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So basically, Quinella is an evil Overlord who is trying to increase her memory drive and protect her Admin status and Cardinal wants to regain control and format the whole world because she can’t be bothered to find another solution for the problem. That’s the true horror of AI logic right there.

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Japanese Original Episode Title: 支配者と調停者


Cardinal tells Kirito the story of how Quinella figured out that she has no longer enough memory space to load information and that she decided to get a child’s Fluctlight and link her memories to her. But that ended up being a fatal mistake since she gave the child the same authority and power as her, which gave ‘birth’ to the Cardinal. As this came to her attention, Cardinal decides to attack Quinella but after realizing that she cannot fight back with the body of a child, she ended up fleeing to one out of the two places that Quinella has no authority over, the Great Library. She spends the last 200 (Underworld) years looking for a human to help her out and thinking of a way to defeat the Administrator and that’s how she finds Kirito and Eugeo. She also informs them about the ceremony that makes Integrity Knights forget their previous memories and how they can revert them back to normal. Thus, they decide to team up and help Cardinal defeat Quinella as well as rescue Alice.

Episode Highlights

Quinella does not joke around: So is this what Rath really wanted to achieve? They basically want to harness manufactured evil souls like the one of Quinella’s? This is definitely a super scary concept. Nevertheless, I think Quinella is the perfect soul to bring terror to the world: Memory drive is full? Let me take an innocent’s child memory space to my convenience. Threatened by her sub admin system or the dark territory? Builds an army of insanely loyal and powerful knights to protect her by taking away all of their memories so they cannot refuse her. Cannot control mythical beasts like Dragons that guard them from the threats of the dark territory? Annihilates them from the face of the Underworld.

Cardinal’s is cute and scary at the same time: So despite the fact that Cardinal is just a nihilistic AI with the looks of a human (I can’t believe I am writing this after playing Detroit: Become Human, but anyways) who wants to delete the whole world so all this evilness won’t be released to the real world, she was super cute when she asked Kirito to give her a hug, so she can experience what it means to be ‘human’ (I thought she was going for a kiss but anyway). I am sure that Kirito thought how much she resembled Yui at that moment.

Charlotte the spider: So it’s safe to assume that Kirito never showers? How long was Charlotte in his hair and did not notice her? Also does that mean that she was the one that talked to Kirito in the globin cave as well? But nah, it’s certainly Alice, especially now that we know that her ‘real’ memories are on the top floor of the Cathedral, it makes sense for Alice to be guiding them to her.

Here we go again: I see what you did there Mr. Kawahara… 100 floors again? I had exactly the same reaction as Kirito there. A long and deep sigh. Will Kirito beat it at 75 again or will Kayaba appear in the form of an NPC or something? Maybe Kayaba is Charlotte… who knows.

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Themes & Trivia

The opening song: The name of the song ‘Adamas’ performed by LiSA comes from the ancient Greek word ‘ἀδάμας’ which is a hard metal resembling gold or a diamond. It is often derived from ἀ- (a-, ‘not’) + δαμνάω (damnáō, ‘conquer’), as ‘indomitable’.


Bloody hell, that action scene was amazingly well made. The sound effects blew my mind, seriously. That remarkable bass and audio sounds for the actions happening during the fight was absolutely super well done. That’s the kind of quality I like to see in an action based anime like this one. A-1 Pictures, you deserve some praise.

‘Being forced to accept the likelihood that you’ll fail.’

I was expecting Cardinal to give them their swords back but I am glad that they are not making it that easy for them. It will be interesting to see them trying to reach the top floor of the Cathedral. Something is telling me that they will end up there sooner than expected.

NEXT TIME: The Crimson Knight

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