Which the the following causes of death is directly related come nutrition?a. Alzheimer"s diseaseb. Suicidec. Stroked. Pneumonia and influenzae. Sickle-cell anemia

Check mine WorkWhich that the adhering to is a Healthy world 2020 objective?a. Diminish the relationship of children, adolescents, and also adults who room at a healthy weight.b. Decrease the ratio of schools that require daily physical education for all students.c. Mitigate the fatality rates native influenza, sickle-cell anemia, lung disease, and also accidents.d. Increase vegetables, fruits, and whole grains and also reduce solid fats and included sugars.e. Eliminate really high food security among children in U.S. Households.

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What characteristic(s) or class ideal describes a carbohydrate?a. Organic, nutrient-yielding, nonessentialb. Organic, nutrient-yieldingc. Inorganic, nutrient-yieldingd. Essential, organice. Inorganic, essential

Bill eats one cup the yogurt every day because that breakfast, lunch, and dinner and he additionally eats a lot of candy because that dessert however he practice every day and also never eats more calories 보다 he burns. What characteristics of a nutritious diet walk Bill"s diet display?a. Adequacyb. Balancec. Calorie controld. Varietye. Moderation

What form of research offers the national Health and also Nutrition check Surveys (NHANES)?a. Clinical studiesb. Situation studiesc. Epidemiological studiesd. Intervention studiese. Activities studies

For a food come be labeled "low fat," it should contain _____. A. Much less than 0.5 grams of fat per servingb. 25% less fat 보다 the normal productc. 3 grams or much less fat per servingd. Much less than 95 mg of cholesterol every servinge. 25% or much less calories from fat

Which the the following equates to one ounce of the seed group? a. 1 cup cooked pastab. 1 slice of breadc. ½ cup oat cereald. 1 cup uncooked ricee. 2 slices that whole-wheat bread

Which that the adhering to is NOT required by legislation to be provided on a food label? a. Ingredient of the productb. Common name the the productc. Surname and deal with of the manufacturer, packer, or distributord. Milligrams the phytochemicals every servinge. Iron every serving, expressed together a percent of the daily Value

Which of the following world would not be spanned by the DRI values? a. Tim, a 20-year-old vegetarianb. Karen, a 36-year-old pregnant womanc. Joe, a 50 year old who has actually inflammatory bowel diseased. Ann, a 5 year old that refuses come eat vegetablese. Kelly, a 30-year-old woman that is an avid athlete

A major guideline for healthy people is to save fat intake in ~ the range of _____ percent of full calories. A. 10-20b. 15-25c. 20-40d. 20-35e. 25-40

Which that the complying with does not equal one cup native the fruits group? a. ¼ cup dried fruitb. 1 cup crate fruitc. 1 cup banana slicesd. 1 cup sliced avocadoe. ½ cup dried fruit

You want to look increase the appropriate DRI values for a client. I beg your pardon characteristic is NOT needed to determine this value? a. The client"s ageb. The client"s genderc. The client"s level of physics activityd. Whether or no the client is pregnant or lactatinge. Even if it is or not the client is healthy and balanced or not

Food labels must state the materials of i m sorry of these nutrients expressed together a portion of the daily Values? a. Dissolve fiberb. Sodiumc. Vitamin Kd. Vitamin B6e. Complete calories

For vegetables and also protein foods, intakes must be divided amongst all the subgroups _____. A. Every dayb. In ~ snack time onlyc. At every meald. Over a main timee. Over a month time

The MyPlate educational tool has actually been designed to _____. A. Be supplied by specialists with nutrition trainingb. Produce an alternate diet setup for individuals not wanting to use the USDA Food Patternsc. Help individuals who need to make major changes in their diet for chronic an illness control.d. Substitute for the references of the diet Guidelines because that Americans in diet planninge. Aid a diet-planning individual create a diet that much more closely follows the USDA Food Patterns

You space planning a enjoy the meal that includes a hamburger top top a bun, coleslaw, and also French fries. Which of the adhering to is the most nutrient-dense enjoy the meal alternative? a. Fried chicken, baked potato, a roll, and canned pearsb. Spare ribs, collard greens, cornbread, and also fresh fruit saladc. Skinny pork tenderloin, spinach salad, brown rice, and strawberriesd. Baked salmon, baked beans, a roll, and vanilla ice cream v berriese. Cheeseburger ~ above a bun, blended nuts, and also low-fat pudding

All blood leaving the digestive system is routed straight to the _____. A. Heartb. Liverc. Kidneysd. Colone. Lymph

Which organ releases insulin once it detects a high concentration the the blood"s sugar, glucose? a. Pancreasb. Liverc. Hypothalamusd. Kidneyse. Gallbladder

The emotion of hunger and also appetite are regarded by the _____. A. Hypothalamusb. Brain"s cortexc. Pituitary glandd. Spinal corde. Pancreas

Within around 24 come 48 hours of eating, a healthy body digests and also absorbs about _____ percent the the energy nutrients in a meal. A. 45b. 50c. 65d. 75e. 90

Bicarbonate is responsible because that _____. A. Assisting in the absorption of vitaminsb. Digesting lipids in the small intestinec. Emulsifying lipids in the colond. Neutralizing the stomach acid that has actually reached the small intestinee. Acidifying the components of the stomach to break protein-protein bonds

What is the primary function of the pyloric valve? a. To regulate the movement of food into the stomachb. To manage the flow of chyme right into the small intestinec. Opens up to permit elimination the waste indigenous the colond. Opens to enable oxygenated blood to circulation through the hearte. Regulates the release of gas from the colon

Your friend Annette complains the chronic heartburn. I beg your pardon suggestion could be helpful to her? a. Lie down after eating.b. Drink liquids throughout meals.c. Eat two big meals a day fairly than several tiny meals.d. Stay reasonably loose clothing and relax after ~ eating.e. Totally avoid coffee, chocolate, soft drinks, and also alcohol.

Your friend Cindy complains come you that she has been constipated lately. Which pointer would be LEAST valuable for her permanent health? a. Take it a laxative.b. Eat foodstuffs that carry out adequate fiber.c. Exercise regularly.d. Drink lot of of fluids.e. Take it time come defecate also when you are busy.

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Check my WorkWhat organs room responsible because that excreting wastes produced by the cells of the body? a. Kidneys, bladder, and also colonb. Kidneys, liver, lungs, and also stomachc. Kidneys, liver, lungs, and also bladderd. Liver, bladder, stomach, and colone. Mouth, liver, and lungs

Body tissues save excess energy in two forms. I beg your pardon of the complying with is among these creates of excess energy storage? a. Glycogenb. Fiberc. Muscled. Livere. Urine

Frozen foods" nutrient contents is most comparable to what other type of food? a. Canned foodb. Dried foodc. Boiled foodd. Fresh foode. Extruded food

The FDA has warned that unacceptably high levels of _____ in fish and other seafood. A. Arsenicb. Mercuryc. Cyanided. PCBse. Lead

Check my WorkWhat is the many appropriate means to prepare poultry stuffing? a. Pack the stuffing tightly into the poultry cavity.b. Mix wet and dry ingredients for stuffing the day before.c. Bake at in between 200 and also 250 levels Fahrenheit.d. Insert the instant-read thermometer only into the poultry meat.e. Cook until the stuffing facility reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

What microbe is likely to be found in raw and also undercooked poultry, unpasteurized milk, and also contaminated water? a. Campylobacterb. Clostridium perfringensc. Norovirusd. Salmonellae. Listeria