The series Includes : forward to Sumter: The beginning of the War in between the states | Bloody Stalemate: The War begins in Earnest | High birds of the Confederacy: 1863, the turning Point in the war | complete War: The war Takes Its toll on Day-to-Day Life | Conclusion at Appomattox: The battle Ends, however Not Its impact
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Divided into 5 parts, this standard public television collection encompasses the entire wide scope the the War between the States. Drawing upon the keen insights of much more than 50 experts and battle reenactments, footage of historic locations, archival photographs, functions of art, poems, songs, diaries, memoirs, and also letters, The divided Union brings out the numerous political, economic, social, cultural, and also international implications of America’s polite War—when brother battled brother and the chain of slavery were broken. 5-part series, 52 minutes each.

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Reviews & Awards

“Dubbed ‘the definitive collection on the American polite War,’ and also for great reason.” —American background Illustrated

“A critically acclaimed five-volume series that integrates eyewitness accounts from diaries and letters, duration photographs, footage of battlefields and historic locations, interviews with historians and writers, and also battle re-enactments.” —Chicago Tribune


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