Tigers space the keystone types that beat an integral part in conserving ours pristine eco-system. Lock inadvertently safeguard our rivers, forests, and also a variety of wildlife which co-exist in their estate consisting of the humans species. They space admired for your strength, valiance, agility, and also beauty which is inimitable to God’s other creations. Yet, regardless of so countless studies and also research on these majestic felines we continue to discover new things about their elusive lives.

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Tiger cubs in ~ play

They have the right to drink up to 15-20 gallons that water and areexcellent swimmers.

5. A Tiger’s Night Vision is 5-6 times much better than humans

Humans have actually a class of dark pigment cell behind the retina i m sorry absorbs extra light, whereas tigers and also other nocturnal animals have alayer the reflective tissuebehind the retina calledtapetum lucidum, i beg your pardon provides second opportunity come the eye to catch the light, therefore improving your night vision manifolds.

6. Tigers find each other with their sense of smell

Tigers deserve to interpret and also gather details from the air, or the scent left on the trees, scrape marks, droppings, etc. By other cats.

They inhale the scent by raising your lips, exposing your fangs, and a hanging tongue, and wrinkled nose to attract the scent to the rooftop of your mouth to their Jacobson organ. This functions as a chemistry transmitter come tell the tiger around the presence of that sibling, a female, or one intruder.

7. Tiger’s Saliva has Antiseptic properties

Unlike humans, many tigers saliva containlysozymeenzymes, which attack the cell walls of wounds offering defense against infection. They also lick themselves now and also then come clean their coat.

Their tongue is sharp and rough, spanned withpapillaethat helps remove the fur and also feathers native its prey while feeding.

8. Tigers prefer to avoid humans

Tigers command a secretive life and also are shy through nature. They generally avoid humans and skip the area as soon as intervened, unless they space injured, or v cubs or ~ above a kill.

Even in the park they prevent the patrolling guards and move right into the bushes. They do become man-eaters early out to prolonged hunger, injury, habitat loss, or as soon as old. Some choose this habit from your mothers and incidences in Sunderban host true come this example.

9. Tigers space ambush hunters

Tigers like to conceal us in your environment and also use the wind direction come its benefit prior to making a kill.

Their stripes camouflage well in the bush, tall grass, and also bamboo thickets letting them move in closer to their prey. Lock stalk them and also slowly with a striking distance – freezing completely, prior to sprinting for the final step. It is why they are called ambush hunters.


Tigers toil an extremely hard to attain success and to stop detection. Every watchful eye in the wild scream your lungs the end to announce the the big cat is ~ above move. Lock alert other denizens withalarm calls.Thus, that takes 10-12 attempts for tigers come seize their food finally.

10. Tigers room solitary mammals

Tigers lead a lonesome life in the wild and only spend a brief amount of time when mating, increasing cubs, and also growing up.

Tiger cubs develop this innate actions in the early on stages of their life, together this i do not care quite prominent after 8 come 10 months amongst the siblings. And also as they flourish old, lock start preventing each other and explore the realms of your mother’s territory, till they component ways to uncover their niche.

Male tigers defend the females from trespassers, therefore helping she to advanced the cubs through him.

11. Tigers develop virtual borders invisible come the person eye

Tigers frequently mark their territories and develop virtual borders for various other felines as an entry barrier, in your treasured estates. They perform this by spray marking and scratch marking on the trees, scat dropping on the safari track, near waterholes, and trails. And roaring while patrolling their are as a sign of supremacy to their area.

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