I'm make the efforts to figure out a great style because that my hair. I've done short and also long. Current: http://i.imgur.com/AjxJj.jpg Short: http://i.imgur.com/AGDsy.jpg Long: http://imgur.com/NoLCP Anyway, any type of advice would be great.

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reduced sideburns off: http://imgur.com/oxvla

Buzzed the mop: http://imgur.com/KWVSC


I to be going to suggest the Timberbuzz prior to I also saw this comment. Execute it, OP. And come back with followup pics.

Not being racist here, but go to a black barbershop to obtain it cut. Ns don't have actually black male hair, however one the the ideal cuts I've ever had I gained done in ~ a black color barbershop.

1.5 ~ above the sides, finger length on top. Next burns fifty percent way or all the means off. Maybe simply a 1 about the really bottom/side burns. Ns am a barber, and also thats what I would certainly do. Blam! Sexy hair.

I agree pretty lot with everyone, short is the finest method. I am in the exact same boat and keeping it quick is no only really convenient but additionally the ideal looking. Whenever ns made it lengthy i would shot to flatten it through a beanie causing this <1> but keeping the short approximately a #3 or #4 setting on the razor provides me this <2>

and i have to say i have actually never looked back

grow some huge sideburns and go because that the andre the large look in the princess bride, due to the fact that you already look a little bit favor him

I'm type of dissapointed through the advice given here. If ns were girlfriend I'd flourish that fucker up and forward. You're afro look at so cursed firm it might make for some impressive anti-gravity styling.

Okay, very first of all, ns feel her pain. However what has been a difficulty in to the to her hair can come to be your best asset.

okay here we go:

Do you put anything in your hair? that looks choose you dont. You should constantly be utilizing some form of product to manage the curls. What execute you right now use in her hair? daily routine?

I agree v everyone else in regard come making her "short", "shorter", however i recommend versus having the very same length around your entirety head. My method has always been "Longer ~ above the top, much shorter on sides and back, possibly faded"

Most of all, PRODUCT. I will certainly recommend the procedure of styling it when i recognize what you at this time do. Ns can post pics of mine hair if friend want. I am CONSTANTLY getting told ns look prefer JT.

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I went for a buzz. I kinda great I obtained your answer sooner. Actually out of curiosity, could I watch a picture? I'm having actually a really tough time grasping what people are saying I should do.

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