The Pentagon formally released three unclassified videos Monday taken by Navy pilots of "unidentified aerial phenomena,” a step that comes after years of development in the direction of government transparency bordering unidentified flying objects.

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The Pentagon formally released three unclassified videos taken by Navy pilots on Monday of ... <+> "undetermined aerial sensations.”


The videos, which were first publiburned by the New York Times in 2017, show fast-moving oblong objects racing through the skies and also a pilot, in one video yelling, “Look at that point, dude — it"s rotating!"

The Pentagon, which formerly evidenced the veracity of the videos in 2019, said it formally released the footage after a “thoturbulent review” determined the videos carry out not reveal any sensitive indevelopment and to “work out any misconceptions by the public on whether or not the footage that has been circulating was real,” Sue Gough, a Defense Department spokeswoman, told CBS News.

One of the videos released shows an occurrence from 2004 in which Navy pilots encountered an item 40 feet long hovering around 50 feet above the water, according to the New York Times; the two other videos are from 2015 and present strange objects moving extremely easily — one racing above the water, an additional rotating in mid air (the videos were released after unauthorized leaks in 2007 and 2017, CBS News reports.)

The release of the videos and the Times report on the experiences of the Navy pilots that encountered the objects comes as federal government officials have sneed to investigate and also lend even more transparency to the subject in current years.

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, that tweeted in assistance of the Pentagon releasing the videos Monday, assisted steer resources in the direction of a $22 million regimen in 2007 to investigate UFOs (in his tweet Monday Reid added that the videos “just scratch the surface of research study and also materials accessible.”)

Following the 2017 Times report, the Navy formalized a procedure permitting pilots to report encounters via aerial phenomena; in 2019, the Navy evidenced an uptick in UFO sightings.

Crucial quote

"It increased favor nothing I"ve ever before viewed," one of the pilots told the New York Times around an encounter via the oblong object in 2004 about 100 miles out in the Pacific.

Chief critic

President Trump has actually previously sassist he doesn’t buy the hype around the unidentified objects.

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“I did have one extremely brief meeting on it,” Trump said in an ABC News interwatch in 2019. “But civilization are saying they’re seeing UFOs. Do I think it? Not specifically.”

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