supplied as one of two people a floor or flying mount and also his translucent shining blue kind is definitely among the more eye-catching mountain models.

You have actually a tiny less than 2 weeks to gain the pursuit done, so also though it’s no an enormous time investment, you can want to get a wiggle ~ above if you’re planning on doing the in brief bursts fairly than every at once. Again, your next chance won’t come until February. Happy hunting!

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