Draft the a letter to Leonardo Donato, Doge the Venice, August, 1609, and Notes top top the Moons that Jupiter, January 1610. Credit: college of Michigan one-of-a-kind Collections Library

Born in 1564, Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei's observations of our solar system and also the Milky way have transformed our understanding of our location in the Universe.

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Galileo sparked the bear of modern astronomy with his observations of the Moon, phases of Venus, moons roughly Jupiter, sunspots, and also the news the seemingly plenty of individual stars make up the Milky way Galaxy. If Galileo were roughly today, he would surely be amazed at thedailysplash.tv's exploration of our solar system and also beyond.

After finding out of the newly created \"spyglass,\" a maker that made far objects show up closer, Galileo soon figured out how the worked and also built his own, enhanced version. In 1609, using this early version that the telescope, Galileo came to be the an initial person to record observations of the skies made v the help of a telescope. He soon made his an initial astronomical discovery.

At the time, most scientists thought that the Moon to be a smooth sphere, but Galileo uncovered that the Moon has actually mountains, pits, and also other features, similar to the Earth.

When Galileo pointed his telescope in ~ Jupiter, the biggest planet in ours solar system, that made a startling discovery. The world had four \"stars\" neighboring it. Within days, Galileo determined that this \"stars\" were actually moons in orbit of Jupiter. His discovery challenged common beliefs of his time about the body of our solar system. Continuing Galileo's legacy, modern telescopes and an are probes watch the wonders of Jupiter's many moons. Click right here for an ext information about space probes that have visited and observed Jupiter.

Galileo turn his gaze towards Venus, the brightest celestial object in the skies - other than the Sun and also the Moon. V his observations of the phases the Venus, Galileo to be able to figure out that the earth orbits the Sun, no the planet as to be the common belief in his time.

Curious around the Sun, Galileo offered his telescope to learn more. Not learning that looking at our an extremely own star would damage his eyesight, Galileo sharp his telescope towards the Sun. He discovered that the sun has sunspots, which show up to it is in dark in color.

Galileo's discoveries around the Moon, Jupiter's moons, Venus, and sunspots supported the idea that the sun - not the earth - to be the facility of the Universe, as was commonly believed at the time. Galileo's job-related laid the foundation for today's contemporary space probes and telescopes. Happy birthday Galileo and thanks for all the celestial gifts!

In 1989, Galileo Galilei to be memorialized v the beginning of a Jupiter-bound space probe bearing his name. Throughout its 14-year voyage, the Galileo space probe and also its detachable mini-probe, saw Venus, Earth, the asteroid Gaspra, observed the impact of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 ~ above Jupiter, Jupiter, Europa, Callisto, IO, and Amalthea.

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In stimulate to avoid the possible contamination of among Jupiter's moons, the Galileo an are probe was purposely crashed into Jupiter in ~ the end of that is mission in September 2003.