UFO’s classic 1979 live album Strangers In The Night will be reissued later on this year in an 8CD box collection and on double vinyl


UFO’s classical live album Strangers In The Night is to be reissued as a deluxe version later this year.

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It was videotaped over 6 reflects during the band’s 1978 US tour and also released as a twin album the following year, through the brand-new variation collection to arrive on November 20 through Chrysalis as an 8CD box collection and also on double vinyl.

Not just will certainly the box set contain the original album, yet all 6 reflects from Chicearlier, Kenosha, Youngstown, Cleveland also, Columbus and Louisville will likewise be had in package collection for the incredibly first time.

They’ve been recombined by Richard Whittaker and remastered by Andy Pearce from the original tapes, through the standalone 2LP variation spanning the Youngstvery own concert coming out on October 24 to mark this year’s third Record Store Day drop.

Along with the music, the package will certainly include brand-new sleeve notes by Michael Hann and also brand-new interviews through Phil Mogg, Andy Parker and Michael Schenker.

Vocalist Mogg says: “We had actually the best combicountry and also we were having actually a wild time. We seemed to score in the oddest places, Chicago was great for us, wonderful. San Francisco, which is the opposite kind of place, was great for us.

“They were two totally various cities. It was fun – we leaned greatly on that word. We had actually a great time.”

Drummer Parker adds: “It feels favor our defining document and also it always will execute. We were at our top and never rather completed that condition aget. We were at the apex of our career, and also it simply exemplifies the band. It will always be my favourite.”

The UFO lineup for Strangers In The Night featured Mogg, Parker and also Schenker together with the late Pete Way and also Paul Raymond.

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UFO: Strangers In The Night Deluxe Edition

CD1: Initial album1. Natural Thing2. Out In The Street3. Only You Can Rock Me4. Doctor Doctor5. Mother Mary6. This Kid"s7. Love To Love

CD2: Original album8. Lights Out9. Rock Bottom10. Too Hot To Handle11. I"m A Loser12. Let It Roll13. Shoot Shoot