SOUTHAVEN, Miss. (WREG) – A Southaven, Miss. Father and also son think they may have seen other from out this world over their community late Sunday night.

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David Howell claimed he was obtaining something the end of his car at the edge of Bridgethedailysplash.tvr and Hackberry when he looked up and saw a development of several bright, round lights that showed up to be dancing in the sky.

“Everything went v mind. Is this UFOs or aliens,” Howell said.

Howell yelled for his dad to come outside and began recording the lights on his cell phone. His father, James Howell, claimed they counting at the very least ten orbs in the sky and said they to be too big to be drones.

“One of them to be a lot bigger 보다 than the various other nine. They to be going north/northwest and they would adjust positions, girlfriend know,” James Howell said.

The Howell’s ar is just a couple of miles indigenous the Memphis worldwide Airport. In fact, jets to be flying above us Monday afternoon.


We contacted the airport tower to view if someone could explain the lights but have no heard back from anyone. So far, we have actually not to be able to speak to anyone v the FAA to discover out if there were any drones in the area.

The Southaven Police department told united state they had not received any calls about the lights. Memphis Police have not gotten earlier to us. The moment stamp on David Howell’s cell phone reflects the video was recorded just after ~ 10 p.m.

“I can’t think nobody else got video clip or called and said, hey, we watch something. It’s sort of strange,” David Howell said.


In 2020, The Pentagon released three videos bring away by marine pilots that have circulated for years reflecting interactions v “Unidentified aerial phenomena.” last Friday, Trump’s top intelligence official, man Ratcliff, said Fox News a report that can be released as at an early stage as June might detail “difficult to explain” UFO sightings.

‘Difficult to explain’: Pentagon to relax report detailing UFO sightings

Just last month, one American airline pilot report what he explained as a “long, cylindrical object” zoom over the jetliner he to be flying in the skies above brand-new Mexico.

David Howell said after what he saw over the tree on his street he’s a believer.

“I just think the world is so large why would certainly God just make us? i don’t know however that’s my thought. I find it hard to think we space alone,” Howell said.

According to the UFO Stalker website, the critical time a UFO to be reported in Southaven was in 2017.

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