9+ Tips Fix When Washer Will Agitate But Not Spin Or Drain

washer will agitate but not spin or drain

What can you do if your washer won’t spin or drain? If your old or new washing machine won’t spin, follow the steps below from thedailysplash.tv to get it spinning again when Washer Will Aagitate But Not Spin Or Drain

washer will agitate but not spin or drain

The very first thing you should do if your washing machine won’t spin or drain (whether it’s top-loading or front-loading), is to “Master Reset” it. To ensure that the computer control is not at fault, this should be accomplished before pulling off parts or removing panels.

How To Fix When Washer Will Aagitate But Not Spin Or Drain

1. Clothes that are jammed or unbalanced cause the washer to agitate but not spin.

Although washers are designed to clean clothes, they can occasionally jam. In addition to being clogged, unbalanced clothing placement can cause the washer to stop spinning. This is because uneven clothes might cause the washer to walk or shudder. If this appears to be the case, open the washing lid, remove the garments, and replace them in the washer.

washer will agitate but not spin or drain

You must make sure that the clothing is balanced while rearranging them. You must arrange the garment pieces one by one in a circle around the washing machine. After you’ve double-checked that the clothing in the washer isn’t imbalanced or jammed, inspect the washer’s feet. To ensure that the washer sits at a stable level, make sure the feet are properly adjusted.

2. Switch for the lid

The lid switch and the tab on the lid that is used to strike the lid switch are designed into washers. If the tab is broken (it’s made of plastic), it could be the cause of your washer not spinning or stopping.

washer will agitate but not spin or drain 2

You should press the lid switch and then release it to see whether it clicks. If the lid switch does not click, it is broken and must be replaced. You should only get the lid switch from reputable sellers or sources.

3. Make The Washer Level

If the washer isn’t positioned evenly, it will agitate but not spin. These washers have a pedestal that can be adjusted and must be positioned evenly on them. As a result, it’s essential to seek the washer’s unleveled sections.

For example, if the washer vibrates and makes a lot of noise during the cycle, it’s because it’s not leveled. To achieve this, lower or raise the legs of the washer until it reaches the desired level.

4. Energy Source

You should examine the power source if the washer is still not spinning after agitation. You must double-check the washer to ensure that it is correctly plugged in. Keep in mind that if the plug jiggles or bumps, it may come out of the power source.

As a result, double-check the plug to make sure it’s properly inserted into the power source. Check to see that the power supply is properly connected and if the breaker hasn’t tripped (you can check the circuit panel of your home for this purpose).

5. Cord Extension

Because washers have a heavy-duty power cord, they will not operate if plugged into an extension cord. This is due to the extension cords’ inability to conduct enough electricity to run the washer. It can also cause the washer’s functioning to be hampered, as well as overheating.

washer will agitate but not spin or drain 3

If you’re using an extension cable, you’ll need to disconnect it and attach the power plug directly to the outlet. When you plug the Whirlpool washer power cord into an electrical socket, the washer may start spinning. You’ll also need to install a new power outlet if you can’t move the washer closer to the outlet.

6. Use the Spin Switch

When you use the top-loading washer, you’ll notice a protrusion on the underside of the lid that depresses the switches when the lid is closed. If the protrusion is deformed or out of shape, it will cause triggering problems and will not spin. For example, you can open the lid, select the washer’s spin cycle, and depress the switch with your finger.

washer will agitate but not spin or drain 4

If the washer starts spinning, re-bend the protrusion since it can generally trigger the spin switch. If the spin switch is broken, you may be able to replace it. For more information, we recommend consulting the washer’s manual. Overall, replacing the spin switch should resolve the spinning problem.

7. Examine The Hose

The kink in the hose could be the cause of the Whirlpool washer not spinning. This is because a hose like this can obstruct water flow. It starts the spinning cycle, for the most part, however, it doesn’t pick up the desired speed or drain the water. To resolve this issue, you must remove the washer and thoroughly clean the house. On the other hand, if there is dirt or a kink in the hose, it must be cleaned.

8. Blocked Drainage System

When doing laundry, there’s a potential that buttons, pennies, clothes clips, or keys will end up in the washer’s drainage system. The spinning issue will occur if these components become trapped in the hose. The blocked drainage, believe it or not, can hinder spinning. You’ll need to shift the washer around and get to the drain pump to remedy this problem. You must clean the lodge once you reach the drain pump, and this will stop the spinning. If you need to remove the washer’s rear. It is preferable to contact a technician.

9. Test The Belt Drive

washer will agitate but not spin or drain 5

The drive belt, believe it or not, can cause spinning problems if it is not in the proper position or is broken. To do so, remove the washer’s back and check to see if the belt is linked to the pulley. You’ll have to replace the drive belt if it’s not in the appropriate spot.

However, when buying a replacement for the drive belt, make sure you get the drive belt. Also, double-check that the drive belt is compatible with your washer’s model.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

What is the most common reason for a washing machine that refuses to agitate or spin?

Your washer won’t agitate for a variety of reasons, including a faulty lid switch, a failed motor coupling, a worn-out drive block, and so on.

What causes a washer to agitate ineffectively?

The main suspect, in this case, is a broken agitator. Remember that the agitator has numerous parts, and if one of them fails, the washer will not agitate.

washer will agitate but not spin or drain 6

Why are my garments so drenched after they’ve been spun?

If the clothing is still overly wet after the spin cycle, there is clearly a drain hose issue.

Is it possible to replace the agitator in a washing machine?

Yes, you can purchase an agitator repair kit to address these issues. This type of agitator replacement is common in washers.

How much does it cost to replace the agitator in a washing machine?

It will set you back somewhere between $400 and $700.

What is causing the washing machine to not spin properly?

If there is an obstruction in the washer’s drainage system, the water will not drain completely. There will be no spinning until the water can be completely drained.

An agitator repair kit does not cost a lot of money. This is your safe bet if you try to fix it yourself when the washing machine won’t agitate but will spin and drain. Hope all the tips from thedailysplash.tv can help you fix your washing machine more effectively

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