Have you ever before wondered whether those unique dingbat icons have any type of purpose? Actually, lock do. Friend probably recognize that dingbats room fonts that consists of little pictures, bullets and shapes that screen in location of characters, numbers and also punctuation. In the world of printing, a dingbat was well-known as a printer’s ornament and was used for points like ending a thing or a section in a book.

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Wingdings and Webdings

The an initial digital dingbat typeface was Zapf Dingbats, followed by many others, including Wingdings and Webdings. Most likely, one or both of this come through your computer operating system. When you choose a dingbat font, an image will display screen for every letter, number and punctuation mark that you type. Typically, top case and lower instance letters produce different photos too.

In many applications, you can select standard dingbats with the “Insert Symbol” tool. In others, friend will have to type the letter. Below are the Wingdings icons that display screen when ns type capital letter A v O at 60 points.


Below are the photos that screen using the Webdings font in ~ 60 points and inputting the letter A with O.


Amazing Variety

There space an overwhelming variety of dingbat typefaces, each with their own distinctive illustrations the you can download and also install. There are many categories, such together birds, trees, snowflakes, cartoons, sports, flowers, presidents, ornaments, various objects. Below is a component of the an option you can discover at Font Squirrel. See the sources at the end of this article for sites with dingbat collections.


A couple of of the many Dingbat fonts at FontSquirrel

Uses in eLearning and also Slides

Dingbat personalities have numerous uses. They enable you to quickly embed a tiny decoration as component of your content. You can additionally use dingbat signs for icons or as a minimalist illustration, varying the range by utilizing a larger or smaller point size. Dingbats carry out a free collection of icons and illustrations at your fingertips. Use dingbats once you desire to:

Add a flourish to a designDepict objects as iconsCreate graphic with the dingbat together an illustration (use a huge point size)

How to access Dingbats

In authoring tools, graphics programs and PowerPoint, insert a dingbat personality from the Insert Symbol dashboard (if your application has actually this functionality) with one of the dingbat fonts selected. This way you deserve to see the entire choice of pictures and also symbols.

Alternatively, you can select the dingbat font and kind the wanted character. If girlfriend don’t have actually a graph of the dingbat symbols, girlfriend will have to check out by inputting the letters, numbers and punctuation.

Once you choose a dingbat picture, you have the right to increase that is size, adjust the color, rotate it and flip it. You can incorporate several dingbats together, partially overlapping lock to produce a scene. And also in part applications, you can choose the text box through a dingbat character, right-click, and save it together a graphic, as shown in PowerPoint below.


Using Dingbats because that Icons

Dingbats make terrific icons due to the fact that they are crisp illustrations that are clearly visible at small sizes. To create an symbol from a dingbat, place each dingbat photo on a similar background shape. Below, note how you can use dingbats to stand for categories that information. Screen these types of icons to organize concepts, together a mnemonic device, or together interactive icons that are part of a user interface.


Using Dingbats for Illustrations

By enlarging a dingbat photo to 200 points or greater, you can use it as an illustration in your designs. Then arrange it just as girlfriend would any kind of image, combining it through text. Listed below I show a four-step process for producing a title screen about desert tree life using a dingbat as the illustration.


Webding photo of the desert in ~ 400 points


Addition of a desert sky in the background


Addition of consistent desert with a couple of rectangle shapes


Adding a title

If you’re working through a small budget or if you are seeking a minimalist style, dingbats room a beneficial resource.

Visual architecture Solutions

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Resources: Dingbat Fonts

Please examine that that is safe to download fonts from this sites. I have actually only used a couple of of them.