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CORE » Composite object reference scholastic & scientific research - electronics Advertisement: core » Consortium the Oceanographic Research and also Education organization - Non-Profit company CORE » Contingency response Government - army main point » congress Of gyeongju Equality company - Non-Profit organization CORE » congress Of gyeongju Equality government - United countries core » conference Of gyeongju Equality neighborhood - Conference main point » conference Of racial Equality regulation - law core » central Operation Of sources For Educators academic & scientific research - education CORE » Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education company - Non-Profit organization core » Calendar that Ridley events Funny - Funny main point » Chemistry online Retrieval Experiment academic & science - Chemistry Advertisement:
main point » facility For Outcomes Research and also Evaluation academic & science - university CORE » substantial Online Research education and learning Internet - web main point » College opportunity Resources for Education scholastic & scientific research - university CORE » Church top top The Radical Edge religion - spiritual core » neighborhood Open source Exchange ar - community CORE » Cadre the Republic Elite government - politics core » desire Off road Excitement government - transportation CORE » combine Our sources For Education scholastic & science - education and learning core » job Opportunities and Resources because that Education scholastic & science - education and learning CORE » comprehensive Occupational needs Evaluator company - service Position core » commercial Operators price Equity federal government - transportation CORE » kid Oriented reading Experiences scholastic & science - education main point » Cancer Outreach and also Relief effort Medical - Oncology core » neighborhood Oriented resident Enforcement legislation - law core » Core-Mark hold Company, Inc. Organization - NASDAQ price Core-Mark stop Company, Inc. Is symbolized as main point which falls under consumer Non-Durables ar of Food Distributors industry. The sector share of main point is $1.44 billion together in mid 2015.CORE » Calendar of Ridley events Funny - Funny Calendar of Ridley events is a comical incarnation of core over the internet. Core » Collaborative avenues for increasing Empowerment organization - Non-Governmental company NGO Collaborative avenues for elevating Empowerment might be abbreviated as main point which is situated in new York, unified States. Core » conference of racial Equality organization - Non-Governmental organization conference of racial Equalityis a NGO based in brand-new York, joined States. C/E » calculation/experiment military - government In military, calculation/experiment is abbreviated together calculation/experiment. Core » contingency response program army - government CORE means contingency an answer program in military. Core » computer-oriented reporting performance Military - government CORE may be supplied in army operations which way computer-oriented report efficiency. Core » expense oriented source estimating military - federal government In military, cost oriented source estimating is abbreviation as price oriented source estimating. Main point » The Co-operative because that Research and also Education organization - Non-Governmental organization The Co-operative because that Research and also Educationis a NGO based in Johannesburg, southern Africa. Core » Carolina One real Estate sector - real Estate core » Carolina One genuine Estate market - real Estate main point » Columbia organization of rising Entrepreneurs education - school main point » Carolina One genuine Estate sector - genuine Estate main point » Carolina One actual Estate industry - actual Estate main point » funding One real Estate market - genuine Estate core » Chennai Online real Estate industry - real Estate main point » California alternatives Real Estate market - real Estate core » Caroline Olds actual Estate sector - genuine Estate core » facility for Medicare & medical allowance Services medical - main point » controlled Requirements Expression military - main point » ComBAT ORBAT Editor (COrE) Toolset army - core » Coalition of institutions to reform Eldercare Govenrment -

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More full forms : CPCH CPOE CPP CPQ CPR CPRS CPS CPST CPT-4 CR CRC CRCF CRCS CRF CRpac CSHCN CSHP CSLA What is the full form of main point ?Meaning of COREWhat does core mean?