It is usual to to speak "What occurred to the (or somebody)?" come inquire around somebodies" whereabouts. But is the right?

In mine opinion, it have to be "What was taken place to him?" or "What did occur to him?", even it deserve to be "What had actually happen come him (before today)?" Am ns wrong in this understanding?



Happen is the infinitive/present type of the verb; happened is its past/past participle form.

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So What happened? is the form you would typically use to ask what emerged in the past.

What was happened? would be a previous passive and can"t be claimed in English, unless you"re inventing a brand-new transitive use of happen.

And What had actually happen? is no a feasible construction; you should ask What has happened? (if for instance you are getting here at a scene of confusion) or What had happened? (if you room trying to find out what happened before some event in the past).

What go happen is possible; girlfriend would usage this if people have to be denying the this, the or the other happened and also you want to steer the conversation away from what did not happen.

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As because that why is "What occurred to him?" rather of "What did happened to him?" or "What did take place to him?" the prize is provided in a inquiry I request on EL&U: "Who turned turn off the lights?"

As because that the tense to use, the OALD has the following instances for "happen come somebody/something."

I hope nothing has happened to them. It"s the ideal thing that has ever happened come me. What"s happened to her car? carry out you recognize what happened come Gill Lovecy?

The used tense is constantly the an easy past, or the current perfect.

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