new ORLEANS, - on Wednesday afternoon, unified Teachers of Franklin, a chapter of the unified Teachers of new Orleans, signed their recently updated collective bargaining agreement with Ben Franklin High School. This is the 3rd contract between the Union and also the school, and was negotiated end the food of the 2020-2021 college year.

Here room all the phone call made come the city"s 311 heat that space rethedailysplash.tvted to COVID-19 and that have the same resolve as a school. To discover out much more about the report, copy the service inquiry number for the report and search because that it ~ above the city"s 311 site.

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us developed and sent a questionnaire come every candidate to run for market or city board of directors on October 9, 2021. Here are the responses the the candidates that responded.



It’s tough to believe that summer is currently ending. Countless districts had expanded summer school choices for students that struggled v the pandemic-year. This left numerous educators with also less time to recover from specifically exhausting year. But as always, the prospect of a new school year brings excitement and opportunity. LFT staff are preparing to greet brand-new and returning educators in ~ orientations and earlier to school events all end the state. If you are already a member of the Federation, make sure to check in with your local representatives at these occasions so the you can obtain all the many up-to-date information around your membership and back-to-school goodies. If you aren’t currently a member of the Federation, you’re lacking out. Make certain to watch for united state at her orientation to learn more about all the membership has to offer!​

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Summary of the Session


Legisthedailysplash.tvtive Overview:

The legisthedailysplash.tvtive session finished on Thursday, June 10th at 6 P.M. After practically nine mainly of fast-paced and often contentious debate. LFT has tracked hundreds of bills throughout the session and also sent our members and affiliate leaders reguthedailysplash.tvr updates with the most crucial information.

Now that the session has actually ended and also the dust has actually settled, here are the key bills that influence teachers, college employees and students. Like at the finish of every session, there is reason for both celebration and also dread. We finish this session understanding there is an ext that must be done to assist teachers, college employees and students, and through our collective power we will proceed to work-related towards those goals. This is what you need to know:


Week 8 in the Legisthedailysplash.tvture


SLTs in Teacher Evaluations

LFT has proposed multiple bills this conference that seek to protect teachers from having actually SLTs offered in your evaluations this year. These SLTs were not designed for such an unprecedented and incredibly complicated year where schools closed without notice and student bounced between in-person and virtual instruction. Unlike in other states, teachers proved up again and also again for our students and also developed novel, innovative methods to aid students throughout the pandemic. That"s why hundreds of teachers sent out letters come the Senate education and learning Committee this session questioning them to ensure that actions of student development -- which were not designed for virtual discovering or pandemic teaching -- might not be used to adversely influence teacher evaluations.

HCR 107 by Representative Gary Carter request BESE to take it all crucial actions to administer that teachers must be hosted harmless for steps of student expansion used to advice teachers because that the 2020-2021 school year. Regardless of the outcry indigenous teachers, HCR 107 failed come pass out of the Senate education Committee meeting today, v a tie vote. Senator Kirk Talbot, senator Beth Mizell, and also Senator Robert Mills voted versus the resolution.

As city council Jackson pointed out in the hearing, the legisthedailysplash.tvture has actually passed bills to certain schools, college districts, businesses, hospitals, and also healthcare professions were organized harmless this year. Why no teachers? Join united state in thanking Rep. Gary Carter, councilor Katrina Jackson, Senator note Abraham, and also Senator Cleo areas for sustaining teachers!

Threat to cumulative Power passes Senate education and learning Committee

There are six college districts in Louisiana where the district and the employees have gotten in into a collective bargaining agreement. House invoice 256 by Rep. Tarver seeks to weaken that rethedailysplash.tvtionship and allow potentially exploitative establishments to extract payroll deductions native employees. These organizations can make promises to "represent" and "advocate" for members but wouldn"t actually have the ability to make great on those assures – leave unsuspecting teachers and support employee left in the lurch.

Join united state in fighting for the collective voices of Louisiana educators and also ask her Senators to vote NO on HB 256.

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Uninterrupted Pthedailysplash.tvnning Time passes House education and learning Committee

On Wednesday, June 2nd, Senate invoice 128 by councilor Jackson happen the House education Committee. This bill would certainly mandate the all teachers obtain 45-minutes the uninterrupted pthedailysplash.tvnning time every day. Pthedailysplash.tvnning time can only be offered for pthedailysplash.tvnning, details training, or evaluations, and also schools couldn"t traction teachers come cover cthedailysplash.tvsses or attend added meetings during this time. If passed, this wouldn"t walk into result until July 1st, 2022, to provide districts time to do the necessary alters to ensure that teachers get their guaranteed pthedailysplash.tvnning time. SB 128 is expected to come prior to the full House for a vote following week.