Donny to be driving his semi under an overpass as soon as suddenly he involved a screeching halt. Donny wasn"t paying enough attention and inadvertently journey under the overpass that was just barely as high together his truck. The semi to be wedged therefore tightly that he can not walk forward or backward. A other trucker come by and also told him how he can easily gain the semi out from under the bridge. What did that suggest?

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by BerriesEmulous of call Grand
by BerriesEmulous of fame Grand
I to be a word of three letters. Ns am spelt the same backward and also forward; turn me upside down, ns will become your mother. What to be I?
by BerriesEmulous of call Grand
You and nine various other individuals have actually been recorded by at sight intelligent alien overlords. The aliens think humans look quite tasty, however their people forbids eating extremely logical and also cooperative beings. Unfortunately, they"re not sure whether girlfriend qualify, therefore they decide to offer you every a test. With its universal translator, the extraterrestrial guarding you tells you the following: You will certainly be inserted in a single-file line dealing with forward in size order so that each the you deserve to see anyone lined up ahead of you. You will not have the ability to look behind friend or action out that line. Each of you will have actually either a black or a white cap on your head assigned randomly, and also I won"t tell friend how plenty of of each shade there are.When i say come begin, each of you need to guess the shade of your hat beginning with the perso
by BerriesEmulous of call Grand
What word can be composed forward, backward or upside down, and can still be check out from left come right?
by BerriesEmulous of call Grand
What 4-letter word deserve to be written forward, backward or upside down, and also can quiet be check out from left to right?
What 4-letter word can be created forward, behind or upside down, and can quiet be check out from left to right?
When creating a internet document, i m sorry unit is offered to to express an image’s height and also width? (a) Centimetres (b) Pixels
You deserve to do that in vessels for obtaining you clean. You can do that to cloth to avoid being seen. You space doing it once you"ve come up short. You"ve excellent it too as soon as you"ve equalled in sport. This might sound prefer there must be images yet then, You deserve to do every those things without pencil or pen.What is the word?
I am a five-digit whole number, check out the exact same forward, backward and also upside down. My 2nd digit is fifty percent my third digit; my 5th digit is the product of my an initial and last digits; and the amount of my totality is ten. What to be I?
I to be a indigenous of five; spelled and also read the same backward and forward; the mom of every takes her place at the center of me. My very first and last letters are discovered in letters and flatters. What to be I?
An old parchment explains the place of buried treasure: "On the island over there are only two trees, A and also B, and also the continues to be of a gallows. Begin at the gallows and count the steps compelled to go in a right line come tree A. At the tree revolve 90 levels to the left and then walk forward the same number of steps. At the suggest where you optimal drive a spike into the ground. Currently return come the gallows and walk in a directly line, counting her steps, come tree B. When you with the tree, rotate 90 degrees to the right and also take the same variety of steps forward, placing another spike in ~ the point where you stop. Destruction at the allude exactly halfway between the spikes and also you will discover the treasure." However, ours hero as soon as he gets to the island finds the gallows missing. Is over there any method he deserve to still get

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