An account is a document of increases and also decreases in details asset, liability, or stockholders" equity items.

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The state debit and credit space synonymous v left and right. Assets, expenses, and also dividends are increased by debits and also decreased by credits. Liabilities, common stock, kept earnings, and also revenues are enhanced by credits and decreased by debits.
The basic steps in the recording procedure are (1) analysis each transaction for its impacts on the accounts, (2) enter the transaction info in a journal, and also (3) move the journal details to the ideal accounts in the ledger.
The initial bookkeeping record the a transaction is gone into in a journal before the data are gone into in the accounts. A journal (a) discloses in one ar the finish effects the a transaction, (b) gives a chronological document of transactions, and (c) prevents or locates errors since the debit and credit quantities for every entry deserve to be quickly compared.
The ledger is the entire group of accounts maintained by a company. The ledger keeps in one place all the information around changes in details account balances.
Posting is the transfer of newspaper entries to the ledger accounts. This phase of the recording process accumulates the results of journalized transactions in the individual accounts.
A attempt balance is a list of accounts and also their balances in ~ a offered time. Its primary purpose is to prove the equality the debits and credits ~ posting. A psychological balance also uncovers errors in journalizing and also posting and is advantageous in preparing financial statements.
The journal is described as the book of original entry. Because that each transaction, the journal reflects the debit and credit results on certain accounts.
A general journal has spaces for dates, account titles and explanations, references, and two lot columns (debit and credit).

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(1) the day of the transaction (2) the accounts and quantities to it is in debited and also credited(3) a short explanation the the transaction
(1) the date of the transaction is gotten in in the date column(2) the debit account brick (the account debited) is entered first at the excessive left margin the the tower headed "Account Titles and also Explanation," and also the amount of the debit is tape-recorded in the Debit column.(3) The credit account location (the account to be credited) is indented and also entered top top the following line in the shaft headed "Account Titles and also Explanation," and also the lot of the credit transaction is taped in the credit column.(4) A short explanation that the transaction appears on the line listed below the credit account title. A space is left in between journal entries. (5) The pillar titled Ref. Is left empty when the newspaper entry is made. It is used later on when the journal entries are transferred to the ledger accounts.