After holding the afri flax seed because that one totality episode, the Nathan James lost them again, thanks to treason within on The Last ship Season 4 episode 6.

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Let"s begin with the good news: Captain Slattery to be still in charge of the Nathan James.

Big surprise, right? i figured it would be "All hail the dominating hero" and also Tom would immediately take over again. But, no, straight off of decoding from nostos, Slattery was the man again.

That"s only fair. While Tom to be off finding himself, Slattery maintained the James crew together during hard times. The deserved to be in charge.


Besides, the was amazing to see their duties reversed. Also, Tom and also Mike have worked together so lengthy that there"s a kind of telepathy in between them. An example of that would be when they simultaneously made decision on the strategy that Trafalgar, when Admiral lord Nelson assaulted the exceptional numbers the the French and Spanish fleets, separating their numbers.

Still, it"s safe to say Tom ended up make a large share of the decisions, also without the title.

Most the their linked strategies to be wise but dangerous: using the storm to store the opposition off balance, gambling the James wouldn"t acquire shot in ~ as lengthy as the seed were top top board.


After jousting v Tom through The Last ship Season 4 episode 5, Captain Joe went ago to his an additional role, although he stayed a member of the James brain-trust. However that to be to it is in expected.

It"s ironic that while the James to be battling the storm and the Greek Navy, the many immediate opponent was within.

I honestly believed Fletcher would select comrades over country. Yet that wouldn"t have actually done much to heighten the drama, would it?

Even if he was an ass, Harry to be correct once he called Fletcher that an American in his place would have actually betrayed the Brits if ordered come by his president. That still couldn"t have actually made Fletcher feeling any far better about what happened.

Granted, bother did most of the killing, including Heggen and also O"Connor. It to be pretty brutal, considering he mostly wasn"t at risk. Yet Fletcher still killed Johnny, the security man, therefore he"s hardly guilt-free in this scenario.


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Another lossc may become Master chief Jeter, that was spitting up blood after being injured throughout the storm. Ns hope not. There"s been sufficient of a body count halfway through the season without taking out a fairly important character.

Should the Americans have expected a betrayal by one of their oldest allies, great Britain? ns think not, especially as isolated as they are in a troubled world.

And what room the Brits thinking making a attend to Vellek? He"s already promised the an initial crop both to Omar"s world (who i think are still in the picture minus Omar) and the Greeks. I"m betting the screws over all of them and also sells to the greatest bidder.

Worst of all, Vellek"s youngsters were back: vengeful Lucia and slimy Giorgio. Fletcher"s punishment for betraying those ~ above the Nathan James is apparent self-loathing and also having to share a cruise v Giorgio, who appears to think the he recaptured the seed all by himself.

While I gain Peter Weller"s philosophizing Vellek, i haven"t minded seeing little of his kids for the past two episodes. One-dimensional personalities such of this are best in little doses.


I feeling the worst for Sasha. She lastly got over Tom"s leaving she (and, no coincidentally, the James). She uncovered a new love in Fletcher. And now that betrayed not just Sasha however the mission lock had functioned on very hard together.

She was so torn the she couldn"t shoot Fletcher to store him native escaping. I"m certain in component that was due to the fact that if she shoot him, he and the seed were most likely to loss into the storm-whipped ocean below.

At episode"s end, Sasha was kicking herself because that not having suspected Fletcher"s actions. He had actually been a tiny off recently, but she probably just chalked that as much as his gift British. She has to be wondering exactly how well she really knew him.

Frankly, Tom knew much better than to market his advice to her at episode"s end, leaving her alone v her thoughts.

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At the very least now the mission because that the Nathan James is very linear: find Vellek and also the seeds and save the world. All other storylines have been shed.