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The Real Housewives of Atlanta aired the 16th episode of its 11th season last night (March 3, 2019).

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This week’s episode is titled ‘Bye Wig, Hello Drama’ as the ladies all get together for another epic theme party.

Bravo synopsis:

Kandi gets a huge surprise at her ?Welcome to the Dungeon? auditions, while Eva must deal with the ever increasing costs for her upcoming wedding. Nene hosts a “Bye Wig” party where all the women must attend rocking their natural hair, but things spiral out of control as a familiar face returns to confront Eva. Just when Nene’s party couldn’t possibly be anymore hair-raising, a misunderstanding involving Nene ends with everyone not just wigless? but also speechless.

Recap + video below…

Cynthia makes the cut…

Kandi hosts auditions for her upcoming “Dungeon Party” burlesque show and Todd is sitting shotgun. While neither seems too impressed with the prospects, Kandi’s assistant Don Juan brings in someone who might just fit the bill.

Cynthia Baily appears dressed in all black in a leather & lace type ensemble. She’s ready to “perform” for Kandi once and for all… and as Bailey admits in her confessional, she’s always wanted to lap dance for Kandi.

Of course Burruss is ready willing and waiting for Cynthia to show her what she’s working with while Todd watches on with glee.

Cynthia has proven in the past that she’s not much of a “twerker” so her dance moves were a little less than impressive, however despite that, Kandi admits that having Cynthia on board for the dungeon is a good look.

Having a super model on the roster can only bring more attention and of course additional ticket sales. Smart move Kandi.

Eva needs $50,000…

Eva is still stressing over her upcoming wedding and it seems her cash flow is running low (or as she tells her wedding planner, it’s “hemorrhaging”.

Marcille and her planner discuss options for the wedding which has exceeded the budget by at least $50,000. Eva planned for 150 guests, but the list has now exceeded 220.

What’s a new bride to do?? Not only that… she only has TWO dresses so far and she still needs a dress for the reception.

Eva admits that her $50,000 deficit isn’t something that can be rectified as she “doesn’t have it just sitting around”.

Whatever the case, life goes on and I predict Eva will eventually make due with her dwindling budget just fine.

Nene plans ‘BYE WIG” theme party…

Nene meets with a familiar face at her SWAGG boutique. We haven’t seen Yovanna since she was yelling about being “that b*tch” during Nene’s BOOBS & BOURBON couples night at Chateau Elan.

Yovanna apologizes to Nene for the way she blew up at the bash and Nene decides to invite her to the next function… her ‘Bye Wig’ luncheon. (We all know how Nene LOVES a theme party!)

For the “Bye Wig” luncheon Nene says she’s requiring all of the ladies to come sans wigs and weaves… no additions, just all natural hair.

She suggests Yovanna also apologize to the ladies as well and Yovanna states that she’s down for making amends, however she’s NOT SORRY for the things she said.

The “OG” housewife offers Yovanna a little bit of advice about handling the situation and during her confessional states that in light of what she’s going through with her husband Gregg’s health crisis, “any little argument is a stupid argument”.

That one quote is a sign of things to come.

The calm before the storm..

Nene get’s her home together for her “Bye Wig” event and she’s got live entertainment, lots of booze and crab legs (for Marlo’s edges). She notes during a confessional that Gregg has been re-admitted to the hospital after suffering a blood clot.

While she’s gravely concerned for her husband, the show must go on and Gregg also urges her to keep going. Gregg also hits up two of her friends (Cynthia and Marlo) to help her during this time as he notices that she’s been quite fragile lately.

As she gets prepared for the party, Nene tells her friend Sam to make sure the ladies have all the drinks they need since they won’t have wigs to fall back on and may be a bit insecure.

Producers did a great job of editing the episode to show is that it was the calm before the storm… soothing live music plays while Nene dances in the foyer but just hours later all hell breaks loose!

Tick… Tick… BOOM!

Porsha was late… Nene was pissed. Marlo was even later… Nene was even more upset. With the drinks flowing the emotions were running high.

Nene targets Marlo and her “purple rain” dress and while it seemed like fun shade, Marlo was already in her feelings about driving over the day before to check on Nene, but being turned away at the gate because Nene didn’t want to be bothered.

One thing led to another, which led to Nene breaking down in tears and Marlo threatening to leave.

The two friends were both in their feelings but soon realized that they each had valid points.

Meanwhile, as Nene retreats upstairs to refresh her makeup, the ladies continue drinking and Shamari goes a bit overboard. First she’s diving into Eva’s cleavage, and soon she heads to the bathroom so intoxicated and ends up throwing up all over Eva.

It’s a good thing Shamari brought her two friends along (and a change of clothes)… but I digress.

After Shamari’s drunken episode, Tanya ad Eva head up to Nene’s room to ask for something to wear. Shortly afterwards, Kandi & Porsha follow suit.

Now all of the ladies are in Nene’s master bedroom and Kandi decides its the perfect time to see Nene’s fabulous closet live & in living color. Kandi asks… Nene says no, but she goes anyway.

Next Porsha heads towards the closet, Nene says no… “my closet’s not together” but they both ignore her while Marlo playfully says ‘take what you want’.

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When the camera men head to follow Kandi & Porsha into the closet, Nene says NO for the 3rd and final time and she jumps up the grab the camera man my his shirt to stop him.

The moral of this story? If a lady says don’t go in her closet.. DON’T!

What are your thoughts about this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta?