In this condensed form certain situations and questions could not be adequately discussed, and in endeavoring thus to tell the story the author may have left unsaid what others consider more important. Practically all phases of Negro life and history have been treated in their various ramifications, however, to demonstrate how the Negro has been influenced by contact with the Caucasian and to em phasize what the former has contributed to civilization.

The author is indebted to Mr. David A. Lane, Jr., who. Kindly assisted him in reading the entire proof.

The Storyof AbrahamLincolnbyMary Agnes Hamilton

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The Bookof EnochTranslated From Professor Dillmann"s Ethiopic Text; Emendedand Revised in Accordance With Hitherto UncollatedEthiopic Mss. And With the Gizeh and Other Greekand Latin Fragments Which Are Here Published in FullbyAugust Dillmann
The NewWorldOrderbySamuel Zane Batten
The Development ofFascism in the UnitedStates From 1929 to 1938Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillmentfor the Degree Master of Arts, 1938byEugene Raymond Balsley
A Centuryof NegroMigrationbyCarter G. Woodson
An Ex-Slaveholder"sView of theNegro Questionin the SouthbyRobert Bingham
The Origin ofFreemasonry andKnights TemplarbyJohn Richardson Bennett
The First Yearof the Leagueof NationsWith the Covenant of the Leagueof Nations in an AppendixbyGeorge Grafton Wilson
The WhiteMan"s BurdenA Discussion of the Interracial QuestionWith Special Reference to the Responsibilityof the White Race to the Negro ProblembyB. F. Riley
The Historian asa Political Forcein Central EuropeAn Inaugural Lecture Deliveredon 22 November 1922byR. W. Seton-Watson
The Book of Adam and Eve,Also Called the Conflictof Adam and Eve With SatanA Book of the Early Eastern Church, TranslatedFrom the Ethiopic, With Notes From the Kufale,Talmud, Midrashim, and Other Eastern WorksbySolomon Caesar Malan
The Negro in theHistory of theUnited StatesFrom the Beginning of English Settlements inAmerica, 1607, to the Present Time; With theConstitution of the United States and IllustrationsbyH. M. Tarver
The ChaldeanAccount of GenesisContaining the Description of the Creation, the Deluge,the Tower of Babel, the Destruction of Sodom, the Timesof the Patriarchs, and Nimrod; Babylonian Fables, andLegends of the Gods; From the Cuneiform InscriptionsbyGeorge Smith
The Pro-SlaveryArgumentAs Maintained by the Most Distinguished Writersof the Southern States: Containing the SeveralEssays on the Subject, of Chancellor Harper,Governor Hammond, Dr. Simms, and Professor DewbyUnknown Author
The New South,an Inside ViewAn Address Delivered Before theCongregational Club, Kingsley Hall,Boston, March the Twenty-Third, 1908byWilliam Holcombe Thomas
Speech of Hon. ThomasL. Clingman, of NorthCarolina, Against theRevolutionary Movementof the Anti-Slavery PartyDelivered in the Senate of the United States, January 16, 1860byThomas Lanier Clingman
State ofthe UnionSpeech of Hon. Thomas Corwin,of Ohio, Delivered in the Houseof Representatives, Jan. 21, 1861byThomas Corwin

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The Key tothe UniverseOr a Spiritual Interpretationof Numbers and SymbolsbyHarriette Augusta Curtiss