3105 If an altimeter setting is not available prior to trip, to which altitude must the pilot change the altimeter?A. Pressure altitude corrected for nontypical temperature.B. The elevation of the nearemainder airport corrected to suppose sea level?C. The elevation of the exit area.

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3106 Prior to takeoff, the altimeter need to be collection to which altitude or altimeter setting?A. The current regional altimeter establishing, if easily accessible, or the exit airport elevation.B. The corrected push altitude for the departure airport.C. The corrected density altitude of the exit airport.
3107 At what altitude shall the altimeter be set to 29.92 when climbing to cruising trip level?A. 24,000 MSLB. 18,000 MSLC. 14,500 MSL
3254 Altimeter establishing is the value to which the barometric push scale of the altimeter is collection so the altimeter indicatesA. Absolute altitude at field elevation.B. Calibrated altitude at area elevation.C. True altitude at area elevation.
3255 How do variations in temperature affect the altimeter?A. Prescertain levels are elevated on warmth days and the shown altitude is reduced than true altitude.B. Higher temperatures expand also the press levels and the suggested altitude is higher than true altitude.C. Lower temperatures reduced the press levels and also the suggested altitude is reduced than true altitude.
3256 What is true altitude?A. The vertical distance of the aircraft above sea level.B. The vertical distance of the aircraft above the surface.C. The height above the typical datum airplane.
3392 Under what problem will certainly true altitude be lower than suggested altitude?A. In warmer than conventional air temperature.B. When thickness altitude is better than shown altitude.C. In chillier than typical air temperature.
3257 What is absolute altitude?A. The altitude read straight from the altimeter.B. The vertical distance of the aircraft over the surface.C. The elevation over the typical datum plane.
3258 What is thickness altitude?A. The height over the typical datum aircraft.B. The push altitude corrected for nonconventional temperature.C. The altitude review directly from the altimeter.
3259 What is push altitude?A. The suggested altitude corrected for nonstandard temperature and also pressure.B. The altitude shown when the barometric pressure scale is set to 29.92C. The indicated altitude corrected for position and installation error.
3260 Under what problem is suggested altitude the same as true altitude?C. If the altimeter has actually no mechanical error.B. When at sea level under traditional conditions.C. when at 18,000 feet MSL with the altimeter collection at 29.92.
3261 If it is necessary to set the altimeter from 29.15 to 29.85, what readjust occurs?A. 70 foot decrease in indicated altitude.B. 700 foot increase in suggested altitude.C. 70 foot increase in shown altitude.
3388 Under which problem will push altitude be equal to true altitude?A. When shown altitude is equal to the pressure altitude.B. When traditional atmospheric problems exist.C. When the atmospheric pressure is 29.92.
3389 Under what problem is pressure altitude and also density altitude the exact same value?A. At traditional temperature.B. At sea level, as soon as the temperature is 0 F.C. When the altimeter has actually no installation error.
3390 If a flight s made from a space of low press into a room of high pressure without the altimeter setting being adjusted, the altimeter will indicateA. The actual altitude above sea level.B. Higher than the actual altitude over seal level.C. Lower than the actual altitude over sea level.
3391 If a trip is made from a room of high press right into an area of lower pressure without the altimeter establishing being readjusted, the altimeter will certainly indicateA. Lower than the actual altitude over sea level.B. greater than the actual altitude over sea level.C. The actual altitude above sea level.
3393 Which condition would certainly reason the altimeter to indicate a reduced altitude than true altitude?A. Atmospheric push reduced than conventional.B. Air temperature reduced than typical.C. Air temperature warmer than standard.
3250 (Refer to figure 3.) Altimeter 1 indicates
A. 500 feetB. 1,500 feetC. 10,500 feet
3251 (Refer to figure 3.) Altimeter 2 indicates
A. 1,500 FeetB. 14,500 FeetC. 4,500 Feet
3252 (Refer to Figure 3.) Altimeter 3 indicates
A. 10,950 FeetB. 15,940 FeetC. 9,500 Feet
3253 (Refer to number 3.) Which altimeter/s shows even more than 10,000 feet?
A. 1,2B. 1,2,3C. 1
3387 If a pilot alters the altimeter establishing from 30.11 to 29.96, what is the approximate change in indication?A. Altimeter will indicate .15" hg better.B. Altimeter will certainly suggest 150" greater.C. Altimeter will certainly indicate 150" lower.
3278 (Refer to Figure 7.) How have to a pilot recognize the direction of financial institution from an mindset indicator such as the one illustrated?
A. By the connection of the miniature airplane (c) to the deflected horizon bar (b)B. by the direction of deflection of the banking scale (a)C. By the direction of deflection of the horizon bar (b)
3275 (Refer to figure 5) A turn coordinator offers an indication of the
A. perspective of the aircraft via reference to the longitudinal axis.B. angle of bank up to but not exceeding 30 levels.C. movement of the aircraft around the yaw and also roll axis.
3277 (Refer to number 7.) The appropriate adjustment to make on the attitude indicator throughout level trip is to align the
A. horizon bar to the level flight indication.B. horizon bar to the miniature aircraft.C. miniature plane to the horizon bar.
3276 (Refer to number 6.) To obtain exact indications in the time of trip from a heading indicator, the instrument must beA. set prior to flight on a recognized heading.B. periodically realigned with the magnetic compass as the gyro precesses.C. calibrated on a compass rose at regular intervals.
3279 Deviation in a magnetic compass is brought about by the A. difference in the area between true north and the magnetic north.B. existence of flaws in the long-term magnets of the compass.C. magnetic fields within the aircraft distorting the lines of magnetic force.
3279-1 The angular distinction in between true north and also magnetic north isA. magnetic deviation.B. magnetic variation.C. compass acceleration error.
3282 In the Northern Hemispright here, a magnetic compass will certainly usually indicate a turn towards the north ifA. an aircraft is accelerated while on an eastern or west heading.B. a left rotate is entered from a west heading.C. an aircraft is decelerated while on an east or west heading.
3283 In the Northern Hemispright here, the magnetic compass will normally indicate a turn toward the southern whenA. a left revolve is entered from an eastern heading.B. a ideal rotate is entered from a west heading.C. the aircraft is decelerated while on a west heading.
3283-1 What have to be the indication on the magnetic compass as you roll into a conventional price revolve to the ideal from a southern heading in the Norther Hemisphere?A. The compass will indicate a rotate to the right, yet at a faster rate than is actually developing.B. the compass will certainly remajor on southern for a brief time, then progressively catch approximately the magnetic heading of the aircraft.C. The compass will initially indicate a turn to the left.
3284 In the Northern Hemisphere, if an aircraft is increased or decelerated, the magnetic compass will certainly generally indicateA. a revolve momentarily.B. a turn towards the south.C. correctly as soon as on a north or south heading.
3280 In the Northern Hemisphere, a magnetic compass will certainly typically suggest initially a turn toward the west ifA. an aircraft is increased while on a north heading.B. a left turn is gotten in from a north heading.C. a right rotate is gone into from a north heading.
3281 In the Northern Hemispbelow, a magnetic compass will certainly usually indicate initially a turn toward the east ifA. a left rotate is gotten in from a north heading.B. an aircraft is decelerated while on a south heading.C. an aircraft is increased while on a north heading.

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3286 Throughout flight, when are the indications of a magnetic compass accurate?A. As long as the airrate is constant.B. Only in directly and also level unincreased flight.C. during transforms if the banked does not exceed 18 degrees.