How many kind of liters of O2 at 298 K and also 1.00 bar are produced in 1.50 hr in an electrolytic cell operating at a existing of 0.0200 A?

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Answer: 0.0069L


2H2O(l) ---->O2(g) + 4H+(aq) + 4e-

no of moles= it/eF

NO of moles of O2 developed = (Currthedailysplash.tvt in Ampere x Time in second)/ (Faraday consistthedailysplash.tvt x Number of electrons required)

Moles of O2 produced = (0.02x (60 x 60X1.5 s)/(96485 x 4)

= 0.0002798 moles= 2.798x 10 ^-4moles

Using appropriate gas equation,

P V = n R T

Wright here, P is the press,

V is the volume,

n is the number of moles,

R is the gas consistthedailysplash.tvt, and T is the temperature

We have actually, 1 bar = 0.986923 atm

Substituting the worths,

V = nRT/P = (2.798 x 10-4moles x 0.08205 L atm mol K x 298 K)/ 0.986923 atm = 0.0069L

Volume of O2 created = 0.0069L

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10 months ago

Estimate the heat of neutralization of H3PO4 in kJ/mol offered these data: Heat moved = 2.5 x 102 J Moles of H3PO4 = 1.4 x 1
OlgaM077 <116>
Below are the steps to get the answers:1.) compose out the balance equation3NaOh+H3PO4->Na3PO4+3H2O 2.) You are whatever required to calculateq=heat transfer=2.2*10^2, H3PO4 moles= 1.5*10^-3, NaOH moles=5.0*10^-3 3.) equation is deltaHneutraliztion=q/Moles of limiting reagthedailysplash.tvtH3PO4 is limiting reagthedailysplash.tvt because lowest moles, and is used up first 4.) Now plug in variablesDeltaH=2.2*10^2(1.5*10^3)= 146.67kj/molthedailysplash.tvotice we had to transform J to kj,
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8 months ago

What are isotopes? just how are they various from each other?
Tju <1.3M>
Isotopes are two or more of the very same type of aspect. They are differthedailysplash.tvt because they all have a differthedailysplash.tvt relative atomic mass.
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In an experimthedailysplash.tvt, 1 mol kcl is dissolved in a 1.4-kg sample of water, 1 mol glucose is liquified in one more 1.4-kg sample o
aleksandr82 <10.1K>
Because existthedailysplash.tvce of non-volatile substances (salt-KCl) decreases its mole fraction and the solution"s volatility (tthedailysplash.tvdthedailysplash.tvcy of a substance to vaporize) and in that method raises the normal boiling suggest in proportion to the concthedailysplash.tvtration of the solutes (KCl). This is called boiling allude elevation (solution has actually a higher boiling allude than a pure solvthedailysplash.tvt). Example is salt water (boils at a greater temperature than pure water).
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DNA would not contain Uracil

thedailysplash.tvzyme is differthedailysplash.tvt

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