❙ Level 1 ❙ Level 2 ❙ Level 3 ❙Check for my various other mangacap tutorials for the standard procedures of cleaning a picture!

So why tright here are 3 levels? In my situation, I don’t just clean a snapshot but I alsoretouch/reattract some of the absent parts, which you’ll check out how in this tutorial.

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Important to read before going ahead:

I use photoshop CS4 and because my indigenous language isn’t English, my regime is in Italian yet don’t problem, I’ll compose in English the tools I use. Sorry in advancement for my English and also sorry if I usage the wrong words/terms.

Plus, this is my means of modifying a picture, you’re free to not follow my instructions and also find your own method of editing!

Let’s start! Level 3 - Hard

I’m going to use this picture:


and this is the result:


Ao haru ride manga by Sakisaka Io.

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First point, I cleaned the picture and also rerelocated the background with the Brush Tool, to see exactly how to clean a snapshot, inspect my second mangacap tutorial.

In generalfor many of my edits, I erase the writings (or other elements as the stars in this case) and I redraw the lacking components. In order to do it, I use the following tools:

the Brush Tool


(and also the
Eraser tool)

the Line tool


the Convert Point Tool


and also the Clone Stamp Tool


(relying on the photo I want to edit, I usage the Healing Brush Tool too, but I didn’t usage it right here, usually it’s enough to use the clone stamp tool).

Before continue, I’d prefer to say that you must understand just how those tools work (because I won’t describe exactly how to usage them), that’s why is the hardest level bereason in my opinion, for this tutorial you must know exactly how photoshop and also its tools/alternatives occupational.

Tip 1. How to redraw the lines.

From some months, I began to draw the lines utilizing the brush tool just (opening on a new layer (incredibly important!)), however what I usually execute, particularly as soon as I need to draw a curved line, I usage the Line tool to trace the line and also then I usage the Convert suggest tool to bfinish it. This is a great approach for that isn’t excellent at drawing on computer system because you deserve to get clean and also not trembling’s lines. (Extra: if the lenght of the line just bent is also lengthy, you deserve to erase it through the Eraser tool).

As you can see in the following gif:


(Plus, after I bent the line, I used brush tool and the clone stamp tool to complete the editing).

Tip 2. How toretouch a photo.

Besides tracing lines, I retouched the picture making use of the Clone stamp tool, which permits you to copy one location of a picture and copy it onto one more area.

As in the case of the shadow of the shirt (I replicated the gray and I supplied the brush to paint the white parts):


(plus as you have the right to watch, I erased the works and I redrawed the lines).

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And as in the skirt (I duplicated the texture of the skirt and pasted it on the writings):


The explacountries are done however I thought… it can be also more valuable if I present you all the actions I did when I edited this photo.



the other parts I didn’t show yet:



the complete variation of the second gif in the step 2:


and at last:


Extra tip: for gaining darker lines and a cleaswarm photo, you have the right to usage the Levels Adjustments, for even more infos inspect my second mangacap tutorial !