SOUTHAVEN, Miss. – A Southaven father and also child think they may have checked out something from out this human being over their neighborhood late Sunday night.

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David Howell sassist he was obtaining somepoint out of his car at the edge of Bridgewater and also Hackberry once he looked up and witnessed a formation of numerous bappropriate, round lights that showed up to be dancing in the sky.

“Everypoint went through mind. Is this UFOs or aliens,” Howell shelp.

Howell yelled for his father to come exterior and also began recording the lights on his cell phone. His father, James Howell, sassist they counted at least ten orbs in the sky and also sassist they were too substantial to be drones.

“One of them was a lot bigger than than the other nine. They were going north/northwest and also they would certainly adjust positions, you understand,” James Howell sassist.

The Howell’s community is simply a few miles from the Memphis International Airport. In reality, jets were flying over us Monday afternoon.


We contacted the airport tower to watch if someone might describe the lights but have actually not heard back from anyone. So far, we have not been able to speak to anyone through the FAA to find out if tbelow were any type of drones in the location.

The Southaven Police department told us they had not received any kind of calls about the lights. Memphis Police have actually not acquired ago to us. The time stamp on David Howell’s cell phone mirrors the video was caught simply after 10 p.m.

“I can’t believe nobody else obtained video or referred to as and also sassist, hey, we watch somepoint. It’s sort of stvariety,” David Howell shelp.


In 2020, The Pentagon released three videos taken by Navy pilots that have actually circulated for years reflecting interactions through “Unfigured out aerial sensations.” Last Friday, Trump’s peak intelligence main, John Ratcliff, told Fox News a report that can be released as early on as June can detail “difficult to explain” UFO sightings.

Just last month, an American Airlines pilot reported what he described as a “long, cylindrical object” zoom over the jetliner he was flying in the skies above New Mexico.

David Howell shelp after what he observed over the trees on his street he’s a believer.

“I simply think the cosmos is so huge why would certainly God only make us? I don’t understand but that’s my thought. I find it hard to think we are alone,” Howell sassist.

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According to the UFO Stalker webwebsite, the last time a UFO was reported in Southaven was in 2017.