It can have actually persuaded European nations to align via the South.*It could have actually assisted the South gain control of the Mississippi River.It could have actually made the West even more accessible to the Confederacy.It might have actually assisted the South preserve crucial ports and shipping paths.

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the Union to stop even more casualties*.the Union to host the line and also win.the Confederacy to break the lines.the Confederacy time to reteam.
tried and also faicaused capture Vicksburg.*tried and also faibrought about capture New Orleans.were victorious at the Battle of Vicksburg.were victorious at the Battle of New Orleans.
to end the war immediatelyto gain accessibility to the Westto assistance General Shermanto divide the Confederacy*
Europe withdrew its financial assistance for the Confederate federal government.Europe would certainly not recognize the Confederacy as an independent nation.*The Confederacy started to believe that it could win the Civil War.The Confederacy dealt a powerful blow to the Union armed forces.
The fort was situated on peak of a hill and surrounded by swamps.*The fort was far from water, which made it hard to reach.The fort was only approachable from one direction by land also.The fort might just be assaulted from the Mississippi River.
were won by the Union armed forces.associated General Robert E. Lee.were dealt with on Confedeprice soil.*affiliated General Ulysses S. Grant.
ran out of ammunition to fight.suffered from hunger and thirst.lost even more troops than the Confederacy.prevented supplies from entering or leaving.*
The fight brought about the last victory for the Union.The battle convinced Europe to become a Union ally.The fight weakened Lee and also quit his invasion.*The battle was the initially significant loss by the Confederacy.
hindering shipping and transport.*ending hopes of a European alliance.weakening General Lee"s troops.ruining the Confederate Military.
Throughout the Civil War, Grant"s capture of Ft Henry and Ft Donelkid contributed to Union manage of
The Union had actually efficient leadership in the West.*The Union took a defensive stance in the West.The Union had actually even more troops than the Confederacy in the West.The Union was fighting in very familiar region in the West.

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drove the Confedeprices out of Pennsylvania.was compelled right into a defensive position.*damaged via the Confederate army"s line.combated the Confederate Military to a stand-off.

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