Before I gain into this week’s yes, really blog, yes something I desire to say. Yes, I understand Coldplay exit “Adventure that a Lifetime,” the an initial single turn off what is slated to be the band’s last album ever. Yes, I know the solitary is a substantial point of contention in the music world due to the fact that it’s various than Coldplay’s past job-related (but equally awesome if girlfriend ask me). No, I will certainly not blog about “Adventure that a Lifetime” this week, due to the fact that I arrangement on writing an impressive post around “A Head full of Dreams” after the complete album is released. Still …

If you speak to me critical Monday, you know I to be super excited because alternative radio station 96.5 The Buzz made part concert announcements. This weren’t just any type of concert announcements, though — The Buzz announced four shows as part of “The Month The Buzz Stole Xmas,” the most Christmas shows the station has ever before done.

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Each of these shows has actually a strong and cohesive lineup, and I’d endeavor to say this can be the ideal concert collection The Buzz has actually done because I’ve been a listener. I’m going to breakdown each lineup for you.

“The Night The Buzz Stole Xmas”

Who: Silversun Pickups, candid Turner & The sleeping Souls, Night Riots and also Radkey

When: Wednesday, Dec. 2

Where: Arvest financial institution Theatre at The Midland

Status: basic onsale tickets available

This is a absent concert at its finest. Silversun Pickups has a perfect blend of synth popular music and different rock the they haven’t carried to Kansas City since “Buzz Under The Stars Night One” in 2013, and also I’ve heard terrific things around their live energy. (Don’t believe me? inspect out some live videos the YouTube.) Also, their brand-new material turn off “Better Nature” is simply as solid as ahead releases, and also songs favor “Nightlight” and also “Circadian valuation (Last Dance)” promise to be impressive live.

The supporting bands represent some various facets of rock. Candid Turner & The resting Souls blend the acoustic and also the alternative, and Turner’s brand-new single “The next Storm” is among the ideal songs i have heard this year. I’ve watched both Night Riots and Radkey live before, and both should lug lots of power to this display with their corresponding electronic and garage rock sounds. Night Riots recently released their very first album, and Radkey just wrapped increase an global headlining tour, therefore both bands return to Kansas City at interesting times.

“The Night The Buzz Stole XXmas”

Who: Leon Bridges, Houndmouth, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats and also Spencer Mackenzie Brown

When: Thursday, Dec. 10

Where: Arvest financial institution Theatre in ~ The Midland

Status: Presale offered out, basic onsale tickets available

At first, a lineup of all new artists may seem type of odd, but all of these room old souls in ~ heart. Leon Bridges no a typical Buzz artist — he’s a ‘60s-style spirit singer — yet it seems prefer he’s due because that a present in Kansas City after coming to be a breakout artist this year. Bridges’ brand-new album, “Coming Home,” should provide enough of his smooth vocals and jazzy instrumentation to to fill a headlining set.

Houndmouth captured my fist after The Buzz started playing “Sedona,” and also the band’s whole debut, “Little Neon Limelight,” reflects roots rock is alive and well. (Not come mention, the band has actually a terrific cover that Dion’s “Runaround Sue.”) Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats recently gained a ton of public for your awesome, folk-infused single “S.O.B.,” through Rateliff’s style walking the line between energetic and erratic and also The Night Sweats being flat-out awesome. Spencer Mackenzie Brown, a Kansas City artist, rounds out the lineup through a little of local flair.

“The Night The Buzz Stole XXXmas”

Who: The 1975, Borns, wolf Alice and also Swim Deep

When: Friday, Dec. 11

Where: Arvest financial institution Theatre at The Midland

Status: Presale and general onsale offered out

It takes a lot because that a display to offer out within hours, and “The Night The Buzz Stole XXXmas” did just that. The 1975 helps this show bridge the gap between the alternative and pop crowds, with far-reaching fan bases in both genres. The band last pertained to Kansas City because that “Buzz coast Ball” in 2014, and also its infectiously upbeat etc riffs alongside command vocalist/guitarist Matty Healy’s beautifully indiscernible vocals are extremely satisfying.

Borns and also Wolf Alice room two that the best artists come come out of 2015, and this will certainly be their 5th and 3rd respective mirrors in Kansas City this year. “Dopamine,” the current debut for Borns — a project by vocalist/guitarist Garrett Borns — uses his beautiful falsetto and also amazing mix of guitar-based and electronic instrumentation. Wolf Alice’s debut, “My Love Is Cool,” is a thoroughly outstanding mix of folk and grunge (trust me, that works). Swim Deep, an underrated shoegaze band, opens up the show.

“The Night The Buzz Stole XXXXmas”

Who: Bastille, The Wombats, The Greeting Committee and Hembree

When: Thursday, Dec. 17

Where: Arvest financial institution Theatre at The Midland

Status: Presale marketed out, general onsale ticket available

This display guarantees chin to it is in a wonderful dance party. Bastille hasn’t been to Kansas City in about two year (since “The Night The Buzz Stole Xmas” in 2013), and the band’s headlining spot this time need to serve the well. That music is both energetic and artistic, and spans means more 보다 hit solitary “Pompeii” would make girlfriend think.

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The Wombats’ brand-new wave-alternative-electronic-dance-pop-punk simply begs to it is in heard live, even if it is it’s newer, much more synth-heavy material or guitar-driven classics. (“Let’s run to pleasure Division,” anyone?) The Greeting Committee skyrocketed from being a fairly unknown band outside Blue valley High school to opening “Buzz beach Ball” within less than 6 months, and also “The Night The Buzz Stole XXXXmas” offers the tape a possibility to cap off an amazing year with another presumably impressive live performance. Kansas City-based band Hembree will certainly hopefully start the party ideal as it opens with hits prefer “Walk Alone.”

As the now, ns slated come review and photograph night three, and I can’t wait — check earlier for that in about a month. Every one of these shows must be amazing, though, and should prove to be a welcome rest from every the Christmas music you will do it be hearing throughout December.