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Television shows generally have short-term memories. Characters die and no one ever before speaks around them again. Characters endure huge, life-shattering revelations and move on a pair episodes later as if naught happened. Every too frequently shows press the reset button on characters’ emotions there is no looking back.

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The 100 is not a display like that. And also that’s a an excellent thing. We view the loss and also pain pat out lengthy term in characters. Clarke is tho mourning Lexa, who died fifty percent a season ago; Jasper is still mourning Maya, who died two seasons ago; and also Abby still mourns Jake, who died before the show even started. Bellamy is grappling with the Pike-related decisions he made on the ground while Jaha is still handling the culling options he do on the Ark. We also hear boy characters’ names, favor Sinclair, from time come time.

Although the personalities on this display have evolved so much because we very first met them (I barely identify the Octavia we met in the pilot), they’ve no outgrown their past — i beg your pardon is rare on network TV. They endure their ache in a way that feeling real.

All the is to say there were a lot of callbacks this episode: Clarke’s dad, Monty’s dad, the culling, mount Weather, ALIE, and THE BLUE BUTTERFLY. “Heavy Lies the Crown” begins with a camera tracking among these tiny guys as it lands near a woman on a farm. The woman is tied come a fence, wherein she’s gift tortured by she son, Ilian. He’s currently killed his father, and ALIE (oh, yes, it’s a flashback) instructs that to perform his brother next, which that does. Ilian is about to slit his very own throat just to acquire his mommy to take it the chip, yet ALIE is referred to as away through Clarke — Ilian awakens to establish what he’s done, but he’s too late to save his mom. She speak him come avenge her, and also she dies. And that is our development to Chai Romruen, yet one more Australian playing an American on this show.

We next see Ilian in ~ Polis, wherein he’s listening to the ambassador that Trishanakru complain about Roan being Skaikru’s puppet. In order to wrest strength from him, the ambassador plan to an obstacle the king. Octavia wake up to overhear this (I’m love this hooded warrior-esque look at she has going ~ above in season 4) and also takes the to Kane. The 2 of them inform Roan, who states he’ll struggle the ambassador. Octavia wants him to choose someone to fight in his place because he’s injured, but he states he’ll show up too weak… which that is.

Echo tries to spar v him in preparation, and also she keeps obtaining the draw on him. Echo doesn’t understand why he’s ready to perform all this just to save Skaikru in the coalition.

Roan speak Echo all around the return of praimfaya and also how Clarke is ready to aid save them. Echo think it’s a lie (she’s no exactly wrong), for this reason he tells her she have the right to go to Arkadia to do what she walk best: spy.

Since his exercise fighting wasn’t going for this reason well, Roan has permitted Kane and also Octavia the chance to talk to Raphael, the Trishanakru ambassador. When Kane says, “Skaikru is no your enemy,” Ilian laughs. Kane says he’s sorry for Ilian’s loss however tries to describe that Skaikru was affected by the City that Light just the same. Octavia speak Ilian that Raphael is only difficult Roan due to the fact that he’s vulnerable right now. However it doesn’t matter — Raphael still wants to fight: “The time that Skaikru is over.”

That night Octavia decides to have actually a tiny one-on-one talk with Raphael. She asks him to challenge her because his problem is with Skaikru. The calls her a little girl and also then tells her, “You’re not worth my blade.” for this reason Octavia shows him what this “little girl” have the right to do: She grabs his knife, stabs the in the ear, and also wipes the blood to eliminate all traces. “Long live the king,” she claims to his dead body. Ns don’t recognize who season 1 Octavia was, however this girl eats blue butterflies because that breakfast.

When the ambassadors come in the next day, Echo speak Roan the Raphael has actually died. But O’s sneaky assassin cheat isn’t fooling anyone (the smirk ~ above her face doesn’t help). Ilian asks if she’s walk to death him, too, yet she dram dumb. Then she puts her hand ~ above his shoulder and tells him, in Trigedasleng, she’s sorry around his family. I think we may have actually just saw the world’s weirdest meet-cute.

Things space going around as poorly at Arkadia. Raven has actually run scenarios for days, but the only “solution” she can discover is because that them to uncover a ar to weather the radiation for 5 years. She thinks they need to tell the Grounders around the case in situation they recognize of an additional Mount Weather-type place. Bellamy claims this could reason the coalition to autumn (because everyone would certainly be the end for themselves), and Raven points the end that Clarke’s dad died because he want to give human being a an option just choose this one. It’s a harsh fact to throw in Clarke’s face… however yeah, it’s true.

While they’re arguing around what to do, Monty figures out the best setup is under your feet: “We’re stand in ours viable solution.” Alpha terminal survived in an are through elevated radiation levels and extreme temperatures, both things that that will need to endure in a radiation-riddled Earth. For this reason Raven sets to work on restoring the Alpha station to its previous glory, however there’s one vital item lock don’t have: a hydro-generator.

The problem is somthedailysplash.tvhat solvable due to the fact that they know where a hydro-generator is, yet that is the various other problem: It’s on the Farm station in ice Nation. Bellamy ring up Brian, Miller, Monty, and also Harper to go v him come retrieve it. They obtain to Ice nation easily, however when they inspection the ship from a surrounding cliff, they realize it’s inhabited. And before they have the opportunity to decide just how they’ll approach, Azgeda warriors have actually arrows drawn on them.

Bellamy tries to tell the lead warrior the he’s been sent out by King Roan; he even shows her the medallion, yet the woman punches him in the face and also leads castle all before her chief. Bellamy explains that they’re all part of the coalition now — the chief doesn’t prefer it, however he tells them they can conveniently get the machine for the king.

When they get to the part of the ship v the hydro-generator, the Arkers discover that Azgeda is holding slaves inside. As they walk v the room, Brian clues Riley, among their very own whom they thought dead. He tries to walk to him, however the chief says they can only take the machine.

While castle dismantle the device, Bellamy claims they have the right to come back with reinforcements come rescue the slaves. As quickly as he’s claimed that, a mrs drops a note that claims they’re every being moved the next day. “It’s currently or never,” Brian says.

For some reason, the only means they have the right to think to gain out the this situation is by blowing increase the hydro-generator. They would certainly be for sure inside this part of the ship since it was constructed to stand up to the generator exploding. I’m not an professional at hostage situations, however I feel choose there are quite a other methods this might go down. Bellamy division a 2-2 vote, therefore they decision to blow their only source of water for the next 5 years. Okay, sure.

They punch the generator, which death the Ice country warriors exterior the hold. The chief’s quiet inside, and Brian states that’s who killed Monty’s father. Monty take away an ax, swings, and also releases the chain holding all the slaves. Then they descend on the chief and also kill him. It’s really Handmaid’s Tale.

Things aren’t rather as dire earlier at Arkadia. Raven tells world that she needs assist getting the ship ready “for winter,” therefore she gets 5 volunteers and Jaha. Together a previous engineer, he quickly realizes that Clarke’s not telling the truth. If anyone understands maintaining a secret, it’s Jaha. He provides her advice he gave Abby after the culling, “We do the finest decisions the we can with the info that we have. Then hope the there’s a forgiving god.”

It’s not bad advice, however not everyone would agree v it… consisting of Jasper. He’s partying with world while play music on the rover. (Sidenote: Jasper is listening to “I Don’t like Mondays” by the Boomtown Rats. The opening lyrics the the song are: The silicon chip inside her head / gets switched come overload. Coincidence??) She asks him to contribute and to get everyone rather to do the same, however he says world need to have the ability to choose exactly how to spend their last six months. Clarke counters that she desires to have solutions to offer them before she informs everyone. “That’s spoken like the the supervisory board who sent 100 kids to dice on the ground,” that responds.

But once Bellamy returns with a truck full of people and also no hydro-generator, Clarke decides to speak to a basic meeting and tell everyone the truth… kind of. She educates them about the nuclear reactors, yet she speak them that everyone will endure on this ship. It needs to be just a issue of time prior to they realize she’s lying as with Jaha did once they were in the sky. And with Echo’s impending arrival, I have the right to only imagine the realization is going to come the end sooner quite than later.

Do you think Clarke is make the right call? do you think she have to be the just one deciding this? probably it’s time come revive the Council? Or possibly they must all just make like Jasper and enjoy your last days…

100 (or simply 6) extras:Is Echo ever going to realize the ice cream Queen was kind of a negative lady?Brian and also Miller were currently on the rocks since they can’t watch eye to eye on Pike, but now that they’ve had a big disagreement ~ above the tiny matter of conserving people’s lives, I’m even an ext worried.Jasper is wasting what clean drinking water is left by taking long showers … with a shower cap on. Monty is worried around him, however Jasper assures that he’s no going to harm himself anymore. I appreciate that their fun banter is slowly returning, yet I’m quiet concerned about Jasper’s mental state.Humble Jaha might be my favorite Jaha.After Abby and Kane hook up (it’s around time!), she hesitates when putting ago on she necklace, which holds Jake’s wedding ring. Kane puts that on for her and also says, “Jake’s a part of that you are.” Aww.Later, Abby decides she needs to go earlier to Arkadia to aid with prepare there and Kane watch she isn’t attract the necklace any kind of more. He’s her human now. Twin aww.

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After a nuclear apocalypse, a team of human being who have actually been living in an are return come Earth—and easily learn they’re no alone.