Why Is My Remote Not Working – Common Reasons and How To Fix

Why Is My Remote Not Working

This article from thedailysplash.tv will focus on common remedies for any manufacturer-supplied remote control (for a TV, A/V receiver, cable box, Blu-ray or DVD player, etc. ). We also have a universal remote troubleshooting guide – Why Is My Remote Not Working?

Remote controllers have been packed with the majority of home entertainment equipment on the market since they were first launched in the 1950s. While the average number of remote controllers in living rooms has increased year after year around the world, their presence in commanding modern technology from a single area is undeniably necessary.

why is my remote not working

Of course, the most typical problem with remote controllers is that they can’t control the things they’re supposed to manage. It’s sometimes just a matter of selecting the appropriate remote control. However, the problem may be more complicated for some users. It can be difficult to ensure that a universal remote control is sending the necessary commands to the correct devices at the correct times if you’re using one.

Before You Get Started To Find Out Why Is My Remote Not Working

Check to see if the remote you’re using is the one that came with the device you’re trying to manage.

Why Is My Remote Not Working

There are numerous factors that can cause a Fire Stick remote to cease operating or never work in the first place. Battery problems, impediments that impede the remote’s signal, and interference from other gadgets are the most typical problems. Remember that if everything else fails, you can always reset your Fire Stick to factory defaults.

The following are the most typical causes of a Fire Stick remote not working:


Battery issues are the most typical cause of Fire Stick remote failure. A Fire Stick remote can stop operating due to improperly inserted batteries, low battery charge, and other associated issues.

why is my remote not working


It won’t work unless your remote is paired with your Fire Stick. Before you may use a replacement remote, it must first be paired.
Distance: Because Fire Stick remotes use Bluetooth rather than infrared, their theoretical range is around 30 feet. The actual range is usually much smaller.


Although a direct line of sight between your Fire Stick and remote isn’t required, obstructions can significantly restrict range.
Interference: Devices that interfere with Bluetooth connections may cause your remote to malfunction.


If you’ve bought a new remote for your Fire Stick, double-check that it’s compatible.


Your Fire Stick remote may cease operating due to external damage such as water damage or internal issues caused by faulty components.

Battery Issues with the Fire Stick Remote

The most common reason for a Fire Stick remote’s failure is due to a lack of batteries. The biggest issue is that Fire Stick remotes use Bluetooth instead of infrared, and when the batteries run out, the Bluetooth connection might become unpredictable.

In comparison to other remotes, the Fire Stick and Fire TV remotes consume a lot of power. You may expect to go through batteries faster than you might imagine if you use your Fire TV device frequently. Even if you’ve just updated your batteries, it’s still a good idea to check them.

When your Fire Stick remote stops working, use these steps to rule out the batteries:

  • Remove the batteries from the remote control for your Fire Stick.
  • Check to see if the batteries were placed correctly and if they were installed backward. Reinstall them if they were installed backward and try the remote again.
  • Look inside the battery compartment for a diagram showing which way the batteries should be installed.
  • Replace the batteries with new ones.
  • Because the Fire Stick remote uses Bluetooth rather than infrared, batteries that work in your TV remote may not function in the Fire Stick remote. If at all possible, use fresh new batteries.
  • Try different batteries if the remote still doesn’t function.
  • Rechargeable batteries only produce 1.2 volts, whereas alkaline batteries provide 1.5 volts. If you’re having problems with rechargeable batteries, consider using new alkaline batteries.
  • If the remote still doesn’t work, it’s unlikely that the batteries are the issue.

why is my remote not working 3

Using a Remote Control with a Fire Stick

The remote should already be paired when you buy a new Fire Stick or Fire TV device that comes with one. That means that when you first set up your Fire Stick or Fire TV device, it should automatically recognize inputs from the remote control.

In rare circumstances, the Fire Stick and remote may not have been paired, or your Fire Stick and remote may have become unpaired over time due to a bug. When this happens, the problem is usually solved by fixing the remote.

When purchasing a replacement remote, you must always pair it before using it.

To pair a Fire Stick remote, follow these steps:

  • Make sure your Fire Stick is plugged in and turned on.
  • Wait for your Fire TV to turn on.
  • Keep your remote in close proximity to your Fire Stick.
  • Hold the Home button on your Fire TV remote for a few seconds.
  • Hold the Home button for a minimum of 10 seconds.
  • Release the Home button and test the remote to see whether it works.
  • If the remote still doesn’t function, press the Home button one more. This technique can take a few tries to get it to work.

Find out how to pair a Fire Stick remote.

why is my remote not working


Problems with Fire TV Remotes Due to Distance and Obstruction

Because the remotes for the Fire Stick and Fire TV use Bluetooth rather than infrared, you don’t require a direct line of sight between the remote and your device. You don’t even need to point the remote at your device because the intensity of the Bluetooth signal is unaffected by the orientation of the remote.

The potential range of Bluetooth devices like the Fire Stick control is roughly 30 feet, but many factors can restrict that range. Any obstructions between the remote and the Fire Stick or Fire TV will reduce the remote’s range significantly.

Here’s a way to see if your issue is caused by distance or obstructions:

  • Bring your remote closer to your Fire Stick physically.
  • Remove any obstacles that may be in the way of your remote and your Fire Stick.
  • Use the Fire Stick extension dongle to reposition the device if the remote only works when you hold it behind your TV or when you are very near to it.
  • If the TV is mounted in a recess or an entertainment cabinet, you may need a longer extension to get the Fire Stick out from behind it.
  • If your Fire TV device is housed in an entertainment cabinet or other similar enclosure, take it out and check if your remote works.

Interference with Fire Stick Remotes

Bluetooth has several advantages over infrared, such as the fact that if there is no line of sight between the remote and the Fire Stick, the range is reduced rather than the remote not operating at all. Bluetooth remotes, on the other hand, are subject to interference, whereas infrared remotes are not.

Check to check if any of the following devices are in close proximity to your Fire Stick:

  • Ovens that can be used in the microwave
  • Speakers with no wires
  • Coaxial cables that are not protected
  • Phones that are not wired
  • Speakers with no wires
  • Additional wireless devices

If you have any wireless gadgets or anything else in the proximity of your Fire Stick that could cause Bluetooth interference, consider moving them. If that isn’t possible, try turning them off and unplugging them one at a time to see if your Fire Stick remote will function. This should help you to pinpoint the source of the interference and take appropriate action.

Compatibility of the Fire Stick Remote

If your problem began when you bought a replacement Fire Stick remote and were unable to pair it, you may be experiencing a compatibility issue. There are multiple generations of Fire Sticks, additional Fire TV devices, and Fire TV remotes, and not all of them function together. Before you buy a remote, make sure it works with your model by reading the product description.

Attempt to use the Fire TV Phone App.

If you’ve exhausted all of your choices, it’s possible that your Fire TV remote is broken or malfunctioning. In that scenario, purchasing a replacement remote is the best alternative. Meanwhile, you may use your Android or iPhone as a remote control for your Fire Stick or Fire TV.

Install the Fire TV remote app on your phone to operate your Fire TV device. This is where you can obtain it:

  • Google Play has a Fire TV remote app for Android.
  • The app store has a Fire TV control app for iOS.
  • The Amazon app store has a Kindle Fire TV remote app.
  • Here’s how to make it operate with your Fire TV or Fire Stick:
  • Wait for your Fire Stick or Fire TV to boot up after plugging it in.
  • Launch the Fire TV control app after downloading and installing it.
  • In the Fire TV remote app, sign in with your Amazon account.
  • Choose your Fire TV device from the app’s list of devices.
  • Wait for a code to show on your TV and type it into the app.
  • That’s it; your phone is now a remote for your Fire TV.

Hope all guides from thedailysplash.tv can help you more understand about Why Is My Remote Not Working and how to handle this problem

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