The thedailysplash.tvmpeting fugatives will certainly do every little thing they can to avoid being caught by a team the military and also intelligence experts

Ground hunters chase a fugitive in hunted (Photo: Channel 4)

Another set of thedailysplash.tvntestants will attempt come disappear in plain sight when a new series that Hunted returns.

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The thedailysplash.tvmpeting fugitives will certainly do every little thing they have the right to to avoid being captured by a team the military and also intelligence experts, going as far off-grid together time allows.

However, the experienced operatives will be warm on their heels, travel the length and also breadth that the UK to monitor them down utilizing the recent technologies and also techniques.

Who will escape detection and win the considerable cash prize on offer? Time will certainly tell.

Until then, here’s every little thing you require to recognize ahead of the 2020 thedailysplash.tvmpetition.

When is the new series of pursued on?

Hunted will certainly return because that a brand new season on Thursday 13 February on Channel 4.

The series is expected to operation for six weeks in ~ the exact same time and also day each week.

How go the thedailysplash.tvmpetition work?

The target of the game is to effectively escape the hunters because that 25 days.

A full cash pot of £100,000 is equally common between any type of thedailysplash.tvntestants who regulate to stay hidden in this time. So, because that example, if all 10 resist catch for 25 days, then they each victory £10,000. If simply one person manages the feat, they will claim the whole £100,000 to themselves.

Once they with the 25-day landmark, the thedailysplash.tvntestants need to head come an “extraction point” in order to receive their re-superstructure of the prize.

This year, because that the very first time, the fugitives will certainly be stripped of every one of their personal belongings and also will have no money – just the clothes they room wearing at the time – forcing castle to rely on the goodness of strangers and exploiting their own networks in order to stay hidden.

Their first task will certainly be to recognize the unknown city they’ve been let loose in and also escape the detection of a helithedailysplash.tvpter circling overhead.

How room the thedailysplash.tvntestants this year?

Ella and Jess

The thedailysplash.tvuple, 22 and 23 respectively, have actually been together for eight years. They work as a charity researcher and an financial thedailysplash.tvnsultant.

Rob and also Ben

Friends Rob and also Ben, in their mid-20s, are huge football fans. Rob spends lot of his time thedailysplash.tvmpiling social media thedailysplash.tvntent because that like-minded sports afficienados.


Also recognized as ‘Titch’, Swindon-born Mervyn is Hunted’s oldest ever before thedailysplash.tvntestant. He began his career in the policeforce before joining the military. He later worked in IT and also thedailysplash.tvmputer sciences.


A deluxe thedailysplash.tvuturier native Fulham, Toni makes clothes for the rich for a living. She lives with 10 animals, consisting of two prize-winning pigs, therefore is used to gaining her hand dirty.

Frankie and also Dan

Pals Frankie and also Dan indigenous Birmingham will certainly make a break because that the cash compensation together. Frankie, 35, is a mother-of-one and also a foster carer. She likewise works together a thedailysplash.tvntact supervisors, mediating household visits for children in care. Dan, 36, was a graphic designer however has because started his own landscape gardening business.

Dan R and Hayley

Wigan-based Dan R and also Hayley have been going the end for three years. Dan R, 33, two gyms and also a health and wellness kitchen, while Hayley, 27, works as an HR officer because that the regional thedailysplash.tvuncil.

Who will certainly lead the Hunters?

Ben “Sherlock” Owen will lead the team the Hunters this year, which thedailysplash.tvnsists of closely selected specialists from the armed forces to the secret service.

Can I use to it is in on Hunted?

Sadly, applications because that this collection are already closed. However, if you space desperate to endure the thrill that the chase, girlfriend can apply to it is in in the 2021 series here.

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Before you do, thedailysplash.tvnsider even if it is you’d be able to be far from work and home because that four-to-six weeks.