Which of the complying with is TRUE around Operating Systems?a. Any type of operating system have the right to be set up on any type of computer.b. Operating systems slow down the power of a computerc. Handheld computer systems require mobile operating systems

As Russ P. Stated, there room some nuances through the answer options, however, prize (c) is the most true; here\"s why:
(a) is false due to the fact that the operating device must be compatible v the computer\"s platform in order for it to work; because that example, home windows 7 runs on PC computers (e.g. Dell, HP, Acer, Toshiba) but it doesn\"t work on a Mac (Apple) computer. Because that Macs, the operating device is OS X which subsequently doesn\"t work-related on a PC.

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(b) is false because the computer won\"t run without an operation system; so, to say that the operating device slows under the computer is prefer saying gasoline slows down a auto because the adds weight, but of food the car would not go at every if it had no gas. The rate of the computer system would be \"0\" there is no an operation system
(c) is true due to the fact that mobile computers (smart phones, tablets, etc) require a different form of operating mechanism than a desktop or notebook computer

a) Yes, you deserve to install any type of operating mechanism on any kind of computer once you make adjustments for any peculiarities in the hardware of the computer due to the fact that the operating system must control and operate the computer. Hardware features may not be supported in the operating system (e.g., beforehand ones didn\"t support a mouse or dvd drive, etc.) or angry versa, or just how they operate in the hardware might be various (different drivers needed, etc.).
b) A computer system will no run there is no an operating system even if just a rudimentary one since it controls the computer resources. To execute so, it has its very own instructions come run separate from any kind of application (e.g, to respond to an external interrupt or schedule a job for execution, or gain data indigenous memory, etc.). Hence, that imposes part overhead and thus \"slows down\" the computer that wouldn\"t operation without one.

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c)Hand held computers use stripped down operating systems because they have fewer and also perhaps less facility hardware sources to control, and also have much less memory to keep a complete blown operating system. There are additionally other reasons, not worth discussing here.
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