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There space a lot of of personalities with the middle initial "D". Is this one indication of something, or carry out they yes, really all just have actually middle initials of the letter D? If they are initials, perform we know what they was standing for?

Examples the names:

Monkey D. Luffy Monkey D. Dragon Portgas D. Ace Monkey D. Garp Gol D. Roger




We start to see the an interpretation behind the D. In the illustration 703 that the thedailysplash.tv...

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...Corazon speak to Trafalgar D. Law, informing him just how young youngsters in Marie Jois room instructed to watch D. Together a sort of boogeyman: "Badly behaving youngsters will be consumed by the D." He continues saying the in some parts of the world, the household of D. Is known as 神の天敵 (kami no ten teki), interpreted "God"s herbal enemy". He also states the "God" in this circumstances is used to describe the Celestial Dragons.

It hasn"t been revealed yet i think.

The early stage was an initial pointed the end in Oda"s SBS questions and answers corner, the was additionally asked what the D in Luffy"s surname stood for. Oda simply replied to read it as a D for now and that that would reveal the fact behind it in time.

You can read an ext in the will certainly of the D. Wiki.

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