Triple Oscar winner Walter Brennan is Amos, head of a West Virginia clan on a California ranch, in a well-known sitcom that paved the method for such rural hits as "The Beverly Hillbillies" and "The Andy Griffith Sjust how." Amos is the granddad that "roars like a lion but gentle as a lamb," sharing his wisdom through kin favor grandkid Luke and also daughter-in-law Kate, and the farmhand Pepino.

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Episode 1

Grampa Pygmalion

Sun, Sep 30, 1962 30 mins

Tilda Hicks moves to "Californy"---establishing her sights on widower Luke (Rictough Crenna). Tilda: Tina Louise. Grampa: Walter Brennan.

Episode 2

Three Strikes and also Out

Sun, Oct 7, 1962 30 mins

Grampa (Wtransform Brennan) motivates three marriage-minded widows---to carry out his houseoccupational. Luke: Richard Crenna.

Episode 3

Military Reunion

Sun, Oct 14, 1962 30 mins

Grampa digs up some skeleloads that go back to haunt an old Army pal. Grampa: Wtransform Brennan. Luke: Richard Crenna.

Episode 4

The Roofing Salesman

Sun, Oct 21, 1962 30 mins

The wiles of a slick-talking saleswoman embroil Luke in a swindle. Sally: Doris Singleton. Luke: Richard Crenna. Masters: Jack Cassidy. Grampa: Wtransform Brennan.

Episode 5

The Good Will Tour

Sun, Oct 28, 1962 30 mins

Grampa (Wtransform Brennan) commits a colossal faux pas as soon as international dignitaries visit the farm. Luke: Richard Crenna.

Episode 6

Money from Heaven

Sun, Nov 4, 1962 30 mins

A paratrooper crashes right into Grampa"s chicken coop. Grampa: Wchange Brennan. Lewis: Leonard Stone. Luke: Ricdifficult Crenna.

Episode 7

An Actress in the House

Sun, Nov 11, 1962 30 mins

A runaway starlet is playing a new role---the McCoys" housekeeper. Taina: Taina Elg. Grandpa: Wchange Brennan. Jerry: Frank Albertchild. Luke: Richard Crenna.

Episode 8

The New Housekeeper

Sun, Nov 18, 1962 30 mins

The brand-new housekeeper tries to make a neat enhance in between her daughter and also Luke (Ricdifficult Crenna). Mrs. Gaylord: Una Merkel. Grampa: Wtransform Brennan.

Episode 9

Pepino"s Inheritance

Sun, Nov 25, 1962 30 mins

Trouble is on Grampa"s doorstep when Pepino inherits an estate. Grampa: Wtransform Brennan. Pepino: Tony Martinez. Angela: Gale Garnett. Perkins: Percy Helton.

Episode 10

The Girl Veterinarian

Sun, Dec 2, 1962 30 mins

A veterinarian visits the McCoys. Grampa: Walter Brennan. Luke: Richard Crenna. Pepino: Tony Martinez.

Episode 11

The Health Addict

Sun, Dec 9, 1962 30 mins

Grampa tempts the people in Luke"s health and wellness club via "forbidden" fruit. Grampa: Wtransform Brennan. Luke: Richard Crenna.

Episode 12

The Love Bug Bugs Pepino

Sun, Dec 16, 1962 30 mins

The farm suffers while Pepino swoons over a woman. Tony Martinez. Rosita: Saruta Vara. Grampa: Wchange Brennan.

Episode 13

Luke the Reporter

Sun, Dec 23, 1962 30 mins

Luke is at the local laundry gathering dirt for a gossip column. Luke: Richard Crenna. Pat: Pat Buttram. Nancy: Virginia Vincent.

Episode 14

The Farmer and also Adele

Sun, Dec 30, 1962 30 mins

Grampa saves Luke from the clutches of a conniving dance instructor. Adele: Mamie Van Doren. Luke: Richard Crenna. Grampa: Wtransform Brennan. Bowen: Grant Richards.

Episode 15

The Crop Duster

Sun, Jan 6, 1963 30 mins

Luke fumes once a crop duster maneuvers to steal his girl friend. Cooper: Adam West. Eloise: Kathie Browne. Grampa: Wtransform Brennan. Luke: Rictough Crenna.

Episode 16

Cupid Wore a Tail

Sun, Jan 13, 1963 30 mins

Grampa"s devilish plot sparks a romance in between Luke and also Louise. Louise: Janet De Gore. Grampa: Wchange Brennan. Luke: Richard Crenna.

Episode 17

The Other Side of the Fence

Sun, Jan 20, 1963 30 mins

Grampa picks a peck of trouble when he helps Louise harvest her crop. Louise: Janet De Gore. Pepino: Tony Martinez. Luke: Richard Crenna. Grampa: Wchange Brennan.

Episode 18

Sir Fergus McCoy

Sun, Jan 27, 1963 30 mins

The head of the McCoys in Scotland also clashes via Grampa over that runs the family members. Fergus: Torin Thatcher. Grampa: Wtransform Brennan.

Episode 19

The Little Boy Blew

Sun, Feb 3, 1963 30 mins

Little Greg leaves house when his widowed mother decides to remarry. Greg: Butch Patrick. Luke: Richard Crenna. Louise: Janet De Gore.

Episode 20

Luke in the Ivy League

Sun, Feb 10, 1963 30 mins

Luke joins the city slickers in his brand-new job on Madikid Avenue. Luke: Rictough Crenna. Grampa: Wtransform Brennan. Phelp: Jerome Cowan. Anita: Linda Lawboy.

Episode 21

Aunt Win Arrives

Sun, Feb 17, 1963 30 mins

Aunt Success provides feminine trickery while marketing for Grampa. Aunt Win: Joan Blondell. Grampa: Wchange Brennan.

Episode 22

Aunt Win"s Conquest

Sun, Feb 24, 1963 30 mins

Aunt Success (Joan Blondell) cdamages George right into lfinishing Luke money. George: Andy Clyde. Luke: Rictough Crenna. Louise: Janet De Gore.

Episode 23

Grampa"s Apron Strings

Sun, Mar 3, 1963 30 mins

Grampa tries to keep Luke from marrying---and leaving the farm. Grampa: Walter Brennan. Luke: Ricdifficult Crenna.

Episode 24

Aunt Win Steps In

Sun, Mar 10, 1963 30 mins

Aunt Success tries to spur Louise"s romance with slow-moving Luke. Aunt Win: Joan Blondell. Luke: Ricdifficult Crenna. Louise: Janet De Gore.

Episode 25

How You Gonna Keep "Em Down on the Farm?

Sun, Mar 17, 1963 30 mins

Escaped convicts are hiding out at the McCoy farm. Greg: Butch Patrick. Howard: Tommy Noonan. Luke: Ricdifficult Crenna. Stanley: George Tobias. Louise: Janet De Gore.

Episode 26

Luke the Dogcatcher

Sun, Mar 24, 1963 30 mins

Dog catcher Luke ends up via a hohelpful of homeless pups. Luke: Rictough Crenna. Grampa: Walter Brennan. George: Andy Clyde.

Episode 27

The Incorruptibles

Sun, Mar 31, 1963 30 mins

Flirtations run wild once George, Grampa and Luke judge a homemaking dispute. Grampa: Wtransform Brennan. Luke: Ricdifficult Crenna. George: Andy Clyde. Flora: Madge Blake.

Episode 28

The McCoy Hex

Sun, Apr 7, 1963 30 mins

When his residence begins to rattle, George believes he has been cursed. Karen: Aneta Corsaut. Grampa: Walter Brennan. George: Andy Clyde.

Episode 29

Skeleton in the Closet

Sun, Apr 14, 1963 30 mins

Luke tries to store Louise"s socialite aunt amethod from his boorish uncle. Richard Crenna.

Episode 30

Uncle Rightly and also the Musical Milker

Sun, Apr 21, 1963 30 mins

Uncle Rightly (Jack Oakie) takes an interest in Flora---and her money. Walter Brennan. Flora: Madge Blake.

Episode 31

Up to Their Ears in Corn

Sun, Apr 28, 1963 30 mins

Trouble pops up once Uncle Rightly promotes a corn-flourishing dispute. Uncle Rightly: Jack Oakie. Luke: Richard Crenna.

Episode 32

The McCoy Sound

Sun, May 5, 1963 30 mins

Soupy Sales plays a musician that jazzes up the McCoy family. Luke: Rictough Crenna. Grampa: Walter Brennan.

Episode 33

Luke Grows a Beard

Sun, May 12, 1963 30 mins

Betty Locklumber burns when she sees Luke"s brand-new beard. Ricdifficult Crenna, Walter Brennan.

Episode 34

The Auction

Sun, May 19, 1963 30 mins

Luke reaps a load of trouble when he squanders the money he conserved. Luke: Richard Crenna. Angela: Gale Garnett.

Episode 35

The Partners

Sun, May 26, 1963 30 mins

Luke and also Pat agree to share in the ownership of a watercraft. Pat: Pat Buttram. Luke: Ricdifficult Crenna.

Episode 36

The Peacemakers

Sun, Jun 2, 1963 30 mins

Luke and Louise patch up the Porters" squabble---and start one of their very own. Louise: Janet De Gore. Barbara: Joyce Bulifant. Luke: Rictough Crenna.

Episode 37

Don"t Be Nosy

Sun, Jun 9, 1963 30 mins

Luke regrets trying to patch things up between George and his sister. Luke: Rictough Crenna. George: Andy Clyde.

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Episode 38


Sun, Jun 16, 1963 30 mins

Luke runs smack right into trouble as soon as Little Greg spots him kissing Louise (Janet De Gore). Little Greg: Butch Patrick. Luke: Richard Crenna.

Episode 39

Pepino"s Mama

Sun, Jun 23, 1963 30 mins

Luke shoots for a fortune by marketing Mama Garcia"s bean sauce. Luke: Rictough Crenna. Pepino: Tony Martinez. George: Andy Clyde.