falseThe chemiosmotic hypothesis states that the flow of electrons through an electron deliver chain generates a proton gradient that leads to the synthesis of ATP.

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True or false? The chemiosmotic hypothesis claims that the synthesis of ATP generates a proton gradient that leads come electron circulation through one electron deliver chain
Proton gradient A proton gradient throughout chloroplast and also mitochondrial membranes cd driver ATP synthesis by the enzyme ATP synthase.
According come the chemiosmotic hypothesis, what provides the energy that straight drives ATP synthesis?
falseThe an ar of ATP synthase that catalyzes ATP production protrudes the end of, yet does not span, the chloroplast membrane; the an ar that spans the membrane is one ion channel through which protons can pass.
True or false? The region of ATP synthase that catalyzes the production of ATP indigenous ADP and inorganic phosphate spans the chloroplast membrane.
The light-independent reactions turn CO2, a gas, into usable carbon in the form of sugars.CO2 is unusable until plants have actually \"fixed\" this carbon right into sugar
trueThe water molecules are separation to replenish electrons in photosystem II, leaving behind protons, i beg your pardon are provided to create a proton gradient for the development of ATP, and also oxygen, which is released together a by-product.
NADPH The NADPH produced by photosystem ns is used to supply energy for the manufacturing of sugars throughout photosynthesis.
They transform carbon dioxide to sugar.All organisms use the sugars created by photosynthesis to create energy.
The light-dependent reactions create ATP and also NADPH, which are then provided by the light-independent reactions.
Which that the complying with statements best describes the relationship between the light-dependent and also light-independent reaction of photosynthesis?
6Six carbon dioxide molecule are forced to develop two G3P molecules, which have the right to be linked to do one glucose molecule.
Which declare is many accurate concerning how photosystem II (PS II) compares come the electron move chain (ETC) of mitochondria?
PS II → pheophytin → plastoquinone → cytochrome facility → plastocyanin → PS ns → ferredoxinIn the last step of the Z scheme, electrons are transferred indigenous ferredoxin to NADP+ (by the enzyme NADP+ reductase ) to develop NADPH.

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According come the Z scheme, what is the route of electrons through photosystem i (PS I) and also photosystem II (PS II)?
Photosynthesis would certainly occur yet photorespiration would certainly not.Photosynthesis relies on binding that CO2, whereas photorespiration counts on binding of O2 come rubisco.
Which declare is most accurate concerning the solubility of strength or sucrose, as well as their use by plants?