The best champion the the Baudelaire orphans in season 3 of A series of regrettably Events is a mysterious pregnant woman driving a cab, that occasionally dons dragonfly wing to escape. However who is Allison Williams playing in this season the the Netflix show and how does she character differ from the books?

Massive spoiler ahead because that the entire 3rd season that Netflix’s A series of unfortunate Events. Even if you’ve read the books, you might want to protect against reading this now if you haven’t perfect the show.

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The brief answer is this: Allison Williams dram Kit Snicket, the sister that Lemony and Jacques Snicket. And, despite her role is somewhat broadened in the third season of the Netflix adaptation the the popular kid’s book series, every little thing she does and everything that happens remains virtually 100 percent faithful to resource material. The biggest difference is simply when she actually shows up in the narrative. In the books, Kit no properly show up until the 12th book, The Penultimate Peril, which are episodes five and six the this season. But, in the books, that revealed she’s been tailing Violet, Sunny, and Klaus the whole time, make the efforts to assist them and also get lock to aid her through a project at the Hotel Denouement. All of this wake up in the TV series, pretty lot the same method it did in the books, through the notable difference that Kit actually meets up through Lemony Snicket, who, in this version of the story, briefly meets the orphans together the Hotel Denouement burns down. In the book, a mysterious man does sell the Baudelaires a ride, and also Snicket does indicate he to know the secret identity of the man, however the leader is never told it’s explicitly Lemony, nor does Kit satisfy him.

Other than that, Kit’s character arc is entirely in the soul of the books, which, contains her previous romance with Count Olaf. Really! despite it might be hazy for part readers, Olaf does indicate a past relationship v Kit in the last book, The End, and he walk kiss she on the lips before she dies on the coast of the Island. What the Netflix collection adds is just a flashback wherein you see Olaf and Kit as a couple, hanging the end at one opera.

So, the Kit Snicket in the series if simply as cool together she remained in the books, however thankfully this time, we obtain to see much more of her.

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