1. What is the f-number of a camera lens that has actually an aperture-opening diameter that 0.30 cm and also a focal size of 3.0 cm?a. 0.10b. 0.80c. 10d. 15

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2. A camera lens is initially collection at f/16 for a shutter speed of 1/60 s. If the lot of lighting on the subject is unchanged, and the lens is collection at f/5.6, what is the appropriate shutter rate at this setting?a. 1/500 sb. 1/250 sc. 1/8 sd. 1/16 s
3. Tripling the aperture diameter that a camera lens will readjust the f number by what factor?a. 1/9b. 1/3c. 3d. 9
4. Tripling the focal size in a telephoto lens, while maintaining the aperture size constant, will adjust the f number through what factor?a. 1/9b. 1/3c. 3d. 9
5. Copy the aperture diameter the a camera lens will adjust the light intensity admitted come the film by what factor?a. 0.25b. 0.50c. 2.0d. 4.0
6. Doubling the focal size of a telephoto lens, while holding aperture dimension constant, will adjust the irradiate intensity admitted come the film by what factor?a. 0.25b. 0.50c. 2.0d. 4.0
7. Tripling the f variety of a camera lens will readjust the irradiate intensity admitted to the film by what factor?a. 1/9b. 1/3
8. I take two pictures of mine dog Kaycee. I usage the very same film and also level that illumination because that both pictures, however I twin the f number for the second picture. By what aspect will the compelled time that exposure adjust if the movie is to get the same complete light energy?a. 0.25b. 0.50c. 2.0d. 4.0
9. A camera supplies a:a. Converging lens to type a real image.b. Converging lens to type an imagine image.c. Diverging lens to type a actual image.d. Diverging lens to kind an imagine image.
10. An altering the f number of a camera by two stops by going indigenous f/8 come f/16 will change the strongness of the light hitting the film by a factor of:a. 4. B. 2. C. 1/2. D. 1/4.
11. A 1.5-m tall woman stands 5.0-m in prior of a camera through a 4.0-cm focal length lens. What is the dimension of the image created on film?a. 2.4 cmb. 1.9 cmc. 1.2 cmd. 0.60 cm
12. A high f-number: a. Allows a bigger depth that field. B. Permits using a slow shutter speed. C. Causes much more spherical aberration. D. Is not connected to any of the above options.
13. A camera has actually a lens the focal length 50 mm and also a rate of f/2.0. What is the diameter that the lens? a. 13 mm b. 25 mm c. 50 mm d. 100 mm
14. A camera is supplied to photo the complete moon, which has an angular diameter the 0.51°. The image on the movie is 3.1 mm in diameter. What is the focal length of the lens? a. 6.3 mm b. 13 mm c. 350 mm d. 710 mm
15. A diverging lens will be prescribed through the eye doctor to exactly which that the following?a. Farsightednessb. Glaucomac. Nearsightednessd. Astigmatism


Engineering Electromagnetics (Irwin electronic devices & computer system Enginering)8th EditionJohn Buck, wilhelm Hayt


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