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What is a feasible cause that runt Ethernet frames as soon as a move is gift used?

duplex misconfiguration​excessive cable lengthlate collisionmalfunctioning NIC

A runt framework is a structure that is smaller sized than 64 bytes, the minimum permitted Ethernet frame. This type of structure is usually because of a malfunctioning NIC or extreme collisions. Duplex misconfiguration can cause connectivity issues. Too much cable length have the right to generate CRC errors and/or so late collisions.

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What is the an outcome of issuing the no switchport port-security mac-address difficult command top top an user interface with port security configured?​​

The sticky secure MAC addresses are eliminated from the address table and also from the to run configuration.The sticky secure MAC addresses remain component of the attend to table however are eliminated from the to run configuration.The revolution secure MAC addresses are removed from the attend to table and also from the to run configuration.The revolution secure MAC addresses remain part of the deal with table however are gotten rid of from the to run configuration.

Sticky finding out is disabled by making use of the no switchport port-security mac-address sticky command. Any type of sticky for sure MAC addresses stay as component of the mac-address table however are removed from the running configuration.

What would be the most typical reason that a network technician would see the adhering to Cisco move prompt ~ the move boots?


The move is in user EXEC mode.The switch operating mechanism cannot it is in found.The technician has used Telnet or SSH to obtain remote accessibility to the switch.The technician has actually consoled right into the switch and also is prepared to apply the early configuration.

The prompt of “switch:” is seen as soon as the switch cannot discover an operating system and also is in the boot loader atmosphere where just a couple of basic regulates can be offered to fix the move to an work state. Once an administrator has used Telnet or SSH come gain access to a move prompt, the prompt normally asks because that a username and also password or is in user EXEC mode (switch>, for example).

A network administrator has actually configured ​VLAN 99 as the management VLAN and has configured it v an IP attend to and subnet mask. The administrator worries the display interface vlan 99 command and also notices that the heat protocol is down. Which action can readjust the state that the line protocol to up?

Connect a host to an interface connected with VLAN 99.Configure a default gateway.Remove all access ports indigenous VLAN 99.Configure a transfer input technique on the vty lines.

Once an SVI is configured with an IP attend to and subnet mask, it can be offered for far management. One SVI interface will be energetic when the SVI VLAN has an energetic port connected with it.

Fill in the blank.

In one Ethernet network, frames smaller than 64 bytes are called . Runts

Noted: In netacad system, you have the right to fill in among the following: “runts” or “runt“, yet in ours system, you can fill just “runts“.

Giants room Ethernet frames the are larger than the maximum allowed. Runts space Ethernet frames that are smaller sized than the minimum allowed.

Refer come the exhibit. What can be figured out from the partial calculation of the present running-config command?

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Because the default gateway is not configured, associated hosts will have no connectivity come the Internet.Remote management of the move can take place on VLAN 1.The switch to be unable come find and load the finish IOS.This shows up to be the default construction of the switch.

If the switch was unable come find and load the IOS, the prompt would be switch:. A class 2 move does not carry out the default gateway for associated hosts. The default gateway is noted by a class 3 device. The switch can not be managed remotely till a monitoring VLAN and a default gateway have actually been configured.

Here is a attach to the PT Activity.

Open the PT Activity. Perform the work in the activity instructions and also then answer the question.Fill in the blank.Do not usage abbreviations.What is the absent command top top S1? ip deal with

Noted: In netacad system, you have the right to fill in among the following: “ip address” or “ip addr“, however in our system, you can fill only “ip address“.

The ip attend to command is lacking on interface vlan 99, the management VLAN.​

Fill in the blank.The initialism describes a protocol that gives an encrypted connection. The protocol replaces the clear message Telnet protocol because that Cisco an equipment management. Ssh

Noted: In netacad system, you deserve to fill in among the following: “ssh“, “SSH” or “Ssh“, yet in our system, you deserve to fill only “ssh“.

SSH is the initialism because that Secure Shell, a certain protocol because that remote access.​

What is the bandwidth utilization performance of full-duplex Ethernet?


Full-duplex communication permits for an effective bandwidth effectiveness of 100% by allowing both end of a connection to transmit and also receive data concurrently without collisions. Ethernet frames that are sent by associated devices ~ above a full-duplex Ethernet segment cannot collide because the devices use two different circuits in the network cable, one circuit for receiving and also one circuit because that transmitting.

Which configuration should be in place for the auto-MDIX attribute to duty on a switch interface?

The interface must be in accessibility mode.The interface must be assigned to VLAN 1.The speed and also duplex that the interface must it is in configured because that auto detect.The interface must it is in manually configured for full-duplex mode.

The auto-MIDX function only features on Cisco tools when the speed and also duplex that the linked interfaces are set to auto detect.

An attacker has bypassed physical security and was may be to connect a laptop to a Ethernet interface on a switch. If every the switch ports are configured through port security and the violation setting is set to factory-default, which action is taken against the attacker?

Packets through unknown source addresses are dropped and there is no notification that a defense violation has actually occurred.Packets with unknown resource addresses are dropped and there is a notification that a defense violation has occurred.Packets through unknown source addresses space dropped and the user interface becomes error-disabled and also turns turn off the port LED.Packets with unknown source addresses space forwarded and also there is a notification to the syslog server.​

The default violation setting is shutdown. In this mode, a port security violation causes the interface to automatically become error-disabled and turns turn off the port LED. It additionally sends one SNMP trap, logs a syslog message, and also increments the violation counter.

A network administrator plugs a new PC right into a move port. The LED for that port transforms to heavy green. What statement best describes the existing status that the port?

There is a duplex mismatch error.There is a connect fault error. This port is unable to forward frames.The harbor is operational and ready to transmit packets.This port has actually been disabled through management and also is unable to forward frames.The flash memory is busy.

A college offers classes at a adjacent naval base whereby a remote switch is located. In order because that network administrators at the college key office to manage a remote switch for SSH traffic, which destination port number need to be opened and also tracked on the university firewall?


Refer come the exhibit. The switch and workstation room administratively configured because that full-duplex operation. I beg your pardon statement accurately mirrors the operation of this link?

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No collisions will happen on this link.Only among the devices can transmit in ~ a time.The move will have priority because that transmitting data.The devices will default back to half duplex if extreme collisions occur.

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What is the an initial action in the boot sequence as soon as a switch is powered on?

load the default Cisco IOS softwareload boot loader softwarelow-level CPU initializationload a power-on self-test program

The first action to take place when a move is it is provided on is the post or power-on self-test. Short article performs test on the CPU, memory, and flash in ready for loading the boot loader.