The Witcher 3: Wild hunt - exactly how to develop Mastercrafted Wolven Armor Swords, armor and mutations space the crucial ingredients to do a Witcher. However, if you desire to be truly unstoppable, climate you"ll need stronger armor.

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witcher 3 mastercrafted wolf armor
In The Witcher 3, top quality armor have the right to be tough to come by, and also most offered by vendors or armorers have the right to be generic and low level. However, Geralt may have the ability to craft Witcher"s Armor, which supplies high defense levels and also combat bonuses, in addition to unique bonuses for wearing a complete set. Wearing at least three that the pieces will allow up to three different oils come be used to a knife simultaneously, through a bonus for six pieces being that bombs space thrown there is no delay.

To complete the Witcher"s Armor, the player will must unlock the solutions of Yoana, the grasp Armorer situated in Crow"s Perch, then uncover the diagrams for the armor and their upgrades. Native there, players will have to find and complete the Wolf college Armor, from initial base gear to Mastercrafted level. Along the way, though, they"ll uncover upgrades for the silver and also steel swords.

The Witcher 3 Wolf gear Hunt
To begin the hunt for the wolf Gear, buy the Slightly torn Notes through Hieronymus, purchasable indigenous Lindenvale"s Blacksmith. They will reveal there are 6 diagrams in total: four armors and also two swords, all located in Kaer Morhen. The armor diagrams are situated in an there was no sign location, one old signal tower southern of the Kaer Morhen signpost. Together you climb to the tower, you will certainly encounter a couple of Erynias that might attack. Climbing end the wall surface and approximately the an initial level, girlfriend will discover Hieronymus" note in a chest, telling you to check the damaged Watchtower and Bastion because that the sword diagrams.

Examining the portal nearby, you will discover it is absent a crystal, which is located on the outer wall of the tower. Activating it and also the portal v a crystal currently on it will generate a portal that can be jumped through. Friend will uncover yourself in a cave, wherein you should fight a wraith. The skeleton top top the floor will have the diagrams for the basic armor, boots, gauntlets and trousers.

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Crafting Advice

The Witcher 3 Wolf equipment Crafting
because that crafting and also upgrading the Wolven Armor, the components are obtainable however somewhat expensive. The key component in the garments is Meteorite silver Ingot, developed from a Meteorite Ingot and Silver Ingot. Buying one from the armorer prices 482 crowns, so by the moment a few are to buy per item of armor, the set can quickly cost roughly 5000 crowns in total, so take into consideration crafting them instead if you don"t desire to rest the bank.

As supposed with Witcher"s armor, there room monster components needed to craft. Many of these room generic such as Monster Eggs, Feathers and also Claws, which have the right to be dismantled from number of monster resources such as Harpies, Griffins and also Nekkers. There space a few instances wherein the player will require to source out details monsters because that the component, such together the Cured Draconid Leather, as it calls for Chitinous Shells.

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Upgrade Diagrams - component 1

The Witcher 3 Wolf gear Hunt part 1
The Wolf school Gear part 1 concentrates on upgrading the boots, armor and silver knife from the base variation to enhanced, all located in Velen. To acquire the ar markers, buy the well-preserved note from Éibhear Hattori, offering he is currently a blacksmith. The silver sword will be located inside the well in Crow"s Perch; climb under the well in the Baron"s garden and you"ll discover a chest with the diagram in it.

The armor diagram will be situated on an there was no sign island south of Fyke Isle among a collapsed ruin. It have the right to be time-consuming to find the big number of chests in the water, specifically with the added risk of being assaulted by drowners. The easiest means to discover the chart is to stand wherein the wolf marker is, face south and also use the Witcher Senses to look down; a highlighted chest need to show.

The diagram because that the boots is found in the Grotto in eastern Velen. Heading inside and also taking either course will end up in the same chamber, yet the chest will certainly be easier to uncover if you take it the left path, as it"s located just on the right as the player start the chamber.

The Witcher 3 Wolf equipment Hunt part 2
The Wolf college Gear part 2 focuses on upgrading the base gauntlets, trousers and also steel sword come enhanced, all of which are again situated in Kaer Morhen. To obtain the place markers, buy the slightly take it notes from Lindenvale"s blacksmith. The steel sword diagram is situated in the destroyed Watchtower in a chest up on one of the scaffolding.

The trousers diagram is situated on a small island northeast the Lakeside Hut. The chest with the chart is actually located in the water in the south direction in between the island and also mountain. Over there is a known an insect with this pursuit where the trousers diagram might not show on the quest log, or the pursuit may finish if you acquire the various other two diagrams first, but the chest v the chart in it will still it is in available.

For the gauntlets diagram, there is a cave in the Kaer Morhen valley in a southeast direction indigenous the castle. When the player beginning the cave, there will be a ledge come the main chamber and the chest is located here, partially concealed by plants.

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Upgrade Diagrams - component 3

for The Wolf institution Gear component 3, you"ll it is in upgrading the armor, steel and silver sword to superior. Every the upgrades are located in Skellige; to acquire the ar markers, buy the damp, moldy note from Kaer Trolde"s armorer.

The silver knife diagram is southeast of Arinbjorn in some unmarked interment mounds. In among the mounds, the chest is on the left together you enter. The steel knife diagram is on Hindarsfjall in damages southwest that Lofoten. After beating a hostile ice troll, the diagram will be found underground in a room with toxic gas that needs to be cleared with Aard or Igni.

The armor chart is found at ft Grymmdjarr in an there was no sign ruin. There will certainly be harpies or probably some bandits that you have to clear first. The chest is situated on a ledge, therefore the player will must circle the exterior of the ft until they can jump end a wooden barrier beside a tower, climate follow the fence along until you reach the chest.

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Upgrade Diagrams - Part 4

Upgrading boots, gauntlets and trousers to superior is the score of The wolf School gear Part 4, v all the diagrams situated in Kaer Morhen. To gain the location markers, purchase the heavily faded note from the Hierarch Square"s armorer.

The trousers chart is uncovered in a cave northwest of Kaer Morhen. After defeating some Nekker Warriors and a Devourer, you will uncover the chest behind part stalagmites. This is additionally an interesting cavern as the player will see the very first apparatuses and also mutagen bottles used to produce Witchers. The gauntlets diagram is discovered at the iron Mine. After death the earth Elemental in the key room, the diagram is watched on a small altar close to the covert tunnel.

The boots diagram is among the more an overwhelming diagrams to find. It is situated in a cavern east that the Kaer Morhen signpost, so swimming is the easiest way to reach it. Heading under the drop to the reduced level, the chest will be located on the wall surface to the right behind some stalagmites and the player might have to fight some Endrega Warriors and also Endrega workers in the cave.

The Wolf institution Gear part 5 focuses on the armor, steel and also silver knife upgrades indigenous the superior variation to mastercrafted, all situated in Velen. To obtain the place markers, to buy the worn-out and also faded note from Éibhear Hattori.

To obtain the steel sword diagram, the player will need to swim or sail west that Byways to the sunken treasure marker. The wolf marker will be located in the captain"s cabin, yet the chest is listed below deck, for this reason swim downstairs. The silver sword diagram is situated at a covert treasure mite southwest the Kimbolt Way. Looting a corpse close to the wood door will disclose a an essential and some notes. The door have the right to be unlocked with the key, through the chest inside. There will be a fiend guarding the area, but it is possible to easily grab the an essential and chest there is no disturbing it.

The armor chart is south east of Byways at part unmarked elven ruins. The chest for the diagram is located at the reduced levels the the damages in a fountain. If the player moves as well close to the chest in ~ the optimal of the ruins, wraiths will show up as castle are due to spawn in relation to the guarded treasure.

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Upgrade Diagrams - part 6

for The Wolf college Gear part 6, you"ll it is in upgrading the boots, gauntlets and also trousers come mastercrafted, the diagrams for which space all located in Skellige. To gain the location markers, to buy the note on parchment indigenous Kaer Trolde"s armorer.

The gauntlets diagram is situated in a ruined fortress close to Boxholm. Over there is a an effective fiend Morvudd guarding the area in relation to the Contract: absent Son. If the area is clear, you deserve to climb up the northeastern wall surface near some containers; the chest is situated leaning against the tower.

The trousers diagram is located on Spikeroog in ~ the Old Watchtower. Killing turn off the bandits that have set up camp, Geralt can look around and also should view the required chest ~ above a ledge. Placing him just listed below the chest then jumping up have to be sufficient for Geralt to rise it.

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The boots diagram is found on Undvik in the Dorve Ruins. In ~ the ruins, head to the southwest edge outside and also there need to be the chest in between two walls, through a tree blocking the from one side.