Which ideal describes the NAACP’s strategy for finishing segregation in publicly schools?

The NAACP tested segregation by filing lawsuits in several states.

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Who urged congress to happen the Civil legal rights Act as component of his vision for a "Great Society"?

Lyndon B. Johnson

Which hardships go migrant farm workers in the united States challenge during the 1960s?

poor pay

As the idea of black Power started to take hold, the SNCC

took a more militant approach.

Which statement best supports the idea that far-reaching anger over racism existed in the US during the 1960s?

Race riots took place almost everywhere the country.

The formation of the black color Panther Party signified that part African american were

taking a more violent technique to solving problems.

How did the management of Cesar Chavez affect the united Farm employees Union in the 1960s?

It led the UFW come use only nonviolent protest to accomplish its goals.

Which disputes led to raised discrimination against Asian Americans?

World war II and the Vietnam War

Long after ~ the Brown v. Board of education and learning decision, some states had actually not desegregated their schools because

the can be fried Court had not collection a deadline for doing so.

Which finest describes how Brown v. Board of Education impacted the unified States?

It handle a punch to segregation in publicly facilities.

The situations Sweatt v. Painter and also McLaurin v. Oklahoma State Regents expanded

the civil liberties to equal eduecation

Branch Rickey was

a white general manager who opposed segregation in baseball.

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Which best describes the reaction in the south to Brown v. Plank of Education?

The South stood up to integration for years through staging protests and fighting desegregation in court.

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