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A ping falls short as soon as perdeveloped from rexternal R1 to straight connected rexternal R2. The network administrator then proceeds to concern the display cdp neighbors command. Why would certainly the network-related administrator worry this command if the ping failed between the two routers?

The network-related administrator suspects a virus because the ping command did not work-related. The netjob-related administrator desires to verify Layer 2 connectivity. The network administrator wants to verify the IP deal with configured on rexternal R2. The network-related administrator desires to identify if connectivity deserve to be establimelted from a non-straight connected network.
The display cdp neighbor information command also will certainly reveal the IP attend to of a neighbor just if tbelow is Layer 3 connectivity​. To disable CDP around the world, the no cdp allow command also in interconfront configuration mode have to be offered. CDP have the right to be disabled worldwide or on a specific interface​. Due to the fact that it runs at the data connect layer​, the CDP protocol can just be enforced in switches.
to display gadget ID and other information around straight associated Cisco devices to display screen rexternal ID and also other indevelopment about OSPF next-door neighbors to display screen line standing and other indevelopment about straight linked Cisco gadgets to display routing table and various other indevelopment around directly connected Cisco gadgets


Refer to the exhibit. Routers R1 and also R2 are linked through a serial link. One rexternal is configured as the NTP understand, and the various other is an NTP client. Which 2 pieces of information have the right to be derived from the partial output of the display ntp associations detail command also on R2? (Choose two.)

Both routers are configured to usage NTPv2. Router R1 is the understand, and R2 is the client. Rexternal R2 is the grasp, and R1 is the client. The IP address of R1 is The IP attend to of R2 is
There can only be one NTP server on an enterpclimb network-related. All NTP servers synchronize straight to a stratum 1 time source. NTP servers at stratum 1 are straight linked to an authoritative time source. NTP servers encertain a precise time stamp on logging and debugging indevelopment. NTP servers manage the intend time between failures (MTBF) for key network-related gadgets.
determines which server to sfinish system log records to identifies the server on which to keep backup configurations ensures that all logging will have actually a time stamp linked through it synchronizes the system clock through the moment source via IP deal with


Refer to the exhilittle. Which two conclusions can be attracted from the syslog message that was produced by the router? (Choose 2.)

This message resulted from an inexplicable error requiring reconfiguration of the interconfront. This message indicates that the interchallenge should be reput. This message is a level 5 notice message. This message suggests that company timestamps have been configured. This message indicates that the interface adjusted state 5 times.

Which protocol or service enables netoccupational administrators to obtain mechanism messages that are offered by netjob-related devices?


Refer to the exhilittle bit. From what place have the syslog messages been retrieved?


Refer to the exhibit. What does the number 17:46:26.143 represent?

the time passed considering that the syslog server has actually been started the time once the syslog message was issued the moment passed because the interdeals with have been up the time on the rexternal as soon as the display logging command also was issued

A network administrator has actually issued the logging trap 4 worldwide configuration mode command. What is the outcome of this command?

After 4 events, the syslog client will sfinish an occasion message to the syslog server. The syslog client will certainly sfinish to the syslog server any type of event message that has actually a severity level of 4 and also better. The syslog client will send to the syslog server any type of occasion message that has a severity level of 4 and also lower.​ The syslog client will certainly sfinish to the syslog server occasion messperiods via an identification trap level of only 4.​

What statement explains a Cisco IOS image via the &##8220;universalk9_npe” designation for Cisco ISR G2 routers?

It is an IOS version that can only be provided in the United States of America. It is an IOS variation that provides only the IPBase function collection. It is an IOS variation that uses every one of the Cisco IOS Software function sets. It is an IOS variation that, at the research of some nations, clears any strong cryptographic use.​

What code in the Cisco IOS 15 image filename c1900-universalk9-mz.SPA.153-3.M.bin indicates that the file is digitally signed by Cisco?

Which 2 conditions should the netoccupational administrator verify before attempting to upgrade a Cisco IOS picture utilizing a TFTP server? (Choose two.)

Verify the name of the TFTP server utilizing the show hosts command also. Verify that the TFTP server is running making use of the tftpdnld command also. Verify that the checkamount for the image is valid utilizing the show variation command. Verify connectivity between the rexternal and also TFTP server utilizing the ping command also. Verify that tright here is enough flash memory for the new Cisco IOS photo utilizing the display flash command.

A netoccupational administrator configures a rexternal with the command sequence:

R1(config)# boot system tftp://c1900-universalk9-mz.SPA.152-4.M3.binR1(config)# boot device rom

What is the result of the command sequence?

On following reboot, the router will pack the IOS photo from ROM. The router will certainly copy the IOS image from the TFTP server and then reboot the mechanism. The rexternal will certainly pack IOS from the TFTP server. If the image fails to load, it will certainly pack the IOS picture from ROM. The rexternal will search and also load a valid IOS picture in the sequence of flash, TFTP, and also ROM.

A netoccupational engineer is upgrading the Cisco IOS image on a 2900 series ISR. What command can the engineer usage to verify the full amount of flash memory and also just how a lot flash memory is currently available?

Beginning through the Cisco IOS Software Release 15.0, which license is a prerequiwebsite for installing additional innovation fill licenses?

When a customer purchases a Cisco IOS 15.0 software application package, what serves as the receipt for that customer and is used to obtain the license as well?

Software Claim Certificate End User License Covenant Unique Device Identifier Product Activation Key

In addition to IPBase, what are the three modern technology packs that are shipped within the global Cisco IOS Software Release 15 image? (Choose three.)

State-of-the-art IP Services Modern Enterpclimb Services DATA Security SP Services Unified Communications

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Which command is offered to connumber a one-time acceptance of the EULA for all Cisco IOS software packages and features?

Refer to the exhibit. Match the components of the IOS image name to their summary. (Not all choices are used.)