After episode salso, it appeared prefer Westworld was hurtling towards a bloody seachild finale (and it more than likely still is). But episode eight ("Kiksuya," which indicates "remember" in the Lakota language the Ghold Nation hosts usage on the show) was a complete departure from the show"s main storylines— I imagine this will certainly be is a polarizing episode.

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I liked the episode more in the time of my second viewing (inside scoop: that"s exactly how these recaps gain made). My initially time with tbelow was such a jarring halt to the activity that I found myself impatient through the story, even though it was composed, directed and also acted beauticompletely. The second time approximately, I really appreciated the episode even more. Let"s get into what occurred.

Gorganize Nation Origin Story

Akecheta (Zahn McClarnon) is front and also facility this week. He comes across the Man in Black (Ed Harris), dying from all his gunswarm wounds and takes him back to the Ghold Nation camp. Tbelow, Maeve"s daughter is visibly frightened of the Man in Black, so Akecheta tells his story to comfort her.

Most of the episode is various flashbacks to how Akecheta ended up being sentient, which supposedly happened almost completely separately from the storylines of season one. It"s a fascinating story, and I also wish breadcrumbs had actually been sprinkled throughout the previous seachild a little.

It comes together that Akecheta was living peacefully in a town complete of his fellow tribe members till the massacre at Escalante wright here Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) eliminated all the hosts, then killed Arnold (Jeffrey Wright) and also herself. Akecheta wanders right into town after hearing all the gunfire and also finds the toy maze Arnold supplied as the basis for his journey to consciousness. It sparks something in Akecheta, and also he starts carving the symbol everywhere.

But before he deserve to totally realize what is happening, he is reprogrammed to end up being the leader of the brutal Ghold Nation gang. This proceeds until Akecheta comes across a sun-crazed Logan (Ben Barnes), naked, leaning against a tree and also muttering to himself. Logan says that this human being is "wrong," which starts Akecheta sensing that he lived an additional life prior to his existing one of violence.

One day, he abandons his storyline and rides to the edge of the park to look for Logan aget, however he rather finds construction devices as it establishes the park"s rekind. He realizes it"s a passage to an additional world and also returns to the village to retrieve the organize who played his wife Kohana (Julia Jones) in his former narrative.

Kohana inevitably pertains to remember him additionally, and they fruitlessly look for out "the door" at the edge of the park. But 2 technicians take her back to the Mesa while Akecheta is out hunting one morning, and he retransforms to uncover Kohana has been replaced through one more organize. He likewise finds that an additional villager, an older woman, feels choose her child is not her kid (bereason he"s a host that has actually likewise been replaced).

So Akecheta gets himself shot in order to go inside the Mesa, wright here the techs are astounded to find he"s remained in the park 10 years and has never been upgraded — because he"s never died. They leave him to run a four-hour update and he gets dvery own to cold storage, wright here he finds his wife and also the other villager"s child. They, of course, don"t respond to him bereason they"ve been put in sleep mode.

Note: The Heart-Shaped Box musical cue here was excellent.

It"s below that Akecheta realizes that for eexceptionally host reexhausted from the park, there is someone out in the park that mourns their loss, even if they don"t recognize why. This is the most pointed storyline we"ve had actually so much this seachild about love and loss, but that has been a theme throughout Westworld. Part of the hosts" awakening is realizing and also suffering true love, whether it"s romantic love or motherly love or somepoint else.

We"ve seen this through Maeve (Thandie Newton) and her daughter, via Dolores and her father, currently with Akecheta and also Kohana. In truth, I think we initially saw it for Dolores via young William (Jimmi Simpson). He"s her true love and also seeing the male he became (when he was then played by Ed Harris) is what I think ultimately "broke" her right into true sentience. And understanding what we recognize about William"s life after his time in the park through Dolores, it really feels prefer she was his true love also and also he never really reextended from what taken place to her.

Wouldn"t it be lovely if tright here was some William-bot somewbelow that might carry Dolores back from her violence and the 2 of them can simply run off together or something? That"s not really where the show is going, but the romantic shipper in me deserve to dream.

Anymethod, Akecheta goes earlier into the park and first offers the old womale villager a lock of her son"s hair, which is a beautiful minute. He likewise renders it his life"s occupational to spcheck out the fact to eextremely host he can. The Ghold Nation crew decides they need to hide the symbol from the people, which is exactly how it ends up being on the underside of their scalps. Akecheta likewise reveals to Maeve"s daughter that he was watching over her after she helped him once— the Ghold Nation never before had actually violent intentions for Maeve and also her daughter, but in this civilization, it"s straightforward to misunderstand people"s intentions.

Ultimately, Akecheta meets Ford (Anthony Hopkins), that is pretty taken aback at the level to which Akecheta has actually awoken. He tells Akecheta that when "the Deathbringer" (aka Dolores) returns for him (Ford), Akecheta will certainly know to gather his human being and also lead them to a new civilization. It"s an excellent scene, surpincreasing also learning what we know about Ford"s duty in the hosts" uprising. Very nice touch by the show.

It"s pretty crazy that while Dolores was having this solo awakening in seakid one, all of this was simultaneously happening via the Ghost Nation hosts. Maybe the writers didn"t have this mapped out till they were breaking dvery own seaboy 2. So I"ll take what we obtain currently.

Back at the Ghost Nation camp, as Akecheta wraps up his story, Emily (Katja Herbers) rides in and also asks for her father. Akecheta wants the Man in Babsence to suffer because of the "sickness" he"s been spanalysis in the park. She tells them she have the right to hurt her father more than they ever before can, and also they let her ride off with him.

Biggest unanswered question: Can Akecheta deserve to be reunited via Kohana given that all the hosts in cold storage were gone at the end of seaboy one. Wright here did they all go?


Sizemore"s Heart Grows Three Sizes

While all this is happening via Akecheta, Maeve is being conserved back in the Mesa. Sizemore (Simon Quarterman) has acquired her pumelted to the head of the line for the technicians by revealing she have the right to manage other hosts through her mind.

Really, he simply does not want her to die. When he has actually a moment alone via her, he confesses that he"s sorry any type of of this is happening and also claims she deserves to be with her daughter. It"s a nice parallel — as the hosts are finding out to love, so are some of the humans. Sizeeven more cares about Maeve the means he would care around a "genuine person," and therein lies Westworld"s whole deal — what also provides a person? If these hosts are sentient, are they not human being too? As the show has actually repetitive over and also over aacquire, "If you can not tell the distinction, does it matter?"

In the episode"s waning moments, we view that Maeve"s consciousness has been interacting via Akecheta, despite her being in the Mesa. Charlotte (Tessa Thompson) wonders just what is going on with Maeve, while Akecheta assures Maeve that they"ll keep her daughter safe until she deserve to discover them.

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Unanswered question: Is Sizemore safe? I"m fairly worried around him at this point. He"s had actually his significant redemptive arc and also currently I are afraid he is going to die to conserve Maeve from the defense team. I certain hope I"m wrong about that.

Best Price quotes from Episode 8

No. 5: "This... this is an illusion. It"s all damaged. There"s gotta be a way out of below, where"s the door? Where"s the door? There"s gotta be a fucking way out of right here. This is the wrong world." — Logan

No. 4: "My primary drive wregarding preserve the honor of my people. I offered myself a new drive — to spcheck out the fact." — Akecheta

No. 3: "I developed you to be curious, to look at this empty civilization and also read interpretation right into it. All this time, you"ve been a flower flourishing in the darkness. Perhaps the leastern I can carry out is market some light. When the death-bringer returns for me, you will certainly recognize to gather your world and also lead them to a new civilization." — Ford

No. 2: "I do not recognize if you have the right to hear me, yet I never intended for any type of of this to happen. You don"t deserve this. You deserve your daughter — to mom her, teach her to love, to be joyful and also proud. I"m sorry." — Sizemore

No. 1: Kohana: "Take my heart once you go."Akecheta: "Take mine in its area."

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