Westchester residence For sale in 2014. In the 1930’s the residence was known as Wisteria House. Photo: HGMLS

You might or might not think that dwellings have vibes, storage or energies neighboring them. However regardless of her beliefs, would you desire to live on a home where a serial killer cursed a murder so horrific the the police did not initially think the details the the confession?


In a bucolic city in Westchester, NY, you have the right to buy the 3 acre residential or commercial property where serial killer Albert Fish took and brutally eliminated ten-year-old elegant Budd top top June 3, 1928.

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Asking price – $799,900.

The home displayed in the modern-day photograph over and in the vintage news photograph on the left was once well-known as Wisteria House, an 1860 villa in what was as soon as Greenburgh, NY, and also is now component of the city of Irvington.

Obviously the real estate agent listing the house will not advertise the fact, that on this residential or commercial property right behind the old home was wherein Wisteria Cottage was standing (shown in photograph to the right). This is whereby Albert Fish strangled, dismembered and later, in ~ his own home, ate elegant Budd.

To speak Albert Fish was among the many heinous human being who ever before walked the earth would it is in an understatement.

Reading Fish’s life story is to uncover the debaucheries the a real life Hannibal Lecter as described in Silence the the Lambs.

A real Life “Psycho”

When Albert Fish was finally apprehended in 1934, many thanks to the sewage police work-related of new York City Detective wilhelm F. King that the missing Persons Bureau, Fish admitted to murdering at the very least three people, and also probably committed dozens of various other killings. After generally interviewing Fish, Dr. Frederic Wertham, among the defense psychiatrists, thought that Fish had actually raped and tortured at least one hundred children.


Fish had actually been arrested for other petty crimes as far ago as 1905 and also probably began murdering people in the 1910’s follow to his captors. He had actually been evaluated at Bellevue twice in the 1930’s. For this reason why walk this monster to escape detection of his egregious crimes for so long?

One that the reasons he was complimentary to roam Dr. Wertham explained was, “Fish looked choose a meek and innocuous small old man, gentle and benevolent, friendly and polite. If you wanted someone to entrust your children to, he would be the one you would certainly choose.”

Wertham then included that Fish as the most complex example that a “polymorphous pervert” the had ever before known. Fish exercised every perversion and deviation well-known to man, from sodomy to sadism, eat excrement and also self mutilation.

Besides torturing and also eating children, end the years Fish had inserted 29 needles right into his pelvic and also scrotum area.

In march of 1935 ~ a ten job trial Fish’s insanity plea was rejected. The jury took three and also a fifty percent hours to uncover Albert Fish guilty of grace Budd’s murder. He to be sentenced to fatality by electrocution. Fish was very excited through the prospect of being electrocuted. “Going to the electric chair will certainly be the supreme thrill of my life,” Fish proclaimed top top hearing the sentence.

On the night of January 16, 1936 at sing Sing prison, Fish climbed into the seat and also readily helped the guards fix the electrodes to his legs. Two jolts of electricity were given and three minutes later on Albert Fish was dead. At period 65, Fish ended up being the oldest person ever put to death at song Sing.

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Wisteria residence was abandoned once Albert Fish wandered its halls and rooms. Wisteria cottage is lengthy gone indigenous the property. But would you want to live here?

12 thoughts on “Notorious Crime Scene building Is for Sale”

Mike Damonte February 25, 2020 in ~ 5:27 am

I need to correct a couple of inaccuracies, the very first one is that the killing did not happen in the house noted for sale, yet in a cottage on the residential property behind the house. That is incorrect, the smaller home was no behind the home for sale, that residence was further down the same road going west., Albert Fish and also his sons live at the house,that is the house and also area where they stated they watched your father ~ above the hill yelling the he was christ.

The residence for sale was constructed in the 1850’s and was more than most likely abandoned as soon as they lived down the street, something I’m sure they were all conscious of. Provided the few houses top top the street and also the relative isolation that the area at the time, Fish was conscious that if he ever before wanted to take a victim come a ar where he could take his time and also not have to worry too much about witnesses then it couldn’t obtain much much better that the area or that house. Fish’s own son said his lawyer ~ Fish to be executed the he was constantly lurking roughly old exit houses and also there to be no telling how many he may have actually killed. There is no point out or evidence that anyone was eliminated in the smaller house they live on, however the rape,killing and dismemberment of elegant Budd did take place in the house noted for sale. He cut off the pieces of meat that he wanted, wrapped that in newspaper, put the stays of she body behind a door in the room through a corner and pushed the door open up so that they wouldn’t be conveniently seen in instance anyone come inside if he to be gone, most likely hoping the smell would certainly be too lot for anyone wanting to venture any kind of further in the house. He take it the meat back with him to Manhattan whereby he cooked and also ate it, in the span of 9 days he made return visits to 379 mountain Road and returned back to Manhattan with more meat.

In the photo of the police investigate it occurred by the window all the means to the left on the optimal floor. Best by that window in that corner of the residence is where the killing happened.

I have actually images that the pictures the police take it of the room throughout the investigation, the floorplan that the room indigenous the trial, (it’s currently one room,at the moment it was divided into 2) and a snapshot of how it watch today.

As because that the concern of life there, ns don’t know. More than likely wouldn’t bother me the much, what would bother me much more and I’m surprised that doesn’t seem to stroked nerves other human being is owning a home or plantation where slaves were kept.

You desire to talk about vibes imagine life somewhere wherein countless civilization were physically and also mentally abused, and raped work after day, night after night,year after year.

Let’s no forget those that were murdered top top the property. A lot much more suffering, tears,anguish and pain than a solitary murder in a house. The house had nothing to perform with the murder, murders happen,can happen anywhere. A plantation that had slaves was developed by and also sustained and prospered through the lengthy term experiencing of people. I think if anything would leave a note in a house, yes this is acquiring like The Shining, it would certainly be something prefer that. Long term sustained pain. Also I am conscious that there were servant owners that treated their slaves as good as the regulation would allow them, and also as an excellent as I expect you could treat who you owned yet still wanting them to work so your investment in them would certainly be paid off and you start making profit, however still the exact same I would certainly be leery that buying any house where slavery legal and also has a background of having actually slaves. I choose old houses and also that would certainly knock out pretty much any large house in the southern from 1865 and earlier and some northern homes too. Currently an 1880’s Queen Anne, Romanesque or second Empire in Georgia I’d be all over.

Dana Phipps October 19, 2016 at 11:31 pm

Did who buy the house?

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