Why didn"t Spain hit in the American Revolutionary War? i would have actually thought the they would have assisted the colonies, and also then taken benefit of their post-war weak to include North America to your empire.

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Spain was no a bystander come the American Revolutionary War, back that reality is rarely mentioned in cursory historical surveys. Spain"s an inspiration to aid the American colonists was propelled by a desire to reclaim the land it had actually lost to Britain and, with various other European powers, do incremental gains against British possessions in other parts that the world. Although part dreamers in Spain probably envisioned its ultimate possession of the entire new World, ns have uncovered no evidence that together an idea guided its help to the American colonists.

Spain was not a bystander come the American Revolutionary War

France and also Spain were at that time both under Bourbon kings, louis XVI and Carlos III, respectively, whose American possessions had been significantly reduced by the 1763 treaty of Paris that finished the 7 Years" (the French and Indian) War. In ~ the beginning of the American battle of Independence, American commissioners were sent to Europe through the continent Congress to seek support for your cause. Man Jay, American representative in Spain, discovered success. American promised both France and Spain the reconstruction of much of the floor they had actually lost come the brother in America. In April 1779, Spain cursed to helping the Americans.

Financial Support

This aid did no consist the Spanish troops come fight alongside Americans, but it was substantial nevertheless. The Spanish and also French emperors provided big loans and also outright contribute of money to the Americans. Spain laundered this money, together we would say today, through a fictitious private trading company, Roderique Hortalez and Company, operating out of the Lesser Antilles, which sent both money and war material directly to the Americans. The money helped support the Americans" new currency, the Continental, and additionally made it feasible for the american to carry in international military officers, such as Augustus von Steuben, Casimir Pulaski, and also Thaddeus Kosciuszko, to fight because that them.

Land Battles

Spain started a military campaign of that is own against the brother in Florida and also Louisiana. Indigenous 1779 with 1782, the Spanish governor of Louisiana, Don Bernardo de Gàlvez, carried out a collection of military actions versus the brother to retake forts that Spain had previously lost to the British, being successful in the Mississippi river Valley, and at Baton Rouge, Natchez, Mobile, and also Pensacola. In 1782, Spain additionally succeeded in wresting earlier the Bahamas native the British.

Naval Support

A very substantial form of Spain"s assistance for the Americans connected a strategy of involvement Britain"s various other European rivals in tying up brothers naval resources by engaging them elsewhere than in Britain"s American colonies. Spain go this, because that example, against Gibraltar and Minorca, and together with France sent a fleet right into the English Channel to menace the brother coast and tie up much more British ships. Many of the European naval powers, including Spain, united against Britain"s effort to interrupt their trade v America. V both France and also Spain (and Holland) indirect in the fray, Britain"s marine was outmatched and also could not efficiently concentrate its military force in America. Spanish ships joined through French ships in the marine blockade that the British army at Yorktown in 1781, preventing General Cornwallis"s resupply by the brother navy, bring about his surrender.


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