Meiosis is the procedure of cell department in i beg your pardon the parental cell divides right into the daughter haploid cells. The meiosis is reduction department as chromosome number reduces to fifty percent in daughter cells.

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A single divides to create four haploid daughter cell. 1 cell produce 4 cells. Three cells the undergoes the procedure of meiosis outcomes in the formation of 12 haploid daughter cells. ( 3 × 4 = 12 cells).

Thus, the answer is haploid cells.



Meiosis is the cell department that produces four haploid daughter cells from one parent cell. Therefore, 3 parent cell undergoing meiosis would provide rise come a full of 3 x 4 = 12 haploid daughter cells. This daughter cells carry brand-new gene combinations and also have half the chromosome number as that of the parent cell.

Meiosis to produce 4 haploid cells. In meiosis you start with a diploid cell the divides double to create four haploid cells.

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When meiotic cell department occurs, a diploid parent cell experience cell department to produce four haploid cells. Thus, if 3 parent cells undertake meiosis, twelve haploid cells will certainly be created.

Answer - DIn a meiotic cabinet division, a diploid parent cell undergoes cell division to create four haploid cells. Therefore, If three parent cell undergo meiosis, twelve haploid cells will be produced.
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