Groups that cells that are similar in structure and perform a common or related function form a(n) ________.

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Your instructor provides you an unknown body organ for you come examine and identify with microscopy. What should you do very first with the sample?

Method of cheap The gland in A is secreting in a merocrine manner, if B is secreting in a holocrine manner
Multicellular simple glandMulticellular exocrine glands through unbranched ducts space "simple"; those v branched ducts are "compound." unicellular exocrine glands do not have actually ducts.
You observe a tissue under a microscope. There appears to be a lumen on one side of the tissue. Lining this lumen, the cells seem to have long, fingerlike projections. Beneath the projections, the cells seem to have the form of shoeboxes and are pack tightly together. What kind of tissue are you spring at?
__________ room water-soluble, facility glycoproteins that are secreted by goblet cells. salts Hormones enzyme Mucins Amino mountain
Which of the following epithelial tissue types is NOT properly matched to its function? an easy columnar epithelium v microvilli; absorption basic cuboidal epithelium; secretion simple squamous epithelium; filtration stratified squamous epithelium; absorption
All epithelia have actually two surfaces, one apical surface and a basal surface, that differ in both structure and function. This building is dubbed polarity. T or F?
True all epithelia exhibition polarity, which is identified by the visibility of one apical, or free, surface and also a basal, or attached, surface ar that differ in both structure and function.
i beg your pardon of the following does NOT explain a multicell exocrine gland? A.simple glands b. Alveolar glands c.hormone glands d. Tubular gland
hormone glands Glands that secrete hormones space endocrine, or ductless glands. Exocrine glands are all ducted glands.
Which the the following statements is INCORRECT? Stratified squamous epithelia are uncovered in areas subjected to wear and tear.Simple squamous epithelia are linked with filtration and exchange.Simple columnar epithelia are connected with absorption and secretion.Simple cuboidal epithelia are uncovered in locations that stretch.
Pseudostratified epithelia space well adjusted to the digestive system because the cilia increase the surface ar area because that absorption.
False; Pseudostratified epithelia are uncovered in the respiratory linings. Cilia are offered for movement, not enhancing surface area.
What function do transitional epithelial have? a. Filtration b. Absorb c. Resistance come friction d. Stretching
exactly how are endocrine and also exocrine glands different from each other? Exocrine glands are only unicellular in structure. Endocrine glands have actually no ducts. Exocrine glands have specific target organs for their secretions. Exocrine glands secrete hormones.
Glands, such as thyroid, secrete their commodities directly into the blood rather than v ducts space classified as
Which the the adhering to is true around epithelia? Stratified epithelia are linked with filtration.Endothelium provides a slick surface ar lining all hole cardiovascular organs.Simple epithelia are frequently found in locations of high abrasion.Pseudostratified epithelia are generally keratinized.

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___ epithelium appears to have two or 3 layers the cells, yet all the cells room in contact with the basement membrane
A plenty of layered-epithelium v cuboidal basal cells and also flat cells at its surface would be classified together _____?
choose the correct statement regarding epithelia. Simplesquamous epithelia consists tall, small cells.Simple epithelia form impermeable barriers to viruses.Pseudostratified epithelia covers at the very least two layers of cells stacked on optimal of one another.Stratified squamous epithelia are existing where defense from abrasion is important.
Choose i beg your pardon tissue would certainly line the uterine (fallopian) tube and function as a "conveyer belt" to help move a fertilized egg in the direction of the uterus.