A Tennessee Williams one-act called Talk To Me Like the Rain … And Let Me Listen, consisted of in 27 Wagons Full of Cotton And Other One-Act Plays


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A favorite with actors – it’s a 2 perboy play. Tright here are 2 uncalled characters: Man and also Womale. They live in a cold-water flat on the Lower East Side. He is a drunk. She is wasting away to nothing. There is intimacy between them – the intimacy of desperation. He woke up that morning in some random hotel in a bathtub complete of ice cubes. No principle just how he acquired tright here. He found his means home. At the same time, she has actually drunk nothing yet water for 3 days. She stares out the window. She is wasting ameans. On objective. Actors love this play bereason both personalities have nice long juicy monologues – and also likewise it’s one of those plays wright here all you need to perform is simply present up, be hocolony, be in the moment, and also connect to the other actor. It’s an extremely wealthy item of writing. He keeps begging her to talk: “talk to me favor the rain … and let me listen …”

I’ve watched this play done wbelow it’s been TERRIBLE. The composing is poetic, heightened, Williams-esque … and as soon as the actors don’t acquire inside of it, don’t very own the language, and also also don’t connect to each various other – they look prefer jagoffs. But I have actually also viewed this play done (my friend Jen did it – this is the manufacturing I’m talking of) wbelow it is absolutely RIVETING. You are drawn right into the people of these two human being who … also though they are on their last legs … love each various other more than anything.

The play doesn’t “go” all over – tbelow is no plot … so I’ll just excerpt a bit from their conversation.

From Talk To Me Like the Rain … And Let Me Listen, by Tennessee Williams

MAN. Can you talk to me, honey? Can you talk to me, now?


MAN. Well, talk to me like the rain and also — let me listen, let me lie here and also — listen … It’s been as well lengthy a time considering that — we levelled via each various other. Now tell me things: What have you been thinking in the silence? — While I’ve been passed around favor a dirty postcard in the city … Tell me, talk to me! Talk to me favor the rain and I will certainly lie below and listen.


MAN. You’ve got to, it’s necessary! I’ve gained to understand, so talk to me prefer the rain and I will lie here and also listen, I will certainly lie right here and —

WOMAN. I desire to go ameans.

MAN. You do?

WOMAN. I desire to go away!

MAN. How?

WOMAN. Alone! I’ll register under a made-up name at a small hotel on the shore …

MAN. What name?

WOMAN. Anna — Jones … The chambermassist will certainly be a small old lady who has actually a grandboy that she talks around … I’ll sit in the chair while the old lady renders the bed, my arms will certainly hang over the — sides, and — her voice will certainly be — tranquil … She’ll tell me what her grandson had for supper! — tapioca and — cream … — The room will certainly be shadowy, cool, and also filled via the murmur of —

MAN. Rain?

WOMAN. Yes. Rain.

MAN. And?

WOMAN. Anxiety will — pass — over!

MAN. Yes …

WOMAN. After a while the little bit old woman will certainly say, Your bed is consisted of, Miss, and also I’ll say — Thank you … Take a dollar out of my pocketbook. The door will close. And I’ll be alone again. The home windows will be tall with lengthy blue shutters and also it will certainly be a season of rain — rain — rain … My life will be choose the room, cool — shadowy cool and also — filled with the murmur of —

MAN. Rain….

WOMAN. I will receive a inspect in the mail eincredibly week that I have the right to count on. The little bit old lady will certainly cash the checks for me and obtain me publications from a library and also pick up — laundry … I’ll constantly have clean things! — I’ll dress in white. I’ll never be incredibly solid or have actually much power left, but have actually sufficient after a while to walk on the — esplanade — to walk on the beach without initiative … In the evening I’ll walk on the esplanade along the beach. I’ll have a particular beach where I go to sit, a small method from the pavillion wbelow the band also plays Victor Herberg selections while it gets dark … I’ll have actually a big room via shutters on the home windows. There will be a season of rain, rain, rain. And I will certainly be so tired after my life in the city that I won’t mind simply listening to the rain. I’ll be so quiet. The lines will disshow up from my face. My eyes won’t be inflamed at all any more. I’ll have actually no friends. I’ll have actually no acquaintances even. When I gain sleepy, I’ll walk progressively earlier to the little hotel. The clerk will certainly say, Good evening, Miss Jones, and also I’ll just bacount smile and take my vital. I won’t ever before look at a newspaper or hear a radio; I won’t have any idea what’s going on in the world. I will not be conscious of time passing at all … One day I will look in the mirror and I will certainly check out that my hair is start to revolve grey and also for the first time I will realize that I have actually been living in this little hotel under a made-up name without any friends or acquaintances or any type of kind of connections for twenty-5 years. It will surprise me a tiny bit yet it won’t bother me any kind of. I will certainly be glad that time has passed as easily as that. Once in a while I might go out to the movies. I will certainly sit in the earlier row through all that darkness roughly me and numbers sitting motionmuch less on each side not aware of me. Watching the screen. Imaginary people. People in stories. I will read lengthy books and the journals of dead writers. I will feel closer to them than I ever before felt to human being I supplied to know prior to I withattracted from the civilization. It will certainly be sweet and also cool this friendship of mine with dead poets, for I won’t have to touch them or answer their questions. They will certainly talk to me and also not suppose me to answer. And I’ll get sleepy listening to their voices explaining the mysteries to me. I’ll loss asleep through the book still in my fingers, and also it will certainly rain. I’ll wake up and also hear the rain and go earlier to sleep. A seaboy of rain, rain, rain … Then someday, when I have closed a book or come house alone from the movies at eleven o’clock at night — I will certainly look in the mirror and also see that my hair has actually turned white. White, absolutely white. As white as the foam on the waves. I’ll run my hands down my body and feel exactly how amazingly light and also thin I have actually grvery own. Oh, my, just how thin I will be. Almost transparent. Not hardly genuine any even more. Then I will realize, I will certainly understand, type of dimly, that I have actually been remaining on right here in this little hotel, without any type of — social connections, responsibilities, anxieties or disturbances of any type of sort — for just around fifty years. Half a century. Practically a lifetime. I won’t also remember the names of the human being I knew before I came here nor exactly how it feels to be someone waiting for someone that — might not come … Then I will recognize — looking in the mirror — the first time has come for me to walk out alone as soon as even more on the esplanade through the solid wind beating on me, the white clean wind that blows from the edge of the civilization, from also better than that, from the cool outer edges of space, from even beyond whatever there is past the edges of room … — Then I’ll go out and also walk on the esplanade. I’ll walk alone and also be blown thinner and also thinner.

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MAN. Baby. Come earlier to bed.

WOMAN. And thinner and thinner and also thinner and also thinner and also thinner! — Till lastly I won’t have actually any kind of body at all, and also the wind picks me up in its cool white arms forever before, and also takes me away!

MAN. Come on earlier to bed through me!

WOMAN. I desire to go ameans, I desire to go away! Come earlier to bed. Come on earlier to bed, baby …