A: The correct answer is 3. This is a random password and also therefore the a lot of secure among the 3. starbattles is not random and also a typically provided password. 1qaz2wsx appears random yet it"s the initially 2 columns of a qwerty keyboard and also likewise frequently used. Attackers use these in wordlists to crack passwords or to acquire accessibility to existing sites for which you usage this password.

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Q2: Which of the complying with is a weak password?

123456 ILoveYou123 All of the above

A: The correct answer is 4. All of the passwords are weak and also currently leaked in information breaches.

Q3: How often should I adjust a password?

NeverEexceptionally weekEextremely monthEvery yearOnly as soon as there"s proof or suspicion of compromise

A: The correct answer is 5. The finest methods are to just adjust your password once there"s proof or suspicion that your account could be hacked. More tips on just how to recognize as soon as an account is hacked deserve to be found in this and also this blog.

Q4: Is it considered safe to usage the exact same complicated password on all websites?


A: The correct answer is 2. If you reusage passwords across different sites a hack of one website have the right to cause attackers making use of this stolen username and also password to gain access to your accounts for another website. If you desire to learn even more around why password reusage is a bad principle, check out this article.

Q5: What have to I perform after I learn about a documents breach of a website? Choose the ideal answer.

NothingChange the password of my account for that websiteChange the password for my account for that webwebsite and of all other websites wright here I use that exact same password

A: The correct answer is 3. If your username and password is stolen the account for that particular hacked webwebsite is at risk, however additionally your accounts for any type of various other webwebsite were you use that same password. If you want to learn even more about it check out right here why password reuse is a negative idea.

Q6: What are the features of a strong password?

LongLong, random and uniqueLong, uniqueLong, random

A: The correct answer is 2. Passwords have to be lengthy enough, minimum 12 or 14 characters is recommended. Passwords need to also be random because attackers will certainly have gigantic lists of predictable passwords they deserve to use to crack passwords or acquire access to your virtual accounts. They must likewise be distinct. If you reuse passwords across different sites a hack of one website deserve to result in attackers utilizing this stolen username and password to obtain access to your accounts for another webwebsite. If you desire to learn even more on how to create strong passwords, review this blog.

Q7: If you want to share a password through someone, what"s the ideal option?

Sfinish it using emailSend a message messageTell it via the phoneNone of the above

A: The correct answer is 4. A password is personal data which shouldn"t be shared through others.

Q8: Which of the adhering to is the many secure backup strategy?

One backup on an external harddisk and also one more one on a cloud backup2 backups on 2 different outside harddisksA backup on an external harddisk

A: The correct answer is 1. Because you spreview the backups over 2 geographically various areas, which provides your backup strategy more resilient. If you desire to learn even more around it just how to put a secure backup strategy in area read this blog.

Q9: You open a webwebsite and it has a padlock in the internet browser bar (the lock symbol in front of the URL). Which statements are true?

I deserve to be certain that this is a legit, non-malicious siteIt tells me that the site is 100% secureThe website traffic in between my computer system (browser) and also the server that runs the website is securedNo one, even my Web Service Provider doesn"t understand which site I visit.This might be a phishing site.

A: The correct answers are 3 and 5. A padlock in the internet browser bar suggests that the connection between your web browser and the website is secure, but it doesn"t say anything around the intentions of a website, so it can be a phishing webwebsite. Your Web Service Provider will still recognize which websites you visit.

Q10: Is it mainly considered safe to use Starbucks Public Wi-Fi network-related for percreating an digital banking operation?

Yes, it is safe No, it have the right to be dangerous

A: The correct answer is 2. While a lot even more websites are offered over HTTPS nowadays, the protection threats of making use of public Wi-Fi are reduced however it"s still not to recommend to execute digital banking on a public Wi-Fi. It can be a better idea to use your mobile data and/or switch on a VPN.

Q11: Is it secure to enter your personal indevelopment (e.g., data of birth, identification number etc.) on a website via an address that starts through "http://"?


A: The correct answer is 2. When you enter data on a HTTP webwebsite the information could be intercepted and/or manipulated by an attacker. Enter individual data only when the resolve of the website starts with "https://". If you desire to learn more about HTTPS check out this blog.

Q12: Which of the following statements are correct? When I usage incognito or exclusive mode in a internet browser...

No one deserve to see the websites I went to, also not my Net Service Provider.Others that use my gadget can not see which sites I visitedI"m anonymous for that website

A: The only correct answer is 2. Private or incognito looking just indicates that your search and looking history isn"t conserved.

Q13: Your service email account has actually been jeopardized and also leaked in a data breach. What is the ideal course of action(s)?

Change your password immediately Indevelop the defense team of your organization Change the Password on all sites wright here you use the very same passwordAll of above

A: The correct answers is 4.

Q14: Is it helpful to run antivirus software program on an Android phone?

YesIt counts, just if you downfill apps from external of Google"s main application storeNo

A: The correct answer is 1. Even Google Play, Google"s offical application save is recognized to host apps that can contain virsupplies. It"s always a good concept to have a virusscanner set up.

Q15: Which of the following are taken into consideration personal data under GDPR (more than 1 answer possible)?

Your IP addressYour birthdateYour house addressOnly your firstname

A: The correct answers are 1, 2 and 3.

Q16: If you obtain a call from someone that claims to be a clerk from your financial institution, is it ok to provide your bank account details over the phone?

Yes NeverOnly if I acknowledge that the phone number is from my financial institution.

A: The correct answer is 2. You shouldn"t offer your bank account details over the phone. A bank that takes your protection seriously will never before ask for sensitive information, choose bank account details, over the phone. Even if you identify the number it can be spoofed by an attacker.

Q17: You get an email with subject: "$5 million docountry from Bill Gates" and also in the email they ask you to carry out your telephone number and also full postal attend to to case the money. What"s the ideal action?

Reply via my phone number and also postal deal with, I desire the 5 million dollars Forward the email to friends, because sharing is caringReport the email as spam and also delete it

A: The correct answer is 3. If something is as well excellent to be true it simply isn"t true. No one will certainly email you out of the blue to offer you such an amount of money.

Q18: You"re looking and also on a random website a pop-up to get complimentary access to Netflix appears. What"s the many secure action?

Follow the pop-up instructions to gain the free accessImmediately close the pop-up and also don’t proceed

A: The correct answer is 2. It"s even better to cshed the browser tab or the internet browser alltogether. If the pop-up is avoiding you from doing this you can kill the web browser process.

Q19: You get an e-mail from "" that urges you to recollection your Hyundai password. What must you do?

Change my password automatically as per the instructions provided in the emailDon"t continue and delete the email

A: The correct answer is 2. If Hyundai would certainly ask you to reset your password the mail would certainly come from an main email deal with. This is a malicious email to steal your Hyundai password.

Q20: Is the adhering to statement true or false? Remaking use of the very same password throughout multiple sites is a good concept. It"s incredibly convenient after all.


A: The correct answer is 2. It certain is convenient, yet this convenience comes with a price. If your password is stolen in a hack of 1 website user have the right to usage that to gain acces to your accounts on other sites.

Q21: Is it thought about a great protection exercise to leave your machine unlocked as soon as you leave your desk?


A: The correct answer is 2. It"s not a good idea, if you do not lock your device everyone in the office has the opportunity to access the (confidential) data on your device.

Q22: If you receive an unmeant phone speak to from Microsoft technological support, have to you?

Follow their instructionsGive them your passwordCall them backHang up

A: The correct answer is 4. No one from Microsoft will ever speak to you to offer technological support. This is a scamera. Hang up automatically. If you want to learn more around technology support scams, check out this blog.

Q23: If you get a suspicious email, have to you?

Reply to itOpen the attachmentsClick the linksReport it to the phishing reporting mailbox of your government

A: The correct answer is 4. Report the phishing mail and also delete it afterwards. In any case do not reply, click any kind of web links or open up attachments in the email.

Q24: You’re being texted that your parcel delivery will certainly be delayed. In order to expedite it you require to?

Reply to the message Click on the link offered in the sms Think initially, am I expecting anything? If not report and delete the sms

A: The correct answer is 3. Attackers always will try to make use of points choose urge. But constantly initially ask yourself wether you"re expecting that specific parcel. If not, it"s a malicious email and also the finest activity is to report and also delete the email thereafter.

Q25: Is the following statement true or false. Because operating system updays are time consuming and also might should rebegin the machine it"s an excellent concept to postpone them as lengthy as feasible.


A: The correct answer is 2. It"s not an excellent concept to postpone operating system updates because they frequently contain fixes for security vulnerabilities. If you wait through installing these updays attackers can use these vulnerabilities to acquire access to your gadget and also infect it via malware and/or steal your data.

Q26: Which of the complying with statements are correct?

Phishing is a type of social design. Phishing is a so called "spray and pray" technique in which an attacker sends out out the exact same email to thousands of potential targets in the hope they will loss victim.All of the above

A: The correct answer is 3. Phishing is indeed a form of social design or in various other words the mental manipulation of human being into performing actions or divulging confidential information and also it can additionally be a mass strike.

Q27: Imagine you work for the finance department of a firm. You obtained an email from your company’s CEO and they desire you to automatically move a few millions to a financial institution account provided in the email. Will you execute the transaction?

Yes, I will carry out so if my CEO asks me. I will certainly only execute the transaction after I got confirmation from the CEO via an additional channel.

A: The correct answer is 2. Only if you get it shown by means of another channel (e.g. a phone call to the trusted number, initiated by you) - which must be defined in a procedure - you must execute the transaction. Criminals could have hacked the email account from the CEO or pretfinish to be the CEO by faking the CEO"s email address.

Q28: If you unexpectedly check out the following page in the browser, is it a great concept to claim your present?


A: The correct answer is 2. If something is also excellent or too unbelievable to be true it"s just not true. This is a fake page, the just intention of the criminals to erected this page is to svideo camera you.

Q29: Which of the adhering to statements about a phishing email are true?

The email comes out of the blue. There"s no conmessage or previous contact via the senderThe email has a feeling of urgency to obtain a specific action doneAll of the above

A: The correct answer is 3.

Q30: You receive a SMS from a supplier/seller who asks you to click a link to renew your contract. You should:

Proceed without worryingDon’t proceed by clicking the link in SMS

A: The correct answer is 2. Don"t click this attach. You wouldn"t suspect a supplier or vendor to sfinish a rebirth link by means of SMS. In any type of case if you doubt always reach out to the vendor to check if they really sfinish this attach.

Q31: Which month is taken into consideration or well-known as Cyber Security Month?

September OctoberNovember December

A: the correct answer is 2. October is Cyber Security awareness month. During October the majority of practical defense awareness content is being common.

Q32: The person who performs a social engineering assault is known as?

An Indevelopment EngineerA Social EngineerA Social Media Activist

A: The correct answer is 2.

Q33: Imagine you uncover a USB device in the hallmethod at occupational. What"s the finest point to do?

Pick it up and also plug it in to view what’s on the USB tool. Maybe you deserve to recognize the owner.Leave it in the hallmeans or carry it to the reception desk, such that the perkid who shed it can acquire it ago.Pick it up, don"t plug it in but increate your IT department bereason this could be a USB tool containing malware to infect your company"s devices.

A: The correct answer is 3. You shouldn"t trust USB devices you discover. This is a prevalent way to gain malware distributed.

Q34: Which URL(s) bring(s) you to Google’s Home Page?

All of above

The correct answer is 4. Tools favor have the right to assist you to acquire more insights around a website. It"s not bullet proof, its not bereason a website is trusted it means that it could be malicous. But if it"s flagged malicious definitely don"t visit it. In this situation we have the right to view that the effective url is, Google"s official website.


Q35: Which of the following URLs can NOT be provided in a so called "Typosquatting Attack"?

All of the above

A: The correct answer is 1. In typosquatting attackers abuse the truth that customers miskind URLs. For instance attackers can hosts a malicious site on the doprimary which will be incidentally visited by most people.

Q36: You receive the complying with email which contains "This message was sent from a trusted sender" in the body. Does this suppose you deserve to trust that this email is legitimate?


A: The correct answer is 2. This sender can not be trusted, a text in an e-mail body does not say anything around whether a sender have the right to be trusted or not. This is clearly a spam email and also like you deserve to check out in the screenswarm it"s also detected as such.

Q37: If you receive the adhering to email, is it a good concept to continue to obtain assist from CBD?


The correct answer is 2. This sender can"t be trusted, this is clearly an unsolicited email that try"s to trick the receiver into clicking malicious web links or providing ameans personal information. Like you deserve to watch in the screenshot it"s detected as spam by the mail client.

Q38: You obtain the complying with invite to take a quiz. You decide to take the quiz to get the free glasses. This is...

A good concept, cost-free stuff is constantly niceThis is a bad idea, this is a scamera to steal my personal data

A: The correct answer is 2.

Q39: Which of the adhering to points help to decide whether an online shopping website is trustworthy?

The deal with of the webwebsite starts with "https://"There"s a seal on the website that says "100% secure"Do a little of study to check out whether the website has an excellent reputationRead on the webwebsite and look for positive reviews of other customers

A: The correct answer is 3. Malicious sites can additionally run over https and security seals have the right to be easily faked. The website owner deserve to likewise put fake reviews of various other customers on their website.

For more information also review this post.

Q40: For digital shopping it"s finest to use...?

A crmodify cardA debit card

A: The correct answer is 1. Crmodify cards have actually an insurance against fraud. When you pay via a credit card, the money is not directly withattracted from your account. This offers you time to dispute fraudulent charges and also the bank deserve to block the payment while they investigate the incident. Some crmodify cards additionally sell additonal insurance for your online purchases.

For even more information additionally review this post.

Q41: I don’t use a PIN on my smartphone yet keep it through me. What might go wrong?

When I lose it all my information and also apps are obtainable by the finderWhen I leave my phone unattfinished, miscreants have the right to get access to all my online accounts making use of my email addressWhen my phone gets stolen the thieves can accessibility all my indevelopment and also appsAll of the above

A: The correct answer is 4. When you have actually no pin code on your gadget and also you leave it unattended, shed it or when it gets stolen an unauthorized user can gain accessibility to your personal data. For instance your pictures and videos, text messperiods or your phone contacts. They"ll also have access to all the apps on your phone and your email account which consists of a treacertain trove of information and which deserve to be provided to reset the password for all accounts that you registered via this email attend to.

Q42: Is it a great principle to pay criminals that encrypted the records on your computer by deploying so referred to as ransomware? Why or why not? Select all applicable answers.

Yes, bereason you can be sure you will reobtain access to your records.Yes, bereason you don"t have to treatment about backups yourself.No, bereason you have no guarantee that you will certainly regain access to your documents.No, bereason even when you acquire your files ago criminals might strike you later aobtain bereason they are still active on your network-related.

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A: The correct answers are 3 and 4. Never offer in to criminals trying to extort you. Tright here are simply no guarantees that you will reacquire access to your documents or that they will certainly not execute the same aobtain later on bereason they are still active on your netoccupational and also bereason they understand you are willing to pay. Also make certain you have working backups in area. If you want to learn even more around ransomware and just how to protect against is carry out review this blog.