article{Wiskemann1961TheRA, title={The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany}, author={E. Wiskemann}, journal={International Affairs}, year={1961}, volume={37}, pages={234-235}}Published 1961HistoryInternational Affairs

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Using newly collected data on association density in 229 towns and cities in interwar Germany, we show that denser social networks were associated with faster entry into the Nazi Party. The effect is… Expand
How far can the media protect or undermine democratic institutions in unconsolidated democracies, and how persuasive can they be in ensuring public support for dictator's policies? We study this… Expand
State crimes against democracy in the war on terror: applying the Nuremberg principles to the Bush–Cheney Administration
This article asks whether, in waging war in the Middle East, the Bush–Cheney Administration developed and executed a conspiracy comparable to the one for which Nazi leaders were tried, convicted, and… Expand
Blurring the Boundaries of Genre, Gender, and Geopolitics: Ruth Page and Harald Kreutzberg's Transatlantic Collaboration in the 1930s
In 1933, the year Hitler was named chancellor of Germany, Ruth Page and Harald Kreutzberg launched a “new and rather surprising partnership” with a joint recital in Chicago. Page and Kreutzberg were,… Expand
The paper reexamines the question of the guilt of subordinates in large organizations, a question posed with special force by Hannah Arendt in her book on Adolf Eichmann. He consistently claimed… Expand
We study the link between fiscal austerity and Nazi electoral success. Voting data from a thousand districts and a hundred cities for four elections between 1930 and 1933 show that areas more… Expand
Nazi Germany and fascist Italy have often been depicted as congruent cases<1> during the period in discussion in which their supposed inherent links formed the basis of their relationship. These… Expand
This study demonstrates the Germany's policy towards Iraq after the arrival of the Nazis to power in 1933 till the end of World War II. Because of the geopolitical importance of Iraq, and… Expand
Abstract The purpose of this article is to explain how the failure of neoclassical economics to embrace Keynes’ arguments with regard to the long-run tendency of the economic system to trend toward… Expand
A continuous and adichotomous version of the Machine Learning democracy indicator and an extensive update of the machine learning indicator of Grundler and Krieger (2016, European Journal of Political Economy). Expand

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